She’s Serving Tea. [SECRET BONUS COMIC]

She’s Serving Tea. [SECRET BONUS COMIC]

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  1. Jay

    Ohwowohwow. White’s been in prison for the last 40 years, so the ages could well line up…

    Also, if Murphy’s watching this, White’s going to have to be rrrrreally careful around airlocks…

  2. e_voyager

    has anyone seen my brain? it seems to have run away without me. This revelation is anything but what I expected well played jigsaw well played.

  3. nikolai60


    I remember the first time I read this page, first page in the bonus comic and I literally just sat the book down and walked away to think before continuing.

  4. Eboreg

    So Reuven WAS seeing family. He was seeing good ol’ grandpa.

  5. Zarpaulus

    I thought “quad-wing” Celeste were usually the result of two Celeste breeding?

    That’s the keyword isn’t it? “Usually”.

  6. hariman

    Huh. Not what I expected either. This makes me recall a scene where someone (I forget who) was trying to pressure White Noise with knowledge of who/where his daughter was.

    Now I’m thinking that person either didn’t know that Veled was his daughter, or that they DID know, and that was their way of saying “I know, and I know you know, tee hee hee.”

    Is there ANY member of the Last Resort cast and crew that doesn’t have family involved in the show somehow? Well, besides Geisha. And probably a few of the other already guilty cast members.

  7. Eboreg

    @Zarpaulus: I think the fact that he’s a Light Child and that he’s where her Anyr part comes from both contributed to her getting four sets of wings.

  8. Sabreur

    Oh wow. The panel 3 resemblance is impressive.

  9. Josh.C

    Considering what Jigsaw let slip about some of those kids she saved to Julian, I’m not really to surprised if this truly is true.

    I mean what’s a good way to keep a father out of the picture when raising a Messiah then removing from the scene all together one way or another?

  10. Josh.C

    Still got to admit, I don’t think we’ve ever seen Veled like she does in that last panel.

    She looks a little down there.

  11. Okami A.

    …. Now that I look at it, they do have similar eyes. The same shade of dark blue.

  12. Zarpaulus

    Hey, Qin claimed to have met White Noise’s daughter.

    And according to his cast page he was Veled’s physician until he attempted to assassinate her.

  13. Eboreg

    @Zarpaulus: There is evidence that his true relationship with Veled may have been covered up a bit.

  14. Starcat5

    Zarpaulus: Has that been proved yet, or was he framed? The Endless couldn’t have been very happy having a Vampire treating their Messiah. On the other hand, perhaps there was an actual assassination attempt by a group of Vampires, and Qin was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Something to think about.

  15. Shad

    Okay. Assuming this isn’t some kind of joke or code, what I want to know now is who the frick was Veled’s MOM!? And based on her mom, how did WN not realize his daughter might be…?

  16. savarage

    Geisha has family involved in the show too melody is his niece.

  17. hariman

    Huh. Also, rereading White Noise’ cast page, I’m not reasonably sure that the environmental system tampering incident that got him sent to jail was either a setup, or a cover up.

  18. Zarpaulus

    @savarage: Wait, when was that?

  19. AmigaDragon

    What “secret bonus comic”? It shows up as a normal comic.

  20. nikolai60

    @AmigaDragon This page and the next few take place immediately at the end of volume one. It was originally only available to any who have bought volume one. Thus it’s been out, and a ‘secret’, for a couple years now, and is only now being made publicly available.

  21. LavaBat

    I know how this ends! 😀

    And the worst part is Murphy is watching this as a video…implications abound…

  22. xzeddx

    For a saviour,she does have a Cree Summer tone

  23. MaximumCarnage

    I’m wagering Murphy viewing this (Assuming she viewed it back then, and not ‘now’ in the comic time line, since this was seen in Volume 1 before…) has something to do with that little Star Org attack/kidnapping attempt that happened during the family visit some time back…

  24. The_Rippy_One

    I like this twist. properly forecaster, nicely followed through on, great execution in the current state.

    And making me tear my hair out because I can’t turn to the next page.

  25. savarage

    zarpaulus Geisha’s cast page lists her as his neice and shes the one that came with veled way back she is incharge of the media or at least the show from veled’s side of things. She’s also the one that’s fan squelling about Slick’s speech.

  26. Josh.C

    This page does have me wondering.

    Just why would Murphy take up such an interest in this meeting? Murphy seems focused on Whitenoise…..There’s something more here then simple eavesdropping, I’m sure of it.

    It also brings to mind that Murphy might have ulterior motives here other then security.

  27. e_voyager

    @Josh.C Murphy is a manipulator and loves the feeling of being in charge. this is in spite of the fact that she has no true power and is very short slighted when planning and anticipating the repercussions of her plans regardless of it they successes or fail

  28. Sulucamas

    Well, there’s certainly nothing up her left sleeve. 😛


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