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My Eventual Publisher Is Going To Hate Me For This

My Eventual Publisher Is Going To Hate Me For This

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  1. Brunhidden

    i would assume it would work well if she tumbles onto a blank page across the crease of the book. but so long as both daisy and ace can show off their bootylicious assets the readers will be happy even if the publisher isnt. also i admire you having aspirations of publishing, and i hope it goes well.

    the question now is if the boss lady has it in for daisy, or just picked someone at random to thwart because she is bored

  2. JK

    This page’s layout is very inventive and very interesting. You just need to be more creative with finding ways to stay in character without the WTF being explicitly included. :0)

  3. Brunhidden

    @ JK- i believe she is reffering to a publisher being angry about trying to print a page with only daisys leg and buttcheek due to most of her being ‘offscreen’, and not about cussing. this is a fairly adult comic, swearing and violence are as much a part of the environment as the wallpaper and the hair shed on the furniture

  4. Jigsaw Forte

    @Brunhidden: JK’s fine, really. He’s entitled to his own frellin’ opinion.

    Although I do tend to question how out of everything I have in the comic, it’s the language that bothers him. :-p

  5. LBD

    Wait, she’s rolling off the page? That’s like, deep.

  6. Dharma

    Hehehe. So they hacked her cybernetics? Jeez. Who provided them with the passcodes?

  7. Dharma

    Did I misspell my email or does cap letter at the start make that much of a difference?

  8. Jigsaw Forte

    @Dharma: Apparently so! I imagine it wouldn’t make much difference if you had a gravatar (as it might recognize both), but apparently for the Identicons, capitalization does in fact matter.

  9. Brunhidden

    maybe run a contest where fans can win icons for those gravatars from you

  10. Jigsaw Forte

    @Brunhidden: Now that’s an idea…

  11. Anonomous

    What would the contest be? Free arts for all!

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