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Don’t Tell Me Where That Idea Came From

Don’t Tell Me Where That Idea Came From

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  1. Sienna Maiu


  2. Cat

    Daisy has a very odd baseline for things, doesn’t she?

  3. Cy Reb, Jr.

    I think I’m going to risk insulting someone now. I can’t decide whether I should know better.
    Anyway, hermaphroditism is an odd kink in the modern furry fandom– where by “modern,” I mean “early-21st-century online real-world.” That’s a pretty sufficient explanation for why someone, Daisy in this instance, might have mentioned it.
    As to why the kink is there, I suspect it’s a male-intituted proxy for lesbianism.

  4. Zephyrion

    That came out of left field. I can’t wait for the action to start.

  5. admin

    Cat: “On a scale from 1 to ‘Getting Turned into a Bowl of Petunias’…”

    Cy: I’m pretty sure it’s an odd kink for just about any ol’ fandom. Either way, the Greeks started it.

  6. Jalterixnar

    Erk! Bowl of Petunias! Wheres the Heart of Gold when you need her! *snicker* anywhoos! I love the definately out of left field comment.

  7. Snowy

    Admin: Yes, it probably is an odd kink for any fandom, but it seems to be particularly prominent in the furry fandom. I really can’t think of a single other community that has so many people that are into hermaphrodites, with the exception of any communities out there dedicated to herms. Its kind of interesting. Then again, the furry community seems to be one of the great meeting points for all kinds of kinks (alliteration is amusing!). I’d guess that that is because people who are into a particular fetish tend to discuss it only in communities dedicated to fetishes, and I can’t think of any community as open to general kinks and fetishes as the furry community. This may be because “furry”, in itself, can be considered a fetish.

  8. Abeo

    I think another factor is that furries are already reinventing themselves. That is, in the case of “fursonas” which are pretty much the base of the furry community. It is a phenomena rooted in the broadening of the human condition. Sex seems like the next logical boundary to test.

    Also, boobs make anything look hot.

  9. Riza

    except men

  10. freezycastform

    Yay for the random comments from Daisy! XD

  11. random thinker

    personally i partially agree with riza and partially agree abeo it depends on the build of the person in question really muscle-bounds(the ones who are around the size of the pro wrestler big show when it comes to muscle) are very ugly, though if they look like chicks chances are they would pass as chicks

  12. shadeus maximus


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