She’s Had All Night To Get Over It.

She’s Had All Night To Get Over It.

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  1. nikolai60

    I’m confused, I don’t think Maggie would be…well…not showing off? We know Daisy isn’t there. Is Mama Archanis in disguise down there now?

  2. Meowwl

    I’d bet on it being Ma Archanis finally NOT in disguise! Because you know, vampire, and all.

  3. nikolai60

    My big stopper to that being her is: She was with Papa Archanis right? They holo-ed in because they couldn’t be there in person. How the devil did she get there so fast if it’s her?

  4. PFoxen

    My vote is Mama Archanis too, however she got there. The speech bubble isn’t right for Maggie, but it’s dead on for Mama.

    Factor in that she said if Qin wouldn’t teach Jig, then she would, and it makes more and more sense.

  5. Shad

    She might have made an exception and found a way to get there FAST when she found out what happened to Jigsaw. What’s the fastest people can travel in this series, anyway? Depending on the distance and if they have technology to travel at (or maybe beyond? Some series do have that) light speed, Mama Archanis could have been there in a few hours.
    Also, speech bubbles match the person’s eye color, right? These bubbles look consistent with Daisy’s mother (more of an aqua color on my screen) rather than Maggie’s color (which is more of a spring-green on my screen). Unless the color is meant to throw us off and we can no longer trust it, I’m convinced that is Daisy’s mother. One other thing to consider is, have we seen a reason why Maggie would need to know how to disguise one’s soul shell? It’s certainly a trait that vampires would find handy, though.
    Oh and I almost forgot. Maggie wears autie lenses. Daisy’s parents…whatever they were wearing didn’t look like autie lenses. Similar style, but don’t the autie lenses need to cover the whole field of vision to properly provide their informational cues?

  6. Shad

    Looking over this again…. “Visualize your shell like a scarf.” Maybe this is some sort of mind-scape teleconference with Jigsaw’s telepathy powers, and Mama Archanis isn’t physically there at all. The background would fit with some kind of dream landscape, and we never did see any sort of physical object that went with Binary’s shell like we see here….

  7. nikolai60


    HOLY CRAP I didn’t even think of the mine-scape teleconference idea, that would make so much sense!!!

  8. Sulucamas

    But, but, but, she has totally different glasses! 😉

    That’s totally Mama Archanis, from the speech bubble and the eyes. Interesting how they’ve have changed from before.

    Now, is Saw saying Daisy matched her mother’s soul shell or physical appearance? Could someone be a Light Child and a Djinn Mei?

  9. Meowwl

    I’d bet on the hologram being an illusion….she’s that age, so she projects an elderly holo to meet people’s expectations…The hair is mostly the same style too, as if she’d just taken down part of the chignon. Also, she’s a vampire, technically Djinned at least…could it have been a teleport?…perhaps what Ma Archanis needed permission for?

  10. PFoxen

    “Visualize your shell as a scarf” like the grey one hanging over her own shoulders, no less? Nothing says a scarf most be worn tight about the neck.

  11. The_Rippy_One

    I assume this is a mindscape, and that’s how Mrs. Archanis thinks of herself. It may or may not be how she actually looks, but mind-side, it’s literally about how you perceive yourself.

    As to the question of how fast you can travel, it’s entirely determined by how much power you can feed into your V-Link, and how big a V-Link gate you need to move whatever through to wherever you want. We haven’t had any hard numbers yet, but given that V-Link travel is basically space-folding through an interface medium, there is no “maximum” distance, except as determined by power scarcity and mechanical limitations on energy transfers (you want capacitors, not batteries, for a V-Link transfer – dump as much in as you can, instantly)

    If you had enough power, and circuits good enough to not overload, you could stuff a star into a V-Link and warp planets around the Connection, in theory. Practicality, unfortunately, says this isn’t actually a thing. and it would be stupidly illegal, probably.

  12. e_voyager

    well this is both expected and surprising at least a little bit. that puberty bit was fairly easy give away since if it was Maggie she would have known long before puberty set in

  13. Novawolf7

    My vote goes to Ma Archanis. I also agree with the mindscape idea, with this appearance as her avatar. She may have chose this avatar for safety. Certainly there are others capable of eavesdropping on the party line.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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