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Huh. She’s Right.

Huh. She’s Right.

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16 Comments So Far...

  1. Ken_Cypher

    *High pitched girly screem*

    Slag it, woman! Stop sneaking up on the protagonist like that!

  2. Parou

    Looka at all the pretty fishies!…. here fishy, fishy, fishy…….Oh, crap!

    This looks like it will get interesting…….. (extreme difference in wardrobe choices at least)

  3. Tom Redlion

    Ooohhh! Pretty fishies.
    Squid! Not alone…
    Hehehe… Good one here.

  4. Janus

    Knowing where this is going makes this moment just that little bit more creepy. Whether Jig is just shocked or savvy, the last panel just makes me think “I am -so- screwed” is what’s going through Jig’s head.

  5. Noxkitsune

    Of course, when a girl is forced to wear a short skirt, her destination has to have reflective floors.

    This should be interesting, though… I look forward to the next one. ^^

  6. hariman

    I’m not really surprised at this. But I am wondering what Veled’s game is. I can’t be sure if Veled wants to study Jigsaw or if she wants to arrange a special deal. I wouldn’t put it past Veled to try to bully Jigsaw into protecting Adharia.

  7. Xavier Price

    Somehow, I suspected it would be her. I’m sure this will turn out JUUUUUST fine… yup… >.>

  8. EvilSupahFly

    In answer to Jig’s cost observation, I think Donald Trump and Bill Gates are the only people who can afford a room like that!

  9. Baigs

    Love Jigs Expression

  10. Lekin

    So, can she see up her own dress?

  11. nrocha20


  12. Jigsaw Forte

    @Lekin: The laws of physics mandate that you can only see what is reflected at an angle, which is the only reason the “taping mirrors to your shoes to see up a girl’s skirt” idea has any validity in the first place.

    So, unless she bends over a whole lot to the point she makes a wide enough angle, no.

    And either way, she’s got panties on. (If I ever have to draw them, so help me…)

  13. Asani

    First time I commented on this comic, just loved this page and the expressions she has. Its great. I’m sure though you would be fine at dealing with the panties if you had to draw them.

    Eitherway keep it up, the comic is really fun to read.

  14. FlashXX

    Pride: Thanks for the scream Ken_Cypher , I think we would’ve wet ourselves.
    *knees buckling* Y-y-your j-just exaggerating!
    Pride: Riiiight, anyway we also agree with Janus .

  15. Vulpis

    Heh, people are commenting on older strips even now? Cool–I’m surprised noone commented on one the of the ‘Our Vampires Are Different’ bits in LR–namely, Jigsaw *has* a reflection…

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