Insurance Means Never Having to Say “I Surrender”

Insurance Means Never Having to Say “I Surrender”

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  1. hariman

    I’ve got the sudden feeling that there’s something underhanded behind White Noise’s selection as captain.

    I also know that he’s now got a nice big target on his back!

  2. Brunhidden

    i must wonder who the hell the judges are to make jason #2

  3. Xavier Price

    I wonder if White Noise’s selection for Captain has anything to do with the fact that he was supposed to pick Arikos, who was supposed to be in this to begin with.

    You’d think Slick would be chosen, as he’s the only one that got a confirmed kill. or maybe Kovoe for having the Djinn in the first place…. though it’s possible both of those are reasons they were disqualified for the running. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough

  4. Janus

    The last panel makes me giggle, intentional or not. I think it’s the change from thoughtful face to WTFSHOCK face.

    Also, fff Arael/White Noise height difference. I know how it is to be short. :c

  5. Lycanthrope


    Unless that was the point.

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    @Xavier – Slick is a lieutenant. Only the Executioners were in the running to become captain.

  7. MadMann135

    Jason Spades now has the biggest target on his back. He made enemies of all the talmi, the princess and Daisy.
    White Noise is quite sensible and reasonable who in my opinion thinks first then acts.

  8. Xavier Price

    @Jigsaw OHHH! That explains much. Darn, I’m sure he would have gotten it for that stunt with Medusa-hair… Sally. The dead one (there, that works).

    At least White Noise is cool, so that’s fine, no one seems to care about him getting the lead. I agree with MadMann, he definitely is the analytical type. Think, then act.

  9. hariman

    At this point, I’d call Sally “Dead PAST the Nth Degree or Deader than Dead.

    Madmann135: White Noise is perfectly sensible and reasonable. Unless he’s tampering with the life support systems. Then, maybe not so much…

  10. Parou

    Ahhh, just the individual for the job! The most worldly and analytical of the lot so far.
    But….. Jason as 2IC?? That’s a pain for our other two Executioners…. especially if White is marked due to his failure to select Arikos…. if Jason gets promoted he’ll probably be in as much danger from his fellow executioners as from the opposition! 😉

  11. SinnieCaldwell

    …OMGosh, shocker!

    My prediction – Spades will get his competent butt kicked in the next round. Of course, I can’t see the future…

    I just started reading this today, and I love it! I love anything to do with vampires, and this pretty much tops everything (including Twilight, *le gasp*).

    I also love how you made Jigsaw a mind reader. She’s a much better one than Edward.

  12. EvilSupahFly

    Things are going to get REALLY interesting now that Jason is 2IC…

    So… Is Sally *Really* dead now, or still undead?

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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