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a vampire on a reality show.
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That Wit is Razor-Sharp!

That Wit is Razor-Sharp!

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6 Comments So Far...

  1. Darkkan

    i just had a image of him flying backwards and the bullet floating in midair where he was standing lol great comic keep it up

  2. Elliotd

    Ouch, even i’m terrified! i really like the gun design, but would hate to be the one at the end of it when fired.

  3. pilli10

    Get em while they are fighting amongst each other,classic!

  4. Todd-Fox

    ha har run from the deadly pink cloud is that the princesses perfume!?

    wow i bet thats deadly stuff!?

  5. Jigsaw Forte

    @Todd-Fox They’ll stuff just about anything into a bottle these days, won’t they? ;)

  6. Dairy Pirate

    including royalty’s baubles!

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