[Aside] Watch This Space.

[Aside] Watch This Space.

Footnote: No, this is not the end of the comic. I will return to work.

Here’s the thing: I can’t pretend this didn’t happen. I can’t pretend hate crimes are something that “just happens” after an election. (Especially when those crimes come from the “winning” side.) I can’t pretend that a president-elect isn’t appointing his friends to plush government positions. I can’t pretend to ignore the symbolism that sleeping in the White House isn’t good enough for him.

I can’t pretend that any of this is NORMAL. It’s not. It isn’t acceptable, either. Nothing about this can be allowed to become either normal OR acceptable.

If I’m wrong and everything turns out just fine, then count me among the surprised. But I have seen nothing before, during, or after this election that gives me any such reason for optimism. Trump may not destroy the world, but even if he doesn’t, he won’t stop the next asshole-in-chief from taking it further. Whether that comes in eight years or eighty is anyone’s guess.

Soon, I will return to work. I will continue drawing comics with strong female protagonists (and antagonists), Jewish catgirl vampires, lesbian lion-taur princesses, and everything else you’ve come to enjoy. But I’m not about to pretend that this won’t leave a mark.

All of you, keep reading. No matter who you voted for, or didn’t vote for. I refuse to teach only those who’ve already learned the lesson. Mistake that decision for weakness at your own peril.

Oh, and do take notes. This will not only be on the final exam; it will also arrive sooner than you expect.

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  1. e_vovager

    In all honesty Trump winning the White House has me freaked out like you would not believe. Worried more than I thought I could be this man if he behaves anything like you did during the election process is going to start a war and what’s worse it will be a war that he himself cannot finish. And when all is said and done the mess that he will leave behind will be worse than anything that Simpsons episode that predicted him being president could hope to describe.

  2. Josh.C

    e_vovager: Can’t say I don’t share your concerns.

    Trump just seems to be making decisions that make me really question his character. Not to mention the future of our nation.

  3. Starcat5


  4. RyGuy

    Been a long time since I commented. Anyway, I voted for the best candidate, Gary Johnson, who should have been able to make a bigger dent in this election then any 3rd since Perot, yet the Plurality of Fear won out again, in spite of 60+% of people deeply longing to vote 3rd. Only pure Terrorism could keep a majority so uncertain that they STILL caved to the status quo they so desperately wanted to defy. The causes are manifold, but, as I had an epiphany that SHOULD have been implied in 3rd grade social studies, had the text books were worth more then used toilet paper, I realized that Plurality “First Past The Post” Voting has become lethally toxic to our Republic. It has always encouraged some degree of fear mongering from candidates to help corral voters into one of two dominant Parties, but the Internet has turned a spooky house level of fear into a gateway to Hell level of fear. This has been ramping up every election year for twenty, getting worse and more polarizing with each campaign, DNC and GOP driving people further and further apart, picking more perceived mutually “extreme” candidates each time, all while those of us calling for a return to the middle are “a voice crying out in the wilderness” make straight a highway for Liberty! And yet, despite a clear longing in the common man to hear our message, we are unable to speak over the bone shattering cacophony of fear that the Duopoly poisons our souls with day in and out for 16 months straight. The Union can’t take this anymore. That is why we need to unite and petition for special ballot referendum by November next year, to change our voting system from Plurality based to Rank Choice Voting. Rank Voting directly discourages fear mongering because we will not feel pressured by it to not put our preferred candidate first, on the contrary, it is such a put off with such a system that a fear monger is most likely to come in last as the clear majority loser. This would take a mountain of pressure off of voters’ shoulders, and force candidates to compete in cordial, substance only ways. I would like to see it implemented before midterms so we can get some diverse representation in the house and senate, but it ABSOLUTELY must be implemented before 2020, because, as I stated, the Republic can’t take another campaign like this. Plurality is Fatality; Choice Rank for our National Tank!
    🤔 Nah, that doesn’t work, does it? Can anyone come up with a catchy slogan for my cause?

  5. Shad

    As a young adult female whom has struggled with employment, and thus, health insurance, and needs medication to manage a health condition (not a life-threatening condition, but for me it would certainly make things like holding down a job…more difficult without my meds) I may try to move to Germany if things here get too bad. I have a friend who says he has room for me, and Germany has mandatory health care for every employee of any company.

  6. Aaron

    I was honestly thinking we’d get at least a century in the United States without Nazi sympathizers coming back into power. Clearly, I was wrong; gotta make sure the passport is renewed.

  7. Nollid221

    I didn’t vote for trump, voted for Johnson myself, but I honestly prefer him over other things. I know that’s an unpopular opinion but recently he has shown that he isn’t as bad as the media says. I won’t say he’s the best candidate at all, but he shows promise.

  8. John Potter

    I voted for Hillary in the election and I fully intend to do everything I can to resist Trump. By the way, Nollid221 does not have the first fucking clue what he’s talking about. A man who hires a known White Nationalist and anti-Semite as his Chief-of-Staff is indeed as bad as the media says he is. Or rather said. The shameful thing is that the cable news is now attempting to normalise these intolerable appointments. This indicates gross moral turpitude on the part of the right-wing channels, who have already made their opinions of this bastard clear, and cowardice on the part of the mainstream channels, whose duty to report facts and adequately inform the populace ought to be paramount, not contingent on the approval of bigots and know-nothings with a criticism allergy.

    Constant vigilance

  9. Riddle78

    I’m a Canadian. However,I refuse to pretend that this election won’t effect Canada. Canada and the United States are joined at the hip; If one goes down,the other will follow suit in short order. I was,and still am,of the opinion that North America is hosed,if the President had to be either Trump or Clinton.

    Now the question is who’s losing in what shares. I’m petrified. North America’s going to burn,be it in armed conflict,or socioeconomic ruin. And the rest of the world will feel the effects.

    Americans. Whatever happens,know your rights as a citizen. Exercise them. Force your government to answer for any misdeeds it will commit. They will NEVER be able to silence all of you. Voices joined never tire. Voices joined never die. Ideals are bulletproof. Just bear in mind one thing; Don’t get violent. Don’t give them ammo to work with.

    Hopefully,you’ll all be able to get that toupee wearing fucknob impeached,and replaced by someone who isn’t a complete failure as a human being.

  10. Agent Schism

    As a Canadian, I have to agree with all of this – the election’s results left me a huddled, quivering ball of terror. Perhaps it’s easy to imagine that I wouldn’t be affected, but that doesn’t touch on the simple truth that just to the south of our border lies a man who just can’t wait to get his finger on the Shiny Red Button. A man who intends to gut the financial institutions of our closest economic neighbor just for the purpose of filling his and his friends’ bank accounts. Who will compromise the security of the entire western world and likely drag us into another meaningless war, just to sate his own ego.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll keep saying it: certainly, Hillary Clinton is an icon of the Establishment. But anyone who believes, or claims to believe, that Donald Trump is not, they’re filled with self-delusion. He is absolutely a part of the Establishment — and more so than Clinton, by far. She’s a politician through and through, absolutely. Trump is a whiny little trust-fund baby who’s made (and lost!) several fortunes by rooking the folks who can’t afford to force him to pay them… who has the emotional volume of a pipette and the sincerity of a game of three-card monte. There is NOTHING redeeming about him, nothing at all.

    Antarctica’s looking pretty nice this time of year…

  11. Maryalee


  12. Bookworm

    Here’s a link to help put it in perspective. No, it’s not selling anything. It’s written about Trump and Clinton from the perspective of a person who supported Hillary Clinton. It has good information about both, as well as the constant ‘crying wolf’ that’s been going on.


    I knew at least some of the information, but some was new, and it was all worth reading.

  13. Jigsaw Forte

    @Bookworm: That article really only discusses racial opinions (only a fraction of the problem), and doesn’t even begin to deal with the problems related to his cabinet picks. Also, the article goes out of its way to avoid mentioning his “chief strategist” Steve Bannon / Breitbart (yes, I checked), which really weakens its argument.

    I agree there’s plenty of OTHER things to talk about WRT why Trump is so bloody horrible. I’m also happy to remind you that I’ve been doing this comic since before Obama was elected, and this is the only time I’ve felt compelled to react to a politician this way.

  14. Meowwl

    I’ve got my safety pin on, and will keep wearing one as long as it’s needed. Don’t just cry, get out and do. Sign petitions to abolish the archaic and unecessary electoral college. Vote for senators, representatives, governors and mayors who will vote to mitigate the idiot in the white house’s bad judgements. Above all, don’t let them make you give up!

  15. Bookworm

    @Jigsaw Forte: The main point is that he’s no worse than the last six Presidents, and that Clinton had/has her own huge list of skeletons and horrible plans. This election is just the NASTIEST I’ve seen in 35 years (I’m 45. I don’t remember before Regan). Both sides. (I voted for Johnson) Keep in mind that the largest way to keep a President in check is for the Congress to not support his or her agenda. That’s more likely with Trump than Clinton.

    @Meowwl – it’ll need more than petitions. You’ll have to get the votes going for a constitutional amendment to remove the electoral college. I agree, I don’t believe it has been necessary since radio became ubiquitous. We also need another one banning those whose sole adult career has been in the field of law from being allowed to hold Congressional office. (If they work 6 months at McDonalds when they’re 18, that’s good enough for me)

  16. sharpshot4321

    I find it highly ironic that you complain of pro-trump people being “ready to riot”, but then sign the end of the message with the very ominous “I will not fail again.”
    This… message that not just Trump and his cabinet are evil, but that your “friends” that support trump, regardless of reason or nuance, are not really people you should associate with. Strikes me as wrong.
    There are many reasons we do the things we do, and take the stances we take. But if you think I would stand for white supremacist policy, or any other evils that might come from his presidency, then you do not know me at all.

  17. Jigsaw Forte

    @sharpshot: I tried hard in my message to avoid criticizing those who voted for Trump on election day. This is why I focused on his actions (and those of his “supporters”) AFTER the election. In other words, now that he’s “won” and no longer has to pretend to hew to traditional political norms. Things like “not having your adult children sit in on meetings with prime ministers”. Or “not using the presidency as a cudgel to promote your personal corporate interests.”

    My ire is for those who are still celebrating his actions and claiming he is still making all the right choices. It is for those who are trying to silence even tepid dissent. I reject the idea that Trump is beyond criticism just because he “won” on a technicality. I further reject the idea that just because you voted for him that you must agree with everything he’s done.

    That said, it would be good if you make your stances clearer than ever as a result. When those in power come to enforce their power, they will not bother to ask if you voted for Trump first.

  18. sharpshot4321

    @Jigsaw: Tradition does not always equal necessary or even good. I will be watching what he does.

    I am unsure on his children’s role in his presidency, and will investigate further.

    It is entirely expected for him to promote his interests somehow. This was expected from both candidates. Is it right? No, but it was going to happen regardless. I don’t even know if such a flaw in the system is even fixable as it comes from an inherent human flaw.

    Trump is not immune to criticism, by all means. But your actions always have reactions, and criticism is not immune to criticism.

    Trump did not “win” on a technicality. Both candidates knew what they were in for and what was required to win. If you have proof of Trump cheating to win the election then by all means. I would love to see it. However he did not win through some sleight of hand trick or illusion. The Electoral College was in place well before the election and both candidates knew what it was.

    If you have an issue with the Electoral College then please state your grievances, but “Trump won” is not a valid argument against the system, and changing the system will not remove him from his pending office.

    If my positions are unclear or I am mistaken in anything I have said, please let me know. Knowledge can only be furthered through action and debate.

  19. PheonixKnight

    Reading most of these makes me shake my head in confusion. Out of all the stuff i hear about Trump there seems to be very little proof. Yes he is loud and speaks his mind. He is not who i wanted for president but he is a lot better than Hillary.

    That woman is pretty much evil. There are a list of bodies that follow her. She lets people die or it looks like she has had them killed. Her husband rapes women and she accuses the women even after all he has done. The biggest impact Bill had on the country was he taught all the kids in the US that a blow job isnt sex.

    Hillary is the worst person to ever run for this office and should be in federal prison. The Democrats could have run someone a thousand times better. If you want to know who we could pick pretty much anyone else in the united states.

    I hate Trump but he is miles ahead of what we could have had.

    As for complaining about the way we elect a president look at this map. Because if those people voted against you then you would lose every time.


    If you think it should change then push for the change but dont bitch about it after the fact because it didnt go how you wanted.

    If you want to know my views im a librarian. If you wonder what that is what i want is very simple. The government should provide protection and that is about it.

    Part of that is keeping out illegals because we dont know who they are. How would you like it if your back yard was used for hundreds of people to walk though every day? Would that make you feel safe even though you know most of them are good people there are those who are not.

    I am not against people moving here in fact im all for it. But tell me why is it easier and better to come here illegally than it is for you to go though the right channels. Millions of them being here makes it much harder for those who try to do it the right way.

    One of my good friends has a wife from another country who worked at the embassy for the US government. They have spent tens of thousands of dollars and she speaks English perfectly. Yet even being married to a citizen and going though all of that she is still not one yet.

    I believe all taxes should be sales taxes and that is all. There should be no property tax at all. If the government got by on just sales tax the more money we spend the better it would do. But when we are hurting the government would have to pull back. We need to get the debt under control and abolish the IRS.

    There is a lot more im not going to go into but we need a lot of major changes to get the country moving the right direction and i hope we get it soon.

  20. Jigsaw Forte

    @PheonixKnight: I’d take you more seriously if you knew how to spell “libertarian”. Librarians do serve an important purpose in this country; just not the one you had in mind.

    I won’t pretend that Hillary Clinton was a perfect candidate or even the one I voted for in the primaries. Yet, we knew far more about Hillary’s conflicts of interest and loyalties than Trump’s. We don’t even have his tax returns to inspect! This is something we’ve demanded of candidates since the Nixon administration (for good reason). It’s also something we’ve seen LONG before reaching this point with any president-elect.

    If he were treated with the same fine-toothed comb as she was? With thousands of lawsuits over his career? Including the “Trump University” fraud lawsuits recently settled for $25 million? I suspect you’d find plenty to stoke your suspicions.

  21. PheonixKnight

    So your problem with what i said was my spelling? That is a weak place to stand and a petty one. I have stated i hate Trump and i agree he has done some things that are not right. But he has never been under federal investigation, he has never done something to cause our soldiers to die and the tax returns is just a different take on the birther movement.

    Knowing Hillarys conflicts interests and loyalties should terrify you. She was in a very powerful office taking bribes to meet with her. Her interests and loyalties all serve her and her family.

    Can you tell me anything significantly good that she has done in her life? And no starting a charity to make money from isnt good. Trump has made tens of thousands of jobs and brought a lot of money into this country. He is far from perfect (about as far as you can get and still move a little in the right direction) But Hillary doesnt care about you or me or anyone under her. She cares about herself and will step on anyone to get what she wants.

    I dont know if you are old enough to really remember Bill in office but i always had the impression she was the one guiding things back then. I could be wrong but i believe she pushed him to be what she needed to try to take office herself one day.

    As for the fine tooth comb did you not see how the media treated Trump. He was blasted from all sides and has been called Hitler because he wants to secure our borders. His main job is to keep us safe and how can you do that if you dont put locks on your house?

    We have the weakest borders of any country near our power. Moving to Canada or even Mexico is very difficult but you can walk here and make a living. If we have no borders then why have any countries at all why any leaders.

    Im guessing you are a Bernie fan. While he is much better than Hillary he would lead us down the wrong road.

  22. sharpshot4321

    Ladies, ladies. Please. Hillary has lost and will not become president. Let us put aside the “Him this and Her that”. Trump will be taking the presidential office and it is important to focus on what he is doing rather than what was done.

  23. Shad

    Sorry to jump in here, but there’s something you said that I may be able to provide a different perspective on.

    “He was blasted from all sides and has been called Hitler because he wants to secure our borders.”

    No. He was not compared to Hitler because he wants to “secure borders.” At least not by people who know what they’re talking about.
    You see, I have a friend who lives in Germany. He’s not terribly old, born within the last couple decades. But this friend has grown up with stories from his family. Stories of great-grandparents who were very lucky to escape deportation by exploiting loopholes. Stories of those great-grandparens’ siblings who weren’t lucky enough to escape deportation. Nazi authorities even wanted to buy his grandmother from her parents, because of how “German” she looked.
    So when my friend say Trump scares him and reminds him of Hitler, he speaks as someone who knows, who learned from those who were there, who knows the little details that often escape the history books. And he’s specific. He says Trump does not remind him of Hitler from the 1940s, when the war was well underway and he was known to be a genocidal tyrant. He says Trump reminds him of Hitler from the 1930s, when he was on the rise to power.

    Trump reminds him of a man who told a nation plagued by a depression so terrible, a loaf of bread cost nearly 1 million Mark, that he could save their economy. Trump reminds him of a man who swore he would build new roads and infrastructure. Trump reminds him of a man that said all of the country’s problems were the result of certain minority groups (for Hitler, Jews and for Trump, immigrants/foreigners) and only he could fix it. Trump reminds him of a man who ultimately believed the best way to deal with certain groups of people was to ban their religion and then kill their families, and whom supports torture. Trump reminds him of a man who expressed views that represent the worst of the worst of human nature, yet no one takes him seriously. Granted, in Hitler’s case very few people actually read his book, Mein Kampf. (Though that was due in part to the aforementioned depression. When your daily bread costs a million Mark most can’t afford the luxury of a book.) And those who did thought it was the rantings of an upset man who was in jail at the time. Trump has been far more vocal about his misogynistic, anti-everything view points and people still don’t take him seriously. Trump has threatened to go after the media and anyone who writes or says things about him that he doesn’t like, totally ignoring the freedom of the press and freedom of speech granted by the First Amendment in the US Constitution. Some of the first things Hitler did upon taking over the Presidency after the Reichstag fire were to suspend the freedoms of speech and of the press. Hell that’s some of the first things all dictators and tyrants do.
    Trump scares my friend because he would never have been born if his family hadn’t been among the lucky ones who survived the Third Reich. Trump is being far, far less subtle and people are not taking him seriously as a potential threat.

    I don’t know if Trump is a modern-day Hitler. I don’t have a crystal ball with all the answers. No one does. Maybe those of us terrified by Trump are over-reacting and he won’t be that bad.
    Or maybe he will be. People have looked back at the 1930s and wondered how someone like Hitler could have ever risen to power. Perhaps one day they will look back at the 2010s and wonder how this could have happened, especially with a prior example to serve as a warning.
    One thing I do know? I would prefer not to find out the hard way that Trump is every bit as terrible as was feared.

  24. PheonixKnight

    One of my best friends growing up both his mother and grandmother were in a camp. I got to know them both very well and have been told many things that went on there. I dont see anything about Trump that reminds me of Hitler. The media said almost nothing but bad things about Trump but if he goes after them he wont be president anymore due to it volatilizing the first amendment.

    Trump isnt trying to make a white America he is trying to make one where we control who comes into the country. You might see it as only letting in white people but its not letting people who arent vetted into the country.

    We live in a time where an illegal alien can murder a young girl in front of her father and is let go so he doesnt get deported. Could you imagian how it would feel to have your child asking for your help as she died and the man who did it is the one getting the support.

    Our system is very messed up and sanctuary cities should have the leaders arrested for interfering with an investigation at the least.

    As for boosting the economy the best way is for us to make things. His idea of tariffs is terrible. But if we cut down corporate taxes and encourage new businesses to come here or start here. Then export the goods all over the world. Inflating the prices of things is not how you improve anything you just hurt it.

    Just like increasing minimum wage hurts everyone. There is no choice but to increase prices or let people go and in most cases do both. So more people end up unemployed and the prices of everything increases to match the new wages people are making. Otherwise things like milk would still cost 20 cents a gallon.

    The only way to improve is to create and you do that by getting out of the way. And to stop subsidizing companies. The most one of them should get is a temporary tax break. But having us give money to a company that is making something that the market doesnt want makes no sense. It would be like me paying you to make toothpaste and orange juice drinks and then even with the money im pumping in you still go under due to your product.

    Look around the world the most booming places have great taxes for companies so they move in bring their money and hire thousand of people.Then what is made is sent all over the world. Things can be designed here then parts made in a dozen contries and put together and we would all benefit from such things as we do now. Cars, phones, computers, TVs and more are made by the world working together and cutting out part of it only hurts us all.

    But at least he isnt trying to help Iran get nukes.

  25. Eboreg

    I came here looking for a great story of futuristic intrigue but instead got a political tirade against “the man” that sounded like it came from a hypocritical sore loser.

    You are free to hold your opinions but keep your damn politics out of my entertainment. I have seen far too many artists alienate their readers by stating an opinion they thought was uncontroversial and well backed up but turned out to be the exact opposite. Even mainstream entertainers are not immune to wrecking their own fanbase by stating a controversial political opinion so I would much appreciate it if you kept a lid on this in the future.

  26. sharpshot4321

    @Eboreg: Had this been standup or any form of paid entertainment, I would agree with you. However, this is a free site to visit and enjoy. Jigsaw has full rights to do whatever she wishes with the site.

  27. PheonixKnight

    You are right Sharshot he can do whatever he wishes to the site. But as consumers of his site we have the right to keep coming back or not.

    If you have an opinion i think is crazy or stupid ill debate it with you. But i will never ask you to not state your opinion . But just keep in mind that there can be consequences for your words and actions.

    The football players who refused to stand for the anthem have every right to not do so. But the owners also have every right to fire them for it to. Its one of the great things about where we live. And as a libertarian as long as you dont violate my rights or the rights of others i really dont care what you do.

  28. Jigsaw Forte

    @Phoenix: Hey, it looks like we got off on the wrong foot here, so let me try this again.

    My name is Rachel. I’ve been writing, drawing, publishing, and posting this comic you’ve been reading for the past year. This includes developing the page the comic appears on and using multiple API services to lighten my workload.

    …and you are giving me a headache.

    See, I’m trying to remember the last time you paid me money or other warm fuzzies for all this work I’ve done. (Hey, since you’re pulling the “consumer card” right now, it makes sense to figure out just how much I stand to risk in losing you as a consumer, yeah?) All I can find of you or your relationship to my comic is when you signed up for the email list. You haven’t commented on the site prior to this post. You haven’t bought any items or contributed to the Patreon campaign. Your social media profiles are a tabula rasa, so I know you haven’t shared my comic on any of those sites, either.

    Meanwhile, the people who you’re arguing with? THOSE folks, I recognize as my customers. At least, they’re my customers a lot more than you’ve been up to this point. They may or may not know how to spell “libertarian” any better than you do, but at least they know which pronouns to use when they’re talking about me. It shows they’ve at least paid attention.

    You want me to put up with you arguing with them? You want me to put up with you trying to post news articles from white supremacist neo-nazi platform Breitbart and other garbage sites as proof? (Seriously, do you really want me to pull the proof of THAT one out of the spam filter?) PAY ME.

  29. John Potter

    I have to side with Shad on this one. And I also have to correct our unlearned “librarian” colleague on a point of detail: Hillary was Secretary of State, military matters fall under Defense. Two completely different Departments. Hillary’s actions could NOT have caused soldiers to die. The Benghazi thing happened because the budget was slashed by a Republican Congress. The allegation that Hillary has her hand in the Clinton Foundation’s biscuit barrel is also a lie, even a cursory glance at their records will tell you this. Furthermore, our collegue’s assertions about increases in the minimum wage being harmful are absolute bollocks. A number of states have implemented the changes and none of the deleterious effects he’s described, NONE of them have come true. As far as the assertion that Trump isn’t trying to create a Whites-only America, clearly this poor sod hasn’t been paying attention to Trump’s fan base. Schools across the country have reported a rise in bullying incidents perpetrated against non-white or female students by Trump sympathizers. A Muslim man was firebombed in Texas in broad daylight. This is but a taste of what Trump’s America will look like. And the disturbing precedent set by the failure to prosecute the terrorist Bundy clan for their act of treason (really, how else can you describe attacking a Federal building?) coupled with Trump’s transparent ruse of offering to tell his supporters to stop doing these things (designed, no doubt, to dupe those on the right who are worried about his presidency into believing that he will be faithful to the rule of law) do not give me much hope that the double standard seen whenever right-wing media covers anything race-related will not seep into the justice system, befouling the portions that haven’t already been tainted by questionable actions.

    In summary, our colleague has made a number of Dunning-Kruger statements regarding government policy and expressed a profound shortsightedness on a number of other issues. I am forced to conclude, that this is symptomatic of an education system that has been repeatedly sabotaged by bigots and ignorami. And with Trump announcing one of Michigan’s worst enemies of literacy as his pick for Secretary of Education, I can only see the problem getting worse in the years to come.

    Constant Vigilance

  30. PheonixKnight

    I am sorry i called you by the wrong sex. But honestly that isnt a big deal unless you turn it into one. As for how much money you lose that would depend on how much you make from your advertisers and from me clicking on them in the past. I cant tell you how much that is because i dont honestly know. If you think you are only earning money from me paying you directly then you are not running your site properly.

    And you are on my spelling yet again. Somehow the biggest arrangement i get here is over auto correct.

    I posted links from man different sites to prove what i was stating because my words dont seem to be doing any good. If all you see in this world is hate that is all you will ever see. You seem to think not voting for Hillary makes you a Nazi. Yet she is under more than one FBI investigation and was while running for office.

    Tell me one other candidate that has run for the presidency and become under investigation like her and didnt drop out.

    The Democrats are not your friends they do not want you to better yourself even if that is how it looks. Ask questions look deeper into problems learn all you can and never stop.

    If you want to know the kind of person i am one of my closest friends is black and in fact i cooked him dinner yesterday. I donate to charities i help out my elderly neighbors and have rescue cats living in my house. I pay my taxes i dont cause problems or hurt others. But when the government wants to take money from my paycheck and give it to something that isnt right i shouldnt have to put up with it.

    You want free college? Well go for it the classes with get a lot larger the schools will all have to fit standards and making a school stand way above others will be a lot harder. The very skilled teachers will leave to teach where they get paid well enough because the colleges make less money.

    If you want education prices to drop open new doors dont shut others. In this age of the internet colleges should be complacently redone to suit the needs of the world.

    Also if you look above at my posts after Sharshoot posted i was content to leave things be until Shad was speaking to me about it. Also on my last post i ended saying im done with this thread but you feel the need to delete it. I didnt say a word about you deleting it but i after you make another post to talk directly to me then i thought i should respond. Also if you bother to look the only time i have posted other than the first is when someone said something to me.

    For someone who doesnt want to blast those who do not agree with you it seems you are going out of your way to do so. You also try to make your post sound like you want to get along with me but that quickly fades as it goes on ending with “PAY ME”. So the getting off on the wrong foot was to stomp on my other foot i see.

    If you want me to stop posting here then stop responding to my posts or block me at this point i dont care.

  31. Ta'sier

    Listen, i love webcomics. I love america. I love guns, tanks, explosions and war. I also love dogs, cats, horses and nature. Nothing pisses me off more about my family than when they throw trash on the ground but i dont bitch and moan about it to everyone i see. I hate my generation. 75% of this generation (easily 75) has no respect for people who clawed their way from poverty to a semi-stable life. They have no appreciation for anything, and think they can solve everythung with insults and bitching. Yea, life sucks. Bitching and crying never changed it.

    You have your opinions i have mine. I personally think the Nazis ard fascinating. Do i support or even sympathize with them? Hell to the no i don’t support them. But nobody batted an eye until people were dying.

    People don’t care about something until it doesn’t work in their favor or someone they don’t like is benefitting from it. That’s what we call a brat. And no, i don’t mean a delicious juicy sausage.

    You voted hillary? Ok good for you. Yea people may have died because of her mistakes and she’s shadier than a drug dealer on the strip of vegas, but you have your ideas.

    You voted for trump? Ok good for you. Yea he made money off the recession and he’s done shadier things than the CIA, but you have your ideas.

    You voted for Gary? Pedro? Rubio? Sanders? Good for you. Have an ice cream in a celebratory i-don’t-give-a-fuck party.

    You know what happened the last time people threw a fit over ideals and took it too fucking far? The american civil war. The first world war. The rise of the nazi party. Stalinism. The crusades. Vietnam war. Revolutionary war. French revolution. Cold war. 9/11. Afghanistani war. Iraqi war. The holocaust. The wipeout of the native americans. The KKK and their lynching and borderline terrorism diring and after reconstruction.

    Every time some jackass doesn’t get their way and does something about it people rally and die for stupid shit. Yall forget Hitler was a hero before the 1940s. WWI vet, led the Nazi party to power and turned Germany from a shithole to a militarized powerhouse. Then he took one bite too many. You know the rest.

    Trump won. Hillary lost. Johnson never had a chance. Al Gore got the popular vote. Washington (from 1776) was an amateur general at best but won a couple critical moments in a war. Stonewall Jackson, ONE OF OUR PRESIDENTS, was a racist to the point of butchering native americans for sport. FDR was a socialist. John Adams was a fucking lawyer for fucks sake.

    Our country has lasted longer than some powerhouses have. 4 years can fuck us up, but not bring us down. We clawed our way from the ashes of British oppressment and racism only to inflict that upon others. No one’s asking the UK to attone for the Revolutionary War.

    I’m German. I’m no Nazi. I like my borders secure. I like to have guns everywhere. I like to eat meat, play metal, drive older vehicles, play videogames, laugh at racial humour as well as toilet humour. People always joke about me being a Nazi because I’m German and i defend the Werchmacht and Erwin Rommel. I poke fun at my half-chinese friend about his Asian heritage. Neither of us give a damn. At the end of the day, push comes to shove, we have the other’s back. He’ll be there for me and I’ll be there for him. That’s what this country was built on pissing and whining because your favorite didn’t make the cut is what will bring us down. Not Trump. Not Republicanism. Not racism. Certainly not 4 years of bad rule. China’s been through hell and back with leaders and look at them now. Germany didn’t fall after over a decade of Hitlers reign. Stalin ruled twice as long for no reason. The USSR fell and Russia arose from it’s ashes, bigger and badder than ever before. Japan had a fucking heirarchy where your father’s name was your rank. Italy survived Mussolini. North Korea is STILL surviving the lineage of whoseit with his dictatorships and hate of freedom. Vietnam is still around after centuries of war. Most of Africa is in a perpetual state of war over governmental rule and gang rule conflicting. Africa’s where the first human bones can be traced to (the southern area, to be exact. Not the country the area). If you all think America’s going to the shitter because of 4-8 years of one guy and his posse, open a history book. YOU PEOPLE are the ones destroying our country. Rioting and protesting because democracy didn’t baby you. Bitching because it’s heartless to be physically safe from cartels and lawless bandits who’d rob you of everything you own for their own purposes, rape you for the hell of it and murder you for kicks. Not all people are like that, but 9/11 was caused by less than 10 men with letter openers and sharpened sticks. You make the excuse that stereotypes aren’t fair and some dipshit asswipe motherfucker is going to take advantage of your moral weakness. That’s how spies do their job. That’s how negotiations are won. It sucks but it’s how it is.

    You want to bitch about ideas for how to improve or destroy our country and riot over your loss? Suck it the fuck up buttercup. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Our country was built by coming together as brothers, sisters, whatever the hell you want to call it, and clawing our way out of the ashes of nightmares to build our dreams. Building a wall isn’t impossible. China did it thousands of years ago. It isn’t racist to keep out illegals, it’s called protecting your territory. Go into a wolf den and tell them a bunch of immigrants are now living next door. You’ll be lucky to get three words out before your throats gone. That’s not shit. It’s life.

    I don’t give a damn what any of you think. To each their own. Worshio who you want, when you want, where you want, by the means you want. It ain’t no problem to me. The second this country is destroyed is the second you take a side on an imaginary line because of what you think.

    I’ll say it one last time for effect:

    Our country was built by a bunch of nobodies coming together and fighting. Each willing to die, to rot in hell, to lose everything, for one another. Giving that ideal up is what loses wars. It’s what brings down governments. And it’s certainly what everyone in America; black, white, asian, german, native or eskimo, nazi, socialist, communist, republican or democrat, male or female, straight or gay, tall or short, richor poor, old or young, smart or dumb, is doing. Suck it up and swallow your stupid fucking human ass pride. Throw your stupid politics out the window into the liquid inferno known as earth’s core. Shut the fuck up, help a stranger to their feet, and get your hands dirty by building this country to glory. Ain’t no leader ever destroyed his country. Dumbasses bickering over who’s dumber and fighting over who’s in charge destroyed his country.

    Fucking christ yall are bragging how high and mighty you are and how smart you are and you can’t even figure out how animals have lived millenia without war or conquests.

  32. Ta'sier

    Also, one more thing i forgot to mention. You want to promote your ideas via a comic? That’s fine. Just don’t shove your ideas down my throat, or expect people to read that shit. Make yourself a blog, announce it once in a bonus strip or whatever, and post this shit there. Don’t ruin a good comic by letting it be skewered by what someone thinks. I’ve seen to many people go down because of stupid decisions like ridiculing a huge portion of their fanbase for something that has nothing to do with the original creation. You wanna kill trump with hillary? Filler material. Bonus comics. Random short comic. Don’t tear your pride and joy to pieces because of one election.

  33. LavaBatA1

    Any recommendations on what to encrypt and how to do it? I have always wanted to, but I am a bit of a noob when it comes to this kind of thing.

  34. hariman


    If trump truly were racist, I wouldn’t have voted for him. If his opinions and stances were as insane as they are characterized as being, I would have campaigned against him.

    There are so many points, so many examples I could point out to why I have this stance… it would take months of several hours a day to detail them all.

  35. underappreciatednecromancer

    The only way someone can honestly claim to have opposed Trump’s election is if they voted for Clinton. She was the only one running against him with a chance to win. Trump won with over 3 million LESS votes than Clinton thanks to the Electoral College. Don’t say it was the Democrats/SJWs (they don’t exist)/whatever’s fault you didn’t vote for Clinton, it was your choice. Trump won because his supporters went out and voted.
    To use a disputed Edmund Burke quote: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
    I have and will continue to oppose Trump and those like him in the methods available. Voting in every election I am able to, organizing, and making sure my voice is heard. What will you do?

  36. underappreciatednecromancer

    And Trump is a racist. And a misogynist. And Islamophobic and generally bigoted.
    He’s an anti-intellectual, ignorant, narcissistic, egomaniacal, thin-skinned pathological liar with the temperament of a toddler.
    Denying that at this point is denying reality. Demanding sources on that is like demanding evidence for evolution. Which makes sense since he’s been throwing bone after bone to the Christian far-right. Along with his other supporters. Neo Nazis, white supremacists, the KKK, or the “politically correct” version of those: “alt-right.”

  37. PheonixKnight


    He must be a hell of a misogynistic racist to do the things shown here like hire the first woman to ever be put in charge of building a skyscraper and has a black spokeswoman.

    Denying it is not denying reality its quite the opposite in fact when you bother to look at things he has done the last forty years.

    Is perfect? Hell no far from it. But people make him out to be the spawn of Hitler and Satans love child even though there is lots of evidence pointing the other way.

    Obama has lots of violent gang members supporting him along with black men who think all whites should be killed. Is that Obamas fault? Im not asking you to like the man just look for more than what you want to see. Try to look at problems from both sides and remove his name and that he is (currently) a Republican and look at his acts. Agree with some disagree with others. You can hate him all you want but if his actions are good for you and those around you then praise the actions if they hurt then damn the actions.

  38. underappreciatednecromancer

    Those two examples not only prove nothing, they are absurd.
    As for former President Obama, your claim is blatantly false.
    You are denying reality, and the fact that you actually have to create a web page to find examples of Trump doing something non-bigoted says a lot.
    Remember when Trump insulted a civil rights hero on Martin Luther King Day? You know, the guy who marched with Dr. King? When John Lewis was being beaten for a protest march Trump and his father were being prosecuted for racial discrimination. Trump then lied, and claimed that Lewis’ District was “crime infested,” when it’s actually very prosperous and in great shape. Trump likely told that lie because Lewis is black.
    Trump’s got at least 2 out and out racists in his selection: Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions. He attacked and insulted the family of a Muslim soldier who spoke out against him, lying yet again.
    Trump is a pathological liar. He’s even been directly denying reality by claiming his inauguration crowds were bigger than they were. The pictures clearly show a mostly-empty area, and the Metro numbers were lower than they normally are even for regular days.

  39. PheonixKnight

    Ok first off it one person showed up to his inauguration what would it matter doest it change the person he is? It is something i stated when he mentioned crowd size. It doesnt matter at all.

    I live a few hours from Atlanta and if you think it doesnt have a crime problem you are insaine. Now it has gotten much better the last 30 years or so but there is still a lot of problems. They have done things like improve and the police i have met there have always been very nice and friendly. But when i was there over Labor day weekend there was a man running from the police and when he was cornered he punched a cop in the face. Seconds later they had him down cuffed and pulled him back to his feet starting to walk him to the patrol car in under twenty seconds. But i felt sick hearing the crowd yelling at the police calling them racist and screaming police brutality. They were trying to defend a man who just seconds before assaulted an officer of the law in front of hundreds. They did not once hit this man they forced him down cuffed him and took him away. Yet they are seen as the bad guys.

    If you think that violent criminals didnt support Obama then why is it after he accused an officer of being racist did a number of black men start executing cops? I belive when you are in a position of power like that and something so horrible happens and you are the black leader of the nation you should speak out against such things. It doesnt help it makes things worse for both sides and none of us want that. But he didnt but he did send representatives to Browns funeral and had his mother speaking at the DNC. A man who there is video evidence of his acts hours before he was killed.

    Correct me if im wrong but has Bannon ever said he supports the KKK and doesnt he have a black man working in his inner staff?

    Sessions is considered racist for doing what a judge needs to do. Reading out and trying to see both sides to understand what happened as best he can. What is great is Black Lives Matter calling him a racist. The same group who believes in segregation something Dr King fought hard against.

    Trump was personally attacked by the family and he reacted in the wrong way. Trump isnt trying to stop Muslims from coming into the country just radicals from doing so. If he was trying to stop Muslims why wouldnt he block all of their countries and not just the ones that the Obama administration listed as the places most terrorists are coming from.

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Dr King

    I have black, white, Asian and Latino Friends i hang out with all the time. In fact most of us are getting together tonight as well. We all get along because we see each other for who they are not what they are.

    As for my examples tell me how they are absurd? Also that site what makes you think i made it? And if so you should be more impressed how i made a time machine to go back and make a page ten months ago to argue your points yesterday.

    Take a look at the actions of those you speak ill of more than anything else.Like i said judge people by what they do not who they are.

    You can praise something Trump did and damn something Obama did that doesnt mean you love Trump or hate Obama it just means you are willing to admit when someone you like makes a mistake and when someone you hate does something good.

  40. underappreciatednecromancer

    You are so out of touch with reality it hurts. You haven’t done any research into the claims you’re making, when the information is easily available.
    Trump lies constantly and lashes out at any criticism. He’s lied every step of the way and continues to lie. http://www.politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/
    And the point I made about the website, is that non-bigots don’t have website dedicated to proving they aren’t bigots for the suckers who buy into their bullshit.
    You’re the typical Trump voter: ignorant and in denial.
    Oh, and the countries Trump’s banned all immigrants from have never committed terrorism against America. You’ve been swallowing bullshit.

  41. PheonixKnight

    I didnt vote for Trump so your thoughts on me are already wrong.

    The site you pointed out is biased http://thefederalist.com/2016/12/16/running-data-politifact-shows-bias-conservatives/

    I dont like Trump he is the worst Republican president of all time as far as im concerned. But unlike you im willing to give people a chance like i did with Obama a man who had no qualifications to be president. I disagreed with almost everything he did but i did agree with a few things.

    I also love how you point out that what i see with my own two eyes isnt good enough. How i have done more research on these matters than most people who talk about such things. When i point out facts you ignore them because you dont agree with what they say.

    Please answer this. Can good person do bad things and can a bad person do good things? If so then why not just each action for what it is and not see a man who has done many good things in his life as evil because there is an R next to his name.

  42. underappreciatednecromancer

    Politifact is not biased, Republicans lie way more often and about bigger things, that’s all.
    And the crowd size obviously mattered to Trump, since he’s been lying his ass off about it and so has his press secretary.
    And you’re trying to use your “eyewitness claims” to contradict the evidence. That’s not how it works, which you would know if you’d done any research.
    And Trump’s actions have already revealed who he his many times over. Your continued attempts at apologetics are pathetic, since they require ignoring reality. Which is what Trump and his supporters do.

  43. PheonixKnight

    Trump does care about the crowd size but it doesnt matter. He shouldnt have even talked about it because its not important in any way shape or form. But as you can see i can disagree and say when he is wrong and when he is right. You only see wrong for who you hate and right for who you like. You can love your family but they are not always right in what they do. And if you hate a person you work with but if they help you when you need it you can say they did something good.

    You obviously only see him as evil as i have asked you more than once if he could do something good and you refuse to answer. I have stated that i have researched and i have seen with my own eyes to come to my judgments. I have provided proof of many things i have said yet you ignore it all and tell me im ignoring reality. Funny how that works.

    Im finished talking to you because you can only see hate and anger where i try to see the good. Because we see things so differently we will not convince the other to change their mind.

    But please dont see the world as black and white because it is all grey. No person is all good or all bad. You seem to be an intelligent person and i hope you do well in life but i hope you dont carry this anger with you.

    Take care of yourself and others.

  44. underappreciatednecromancer

    YOU’RE telling ME MY motives? That’s not how it works. I don’t hate Trump, and your blatant attempt at muddying the waters is showing you don’t know him.
    You have provided proof of nothing except that you lack researching ability and deny reality when it disagrees with your prejudices.
    Morality is black, white, and grey, but you’re calling black white and white grey.

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