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That’s Supposed To Be “Thin Ice” By Looney Labs

That’s Supposed To Be “Thin Ice” By Looney Labs

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3 Comments So Far...

  1. Tiana

    I just thought I’d let you know that with your new site design, this page, which is bigger than the fixed size of your design, no longer shows up right. This page is too big. You might wanna resize it for us archive divers.

  2. Jigsaw Forte

    Hm. I was wondering what might happen with some of the initial pages… I’ll have to poke at this a little more.

    Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Silverlocke980

    The hilarious part of this comic — beyond Cypress playing a game — is that no one even suspects what Jigsaw really is, or how powerful she can be. It’s quite amusing.

    Though now I see Jigsaw as being from that Once Upon a Time in Mexico movie, and it’s equal parts funny and awesome…

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