Right Response… Terrible Timing.

Right Response… Terrible Timing.

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  1. dalek610

    Wow, good job. Note to self, no one breaks the chunky salsa rule.

  2. Brunhidden

    awww, shes got such cute little wings.

    although dalek- i think the rule involves taking down one of your own if they become tainted. its always hard to behead a friend, even if they are that gory to begin with

  3. Sim

    Medical Mercy Killing?

  4. hariman

    Brunhidden: You’ve got that right. Our dear medic is either a Celeste or a Child of the Light. Part of her job as medic is likely to keep anyone from coming back as a Dead Inside. Thus, the last rule must be: “Stay dead when you die. No coming back as a Dead Inside.”

    Hence, the freaking awesome energy scythe.

    BTW: Does anyone know what the medic’s name is? If it was stated I missed it.

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    @Hariman: She’s a Touched – hence the teeny wings. Even though they’re coming out of her back, if they’re not fully formed / sized wings, she’s not a Celeste.

    And not that I’ve said this in the comic itself (yet), but since you asked, her “real” name is Binary… of course, right now, she’s Scout Arael.

  6. Janus

    GETTER TOMAHAAA….err… scythe. *coughs* Though my initial impression was the blue glow was her swinging a pole/weapon into place, not a scytheblade.

  7. WolfWings

    Was wondering what that scout’s name was, wanted to tag them on the character-survey as Like and/or Love to see in the comic, especially now. =^.^=

    And yeah, I know they’re likely (if not definately) a one-time occurance, still a very nifty character.

  8. Brunhidden

    anybody else come to the conclusion ‘now slick knows jiggy is telepathic?’

  9. XavierPrice

    Question… how does one ‘duck’ when in a full body death grip of a very pissed off zombie? And I thought she was there to kill them all, too. Why not just slice through him? Or is that someone else screaming?

  10. hariman

    Thank you Jigsaw, that helps a lot. Though it also points out that Galaxy Girl Scout code names are “Legacy” code names. Especially considering that Binary and Daisy both wear/wore the same shirt as Scout Arael.

    Damn. We should have caught that.

    Brunhidden: I wouldn’t be surprised if at least a half a dozen contestants hadn’t figured that out already. And I’m not including Slick, Daisy or Qin Xu.

    XavierPrice: I think that it’s Jigsaw screaming telepathically. He’s probably gonna have to kick free or pray that Binary doesn’t just kill him too.

  11. LBD

    The interesting thing I noticed is the implication that anywhere else scout arael would have turned a blind eye to her companion becoming a zombie.

  12. llearch

    LBD, I get the impression that the Scouts are all about “ends justify the means” – and that that’s one of the major objections that Daisy has to them.

    But that’s all reading between the lines, and hence could well be entirely in my own mind.

  13. XavierPrice

    @llearch: Better to be in your own mind than someone else’s, as Jig will probably agree to.

  14. EvilSupahFly

    Wow… That scythe is pretty damned cool weapon!

    Er… where does one buy such a novelty? 🙂

  15. EvilSupahFly

    Wait… Is Slick a telepath? Doesn’t that special coloured border around a thought bubble usually indicate telepathic communication?

  16. hariman

    No, Jigsaw is the telepath. She’s both picking up Slick’s mental screams and sending the “duck!” message back to him.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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