His Nickname is Tactless for a Reason, Too.

His Nickname is Tactless for a Reason, Too.

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  1. e_voyager

    oh man this is all too true. He may be tactless but he still speaking the truth and I can’t fault that.

  2. Darkewulf

    Well damn, Melody. You’re looking pretty hot down there.

    Seriously, half-Kendril or not she’s gonna get more that a fair few stares. Let’s just hope Dex and the others can stay put, yes?

    Actually no, I’ve decided I don’t want her little pals staying put. I’d rather have them way up high and out of the way 😉 (I’m sure she has pasties on as well, but still….)

  3. ActionKermit

    To be fair, Jigsaw does still owe Melody a favor from when she made that dead Star Org sniper disappear.

  4. LavaBat

    I get the feeling that Tactless is more than a bit of a brat.

  5. LavaBat

    @ActionKermit: She might owe Melody a favor, but Maggie is not Melody. 😛

  6. ActionKermit

    Melody’s the one dancing down on the stage, though. She’s almost certainly involved.

  7. Starcat5

    @ActionKermit: Wow, I didn’t even notice her. Nice catch!

  8. Sulucamas

    Tactless? More like Buzzkill, although his statements have some poignant undertones given his heritage. 😐

    (Excellent censorship, and the smoke on the dancefloor looks awesome!)

    @ActionKermit: If she’s involved, it’s probably just to keep babysitting Saw (and Daisy). Doesn’t seem too concerned about staying undercover, though. 😛

  9. ActionKermit

    If they really intended her to make back the money for this field trip by doing a set, they would have warned ‘Saw about it in advance so that she would have time to practice. My best guess is that Jig is scheduled to “play” something more violent than a violin.

  10. Josh.C

    It seems Melody and her snake hair compatriots can be a bit of a tease and a flirt. I wonder if this could mean Slick and Andy are down there too or if this is a recording?

    Well it is under contract, so I’m sure permission to go on death marches is a given. But then again, considering all the foobar missions Jigsaw has walked away from, it seems someone has their own agenda for this show. I just hope Murphy isn’t thinking about using Jigsaw to try to capture her dad or any of her stepsibs.

    I’m guessing the littlebird was what Jigsaw was typing up on her digital accomplice’s belly.

  11. LavaBat

    Anyone would get the feeling that very few people are meant to *survive* the show! Which would make the Vaeo’s profit margins a lot bigger…hey…

  12. ActionKermit

    I think I get Arkanis Sr.’s game now. He’s trying to make Jigsaw angry enough to flash her dead eyes in front of the family, so that they’ll all be aware of her condition. As far as he knows, she was turned by Gabriel or one of his followers back on the White Diamond Crisis Center, and wants to pressure her into getting out of the game before the Org catches on.

  13. LavaBat

    Saw never gets told anything! That or Maggie never learned to stand on her own two feet and expects others to pay for her lifestyle.

    @ActionKermit: An interesting theory. But as to whether or not Veled would *let* Saw out of the game…that’s another matter. Her condition is the games, and one of Veleds, dirty little secret.

  14. The_Rippy_One

    Restating my thing about different normative values vis clothing.

    That may not be Melody. Not that I imagine Talmi/Kendrils are common, but it is a possibility, right?

    I love the little head’s expression. very “Ye-e-e-s-s-s-s?” or “wouldn’t you like to see?” Cocky tease. I wonder if the mini-heads are on camera watch so she can just have some uninhibited fun.

    @Kermit: If that’s the game, then it is a silly one – since its her, her family, and everyone in the most happening night club in this solar system. and probably enough paparazzi, with enough film-equivalent, to do your own major motion picture.

    If Cypress wants a show by ‘Saw, I’m sure the violin will be around here somewhere. If it gets damaged, and the show has to pay…A good, Professional-grade concert violin can run over a million. The exceptional can go for $10 million. And that’s before intergalactic inflation. the show may shortly be in deep trouble 🙂

  15. e_voyager

    ok melody is Geisha’s is niece so what was the name of the one who is the Galaxy Girl Scout again

  16. ActionKermit

    @e_voyager I believe her full name is Binary Shackle based on the tag she’s associated with, but she’s only ever been referred to as Binary in the comic.

  17. Nollid221

    #littlebird…does this mean they have teh tumblr’s?

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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