Goes Great With Eggs!

Goes Great With Eggs!

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  1. Cat

    The ‘salsa’ rule?
    Don’t use each other’s real names, I suppose?

  2. Jigsaw Forte

    The “Don’t use their real names” rule is a different rule: don’t reveal a secret identity until there’s no “identity” worth keeping secret. It’s her way of saying Sally’s so dead she feels confident in referring to her as such.

    The salsa rule is… a little simpler to understand. 😉

  3. Cat

    Or I fail at reading! XD

  4. Brunhidden

    take a deep breath of sally…. or was it sailor nebula or some tripe like that… and she will always be with you

  5. jonathansfox

    Salsa rule — if your head resembles salsa, you’re dead.

  6. hariman

    The Chunky Salsa Rule. Jonathansfox has the best summation that I’ve ever read. Salsa Rules are the rules that state “I don’t care what special defenses, items, blessings or WHAT you have, YOU ARE DEAD!”

    It’s reassuring to see that dead means dead once people get killed to the Nth degree of dead. Nobody Dies and Death is Cheap stories are annoying.

    I wonder who is going to die (for our entertainment) next?

  7. Janus

    I can’t stop giggling over the argument. “SHE’S DEAD DAMNIT.” “STOP THAT.” “DEAD!”

  8. EvilSupahFly

    Killed to the Nth degree of dead. I like that. There’s “Half Dead” then there’s “Really Dead” and then you’ve got “Very Dead”. After that I think is “Extremely Dead” then there’s “Dead to the Nth Degree.”

    Though I must confess, I think I read that in a Harry Potter fanfic once…

  9. Kalatash

    As far as I know, the ‘chunky salsa rule’ comes from tabletop RPGs, which basically state that in certain situations, no matter how good your stats, you are going to suffer from a critical existence failure. I think in Shadowrun [which actually CALLS it the ‘Chunky Salsa Rule’], the definitive example is throwing a frag grenade into a sealed room with your victim.

  10. EveryZig

    By half “a” brain es she mean half of one of the small brains, or half of the total?
    Chunky Salsa rule –>http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ChunkySalsaRule

  11. hariman

    Kalatash: Ironically, the Chunky Salsa Effect is the result of explosions bouncing off of walls in Shadowrun. It’s actually possible to survive such incidences of massive damage, if you’re both massively tough and extremely well armored. And incredibly lucky.

    Chunky Salsa Rules are a rather different thing. Which we’ve already covered repeatedly.

    EveryZig: I’d say that there’s half of the primary brain. I think the snakes either don’t have proper grey matter and are controlled by the primary brain. Although they could have mini brains that work with the main brain.

    Either way, it’s obvious that the primary brain has to be intact and the snake heads aren’t enough to keep poor Sally alive.

    EvilSupahFly: Thank you! Although I did NOT read that in a Harry Potter fanfic. It’s just one of the random musings that came from the depths of my mind.

  12. EvilSupahFly

    I just noticed this, but in Panel 1, it looks like she died with a smile. Was that the intended effect?

  13. Jigsaw Forte

    @EvilSupahFly Her eyes are expressive, but the rest of her mask is not. The “permenant smile” is an intended effect, but it’s been in effect for more than just this page.

  14. kevin

    I’d guess the salsa rule just means she’s so dead, it’s done for… 😛

  15. Qatifa

    “I’m a medic, not a messiah.”
    I love references to classics.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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