The Future of Engineering is Social.

The Future of Engineering is Social.

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  1. e_voyager

    Instagram or what have you become.
    Also am I the only one who somewhat confused about what we’re seeing here

  2. LavaBat

    How can she override Veled?

  3. STrRedWolf

    Huh… must be Facebook.

  4. Dena

    @e_voyager: What portion of anatomy would resemble a rubber hose….

    … then someone realize it is NOT a rubber hose …

  5. Zarpaulus

    Har har, “rubber hose” cryptography means threatening the guys with the passwords. i.e. by strangling them with a rubber hose.

  6. nikolai60

    Aaah crap, this ain’t good. Spirit is the LAST person we need knowing this stuff.

  7. Eboreg

    They’re still using the command line in the 41st century for general use?

  8. Sulucamas

    Oh snap, a bonus bonus story? SO MUCH Y! 😈

    @LavaBat: Reckon it has something to do with Murphy’s rank on the station.

    @Zarpaulus: Thank’s for explaining it for we the cryptologically disinclined. Totally woulda missed it. 🙂

    @nikolai60: You don’t think she already knew? Then again, I can’t say which side of the fence all those Ys are coming from. 😛

  9. Josh.C

    Well with that many Y’s, we can see that Murphy really likes to watch stuff like this.

    Of course I’m not sure if it’s her professional interests here or her personal interests here…….

  10. Eboreg

    @atkinsonlaw: SPAMMER ALERT! SPAMMER ALERT! *klaxons blare*

  11. e_voyager

    Not what i meant Dena. i meant the spy screen itself. remember before his meeting with Veled jigsaw warned silk that veled was going to rape him as well.

    Sul & nik. what spirit knows is one thing her being able to use it effectively is another.

  12. Hartree

    e_voyager: Do ya think he’ll really let her ride side saddle? 😉

  13. e_voyager

    @Hartree if she was willing he’s probably let her ride home anyway she please. no that he would have the choice if she raised her voice on the matter. almost immune is not completely immune after all

  14. meowwl

    @Zarpaulus Actually it usually refers to the interrogation (okay, torture…but it’s become a colloquialism.) technique, i.e. rubber hose cryptanalysis, of beating someone, in this case the computer encrypting the vid. It’s either an AI like a cybee, or a tongue in cheek preprogrammed response to succeeding in getting through the security.

  15. nikolai60

    @generic advert: you’re going to advertise that HERE?

    @e and hart: soon you shall see the truth, then you may reflect…

  16. e_voyager

    @nik oh man such a tease. I can hardly wait for my books to arrive. also unless, and get some moving I may not have power for the game tonight.

  17. Sulucamas

    Looks like easy colon cleasnse took the words right out of my mouth! xD

    @Josh.C: Really likes to and/or really wants to. I’d love to know if this just drifted onto her desk, or if someone sent it to her.

    @e_voyager: Word. Thanks for the heads up, and good luck!

  18. Jigsaw Forte

    @actual_human_beings: the spam filter is being lazy and needs to be rubber-hosed into submission itself.

    In the meantime, try not to comment on the spam that IS cropping up, as it’ll make your comments make less sense once I do get around to cleaning out the filter manually.

  19. LavaBat

    Three words: Star Org Scout.

    What am I on about? You will have to buy the Last Res0rt books to find out! >:3

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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