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Death is Expensive. Punchlines are Cheap.

Death is Expensive. Punchlines are Cheap.

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21 Comments So Far...

  1. Cat


    What IS that leaving her head? o.o

  2. Kalatash

    …headwounds do not usually looks like that. WTF -is- that gun?

  3. pilli10

    That’s the biggest WTF moment so far we need to see more of the bizarre.

  4. hariman

    That is a strange gun, but I’m pretty sure those are brains flying out of the back of her head.

    Really, she deserved it. I mean, talking while somebody is shooting at you instead of ducking? She’s too dumb to live!

  5. Jalterixnar

    That indeed was one of the strangest moments so far! Now I’m more wondering about that gun

  6. Rob

    Er, last panel–Wut?

  7. Tom Redlion

    Bang! One down. Three to go.
    Just exactly what kind of gun IS that?

  8. Elliotd

    Woah, now thats what I call the WTF gun. I wonder where I can buy one

  9. Janus

    This is your brain.

    THIS is your brain on a lethal dose of mindkilling drugs.

  10. Helios

    hmm, just a guess but from what that ball looked like in an earlier strip I’m thinking it contained an effret? When we first see it the ball had eyes…

  11. Turnsky

    it’s like she was shot with the sixties.

  12. XZeddX

    Oh bugger

  13. Noxkitsune

    Hm… I would’ve expected SOME bloodsplater from that shot… though you could blame that on the futuristic gun.

    Is that her soul leaving her body?… I guess we’ll find out.

  14. Jigsaw Forte

    @Noxkitsune: There is too blood! Just about at the top of her head, see? :p

    It’s just not a lot because of the “pink mist” factor that goes into shooting people with a high-speed projectile.

    As for what kind of gun it is, it’s been modified. What it’s been modified into hopefully will become clear in the next few pages. ;)

  15. orbdragon

    I thought the wisps turned blue when broadcasting, and that yellow was security feed?

  16. Noxkitsune

    @Jigsaw Forte: Oh… how the heck did I miss that? I guess I thought it was part of the ribbon or something.

  17. Critter Rhode

    hears the game sound *head shot*. hehehe. The over head view of the shot looks like that mythbusters episode where they sent a rocket sled into that car.

  18. EvilSupahFly

    I need a gun like that to take to work with me. Does it work over the phone?

  19. xero

    Boom Head shot(s)

  20. Shrikefox

    Ah, the occupant is revealed and my questions about the mystery sphere are answered. I love how the little brains of the snake heads are flying everywhere.

    She should know “All is fair in love and war.” It’s just that no one likes getting the short end of the stick.

  21. Athiyk

    I’m fairly certain this is how the game Persona 3 works. Shot in the head = out comes monster. Also, beautiful smoke cloud from that gun~

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