New Bad Future Available! Act Fast!

New Bad Future Available! Act Fast!

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  1. nightarix

    so… the railguns were never for killing the contestants alone at least? they wanted people who were anti-org to die too.(Veled was against orgs being the security detail for the gameshow if i remember correctly.) which does explain why they were Railguns instead of straight up bombs. can’t kill a high value target from across the room without a bigger bomb then you could hide in a wisp, with a railgun though? line it up just right and you can get a two-for-one deal.

  2. Josh.C

    Looks like either someone went after the hologram or Veled directly.

    Someone certainly is taking advantage of the chaos. But is it Murphy or someone possibly worst?

  3. Maryalee

    I have to believe that Veled is smart enough not to make herself directly vulnerable to attack. She certainly hasn’t survived this long by being stupid. So either she’s playing a larger game here or something “really wrong” ™ has happened.

  4. e_vovager

    Quick someone press the undo… I mean someone get Quinn we need another shot at this

  5. xZeddx

    OOPS,I think someone hit the wrong button!

  6. Nikolai Volkov

    Takin’ bets now on if Veled is injured, dead, faking it, or mildly inconvenienced. With a comic like this you never know, ‘Saw’s already proven she’ll follow through!

  7. Maryalee

    @Nikolai I wager 10 Quatloos Veled thought up the entire episode as a way of both dusting DJ and baiting out whomever is trying to sabotage the show by taking everybody else out.

  8. Nikolai Volkov

    @Maryalee I’ll put you down for ‘faking it’ then -takes notes-

  9. Josh.C

    @Nikolai Volkov There’s also the potential little detail that Qin and Jigsaw seem to be pulling their powers to work on getting a particular future.

    Could they have found a slight hitch in that pan or is someone playing a similiar game and they just saw a potential Checkmate?

  10. e_vovager

    Will Nik my belief is that if this is not simply a potential future about to be undone then Veled is playing everyone for chumps

  11. LavaBatA1

    Something tells me someone wants the ‘messiah’ to be a martyr for their ‘church’.

    And she’s not the messiah! She’s a VERY NAUGHTY GIRL!

  12. LavaBatA1

    Also, is it just me or does there seem to be less ‘regulars’ commenting here nowadays?

  13. Shad

    Might have something to do with the fact that it hasn’t updated since early December and there’s been no news on the main page about what’s up or when we might expect updates. Though, there probably IS news on a more obscure place like the author’s twitter, but I’m one of those who don’t use social media….

  14. thebobmaster

    @Shad: As a regular reader of her Twitter, the lack of updates is…well, let’s just say with certain events in the US recently, she’s having issues with motivation.

  15. e_vovager

    Yeah I was wondering what happened. Also I don’t do Twitter in fact with Reese events is just all the more reason to avoid Twitter in my opinion.

  16. Shad

    I realize it’s not my place to tell anyone how to live their life, but perhaps Jigsaw should take a break from social media. I mean… yes it’s good to stay informed, but for the sake of one’s own mental and emotional well-being sometimes it helps to get away from all the negativity for a while. We’re all like batteries. Sometimes we have to stop and recharge because we can’t just keep going. It’s not healthy. At the very least it sounds like her inner muse could use a reprieve.

  17. LavaBatA1

    I hope Trump’s election hasn’t killed off her muse. : (

  18. Miscreant Mutt

    @LavaBatA1-I fear that it has. No doubt many more are bummed as hell over recent events. This may give a whole new meaning to the phrase “having a case of the DT’s”.

  19. LavaBatA1

    @Miscreant Mutt: And I only just found this place again after a long hiatus of not-reading. :C

    Also, Donald Trumps election (in my opinion) is a really good case for compulsory voting.

  20. Jigsaw Forte

    @everyone: OY. Noted. >_>

  21. Shad

    Nice to know you’re alive, at least. Whatever you’re dealing with, I hope it gets better. Emotionally, mentally, physically. If you’re overwhelmed, then try to relax before you burn out.

Leave A Comment!

I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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