Information Overblown.

Information Overblown.

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  1. nikolai60

    Oh good, improvised combat scenario….

  2. Josh.C

    Not sure of what to make of all that.

    But I have the ballroom blitz playing in my head now.

  3. e_voyager

    I hope someone at least brought some improvised weapons for team Andromeda because it doesn’t look like they brought in themselves

  4. Shad

    Oh now I get it.
    #Little Bird = Twitter

    ….please excuse me while I go scrub my brain. I feel my IQ has just dropped from typing a “hashtag” e_o I hate Twitter and Facebook, and lack accounts on both because I want my private life to be PRIVATE gosh darn it! *end rant*

  5. The_Rippy_One

    We Have Frag Queens! YEEE! so excited

  6. LavaBat

    If I didn’t know better, I would swear that someone wants ‘Saw dead.

  7. e_voyager

    @rippy Frag queens are awesome

    @shad. I also like Twitter Facebook Tumblr at cetera et cetera accounts pretty much for the same reason you do

  8. Brunhidden

    at a club no less

    *beep* initiate booty shaking sequence *chunk-whumwhumwhum*

  9. ActionKermit

    I love the fact that a Star Wars quote has become an old saying from an anonymous source.

  10. Ryan Schneider

    So…..she has to fight naked? That’s the gist I got from the last two pages. The pretext is that sex sells and all that, but the subtext is that she will likely end up with a few holes in her fur.

  11. Brunhidden

    i doubt they will be fighting, though the frag racers are robots they’re geared for glam and not for hand to hand. jigsaw is in mortal terror of embarrassment and not of bodily harm i would think, cause what possibly could they ask her to do with a cast of robots who masquerade as…. im not sure what the word would be, ‘fleshies’?

  12. LavaBat

    @Brunhidden: If I recall correctly the last time we saw the Frag Queens they were dancing for their lives…

  13. hariman

    #RuP4ulsFragRace. RuPaul’s Drag Race.

    Jigsaw is fronting a drag queen competition/band event.

    Shad: I find Twitter is best used when following people who use it for notifications of Livestreams or art/comic updates. Some people just get carried away and post too much to it.

    Also, Facebook is evil.

    Last of all, I now want to use #LittleBird as part of telling people about something new on Twitter.

  14. LavaBat

    @hariman: Lots of things are evil! Veled, the Org, the artist, pretty much all of the players on Last Res0rt (or most of them anyway!), Murphey, male marsupials with pouches (a biologist somewhere is crying!), the fact that we haven’t seen Slick and Adharia in a while, WISPs, people who disagree with me, Veled again…

  15. Brunhidden

    how about a dance contest? against someone who has DDR software in their formulative memory and speakers under their shirt….

  16. Sulucamas

    Will they be dancing or fighting, or something else entirely? 😈

    Heck, maybe Daisy’s the special guest instead?

    @Pand0raRadiio: What all this about #Fenirel backstage? 😮

  17. e_voyager

    @sul that’s entirely possible but I wouldn’t bet my bottom dollar on it

  18. LavaBat

    @sul: Org propaganda disguised as a dance?

  19. Sulucamas

    @e_voayger: Aye, but it’s a little weird to think that Saw is probably one of the least (in)famous members of her party. At least she’s probably a big deal from @Lastres0rt’s perspective. 🙂

    @LavaBat: It’s certainly possible, even if something tells me the Org isn’t so hot on those soulless Frag Dolls. 😛

  20. xzeddx

    Love all the refrences and very nice irc spread

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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