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7 Comments So Far...

  1. Cat

    …is that a SHOTGUN?

    Well, I can only see this going 4 vs 4. Equuelus isn’t going to go for saving Daisy, and I can’t see Jason doing so either. Which leaves us with Jigsaw/Daisy + Slick/Princess vs the Galaxy scouts.

  2. Lycanthrope

    As the quote goes: “Time to die.”

    Cat: Projectile weapon probably. “Shotgun”…not likely. It will definitely be something with a nasty kick on both ends of the reaction.

  3. Cy Reb, Jr.

    I hope to see some clear full-body shots of everybody. (In case that implies nudity, that’s not what I meant.) Dialogue is fine and important, but I really want to see more art of the picture variety.

  4. Jigsaw Forte

    Cy: Duly noted, just harder to pull off than you think. XD

  5. Brunhidden

    well the crack about ‘stacked’ implies were missing out on something.

    although the booty shots we got from jig and daisy were quite nice

  6. Dharma

    Jeez, for a bounty hunter he sure has an immature sense of humor.

  7. Todd-Fox

    nice to see the girl scouts have thrown away the shuriken cookies!
    even if their cooking was deadlier!

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