A Proper Death Drop

A Proper Death Drop

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  1. e_voyager

    ok am I the only one who’s confused by this?

  2. Starcat5

    A proper “Death from Above”. Spark Deegan would be proud. *Wipes away tear*

  3. Starcat5

    @E_Voyager: She has the ability to use the medium (paneled comic)against her enemies. She is literally hopping down from one frame and into another. In this case, she is about to land right on top of the “Wonder Twins” here. Hence the page title “Death Drop”.

  4. Josh.C

    Seems like Daisy wasn’t to pleased about them shooting one of her kids.

    Of course it looks like Daisy is fixing that feeling as she drops.

  5. Okami A.

    … I love the look on her face. She has a very nice slasher smile goin on there.

  6. Ryan Schneider

    The fact Maggie and her brother both prefer to look human, even when a disguise is pointless, makes me wonder about their relationship with their father.
    I have put some thought into the human/marsupial hybrids for a while now. The original pure bloods were always minimally humanoid, but originally had narrow hips, flat, featureless chests, and males had a small, forked penis. Nipples were in the pouch only, and babies were weaned once they got too big. After hybridization and back breeding for several generations, they retain the bulk of their bestial features, but now have fuller, if functionally useless, hips, and two sets of mammary glands, one in the pouch, and another, prettier set that allows them to spoil their babies for two extra years, the way a good Jewish mother, human or otherwise, should. Males are also better endowed, and do not have to worry about being circumcised twice. Human sized vaginas sometimes cause newborns to get lost on the way out, so they need help and careful monitoring, unless the mother is human, as in this case, but that goes without saying. Embryo size and gestation length may vary depending on mixture as well; occasionally hormone confusion may result in incomplete placentas, requiring human mothers to place the embryo in an exo womb, or be surrogated to a marsupial nurse maid.
    At least that’s how I see it.

  7. e_voyager

    @starcat5 thanks I got a little lost trying to figure out exactly what was going on there. I was especially pleased with the whole homicidal maniac look on her face but I couldn’t figure out exactly what it meant or what was going on. also sings that Jason either doesn’t realize or doesn’t remember the Daisy can teleport

  8. nikolai60

    If that drop is successful the next page is gonna be hilarious.

    If not at the very least she made a good distraction for ‘Saw to make a move.

  9. The_Rippy_One

    My only confusion is that she should have been vanished by the third panel, as she’s gone from in front of them to above them. Love the second panel. Beautiful slasher smile. Wonderful hair.

    Feneril’s apparently passed her lack of brains to her kids, seeing as both know she can Hop (Jason having been there last time she did it, and his sister should have seen it when that episode aired).

  10. Jolt99

    @e_voyager Pretty sure the teleportation was tied to her leg, which she couldn’t take to this on account of it being usable as a ‘weapon’. That said, she probably has something up her sleeves (other than knives).

  11. nikolai60

    @Jolt99 She’s a light child, the reference to her leg was the belief that the extra weight and hindered movement would prevent her from using her power.

  12. The_Rippy_One

    @Jolt: Nik has it right. Which is why V is trying it with the chair – even less mobility and movement options!

    Didn’t work this time either! XD

    Actually, V might have been thinking that the events leading to Daisy getting her new leg (ie, Hopping blind and embedding her flesh one in a wall) would make her more cautious to Hop again (ie “slow her down” meaning more hesitant to use the ability)…this clearly is also not the case….but that ruins the joke in this case 😉

  13. Josh.C

    @The_Rippy_One: Well it is most likely to be Murphy at this point instead of Veled.

    But I have a feeling it has less to do about the use of the teleport and more to do with the moments in between each teleport. Seeing as openings to hit a telepoter come in the moments after and before a teleport, you’d want as much time to set up that shot at that moment and lesson the targets mobility if possible.

    Setting up Ace and Daisy like this is equivalent to having Daisy being a target in a shooting booth in most cases. Of course Ace shooting Daisy’s daughter throw all that out the window and now instead of using her powers to run out of danger like one would expect, she’s instead going straight for the jugular now.

  14. e_voyager

    @the_rippy_one and here I thought it was Murphy that setup where she couldn’t take her leg with her

  15. The_Rippy_One

    Man, everyone is taking my joke so seriously!

  16. xzeddx


  17. Starcat5

    @The_Rippy_One: What joke? …no, really, what joke? I just went through all your posts on this page, and I’m not seeing one. Everything you typed appears to be intended seriously. Hence our confusion.

  18. The_Rippy_One

    I sort of hoped that ‘XD’ would be recognized as laughing with eyes shut – ie, the preceding thought was intended for humor…

  19. e_voyager

    it didn’t work this time does stick out as humor.. but what happened before stating that it was Veled who is trying to hinder daisies mobility does seem like it was serious. after all she has tried that before.

  20. Sulucamas

    Bravo! Can’t wait ’til Crazy Old Arael teleports those two through the bottom floor of this elevated dance club. 😈

    Jason’s description makes it pretty clear that Daisy teleports as though passing through portals, rather than blinking about. Does this mean her leash will pull Saw along for the ride?

  21. MaximumCarnage

    Love the comic, as ever, but if this goes to print, I wonder if you could find a way to make the act of teleporting a bit more visually recognizable for the viewer? It’s pretty confusing at first glance, and while the comments by the peanut gallery (soon to be victims) make it clear that she’s attempting to teleport, it wasn’t until I read commentary outside the comment that she was actually trying to death-drop on them. It’s not hard to confuse the middle panel as being purely stylistic choice. I otherwise thought she was just trying to break through the floor, or teleport away. I’m not sure if some kind of energy below her on panel three would be a good way to go about it, but I think a good suggestion might be to extend the ‘party background’ from panel for up into panel three. This would make it one continuous splash, making it more obvious she’s above them physically and not just in comic sequencing, and thus a bit easier to follow even if you don’t give visible presence of any kind of portal energy. At least, that’s my thoughts on it. I don’t just advise a grain of salt with my comments, I offer a grinder of fresh sea salt for the purpose. :3 I’m not sure if that’s helpful or if I’m just annoying, but thought I’d add give my opinion. @_@;

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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