This is What We Call “Having a Point.”

This is What We Call “Having a Point.”

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  1. Josh.C

    Yeah, whatever is in Murphy’s head, it’s most likely that Jigsaw has gotten a good look in there.

    It unlikely Murphy would know about Jigsaw’s mind reading powers. So there’s probably a whole lot that she learned from that encounter.

    I wonder how much of that conversation here took place over Jigsaw’s special ability? If Murphy was listening in, that would be enough for me to wonder if Jigsaw had a dangerous compromising power that reads minds. Of course for someone like Murphy to suspect that, it would be a death sentence to Jigsaw. Signed. Sealed. Delivered by Murphy.

  2. LavaBat

    @Josh.C – Murphy may want to kill her if she finds out that she can read minds, but if she did she would have to answer to Veled.

  3. nikolai60

    Wait…is she saying she’s picked up on a second attempt like that?

  4. Nollid221

    @ Nikolai
    Possibly or she could have forseen an attem

  5. Nollid221

    Srry bout the early submit(iphone)
    Pt to completely take over the show and get rid of the….crocodile family?

  6. Josh.C

    @To All: I think the wheelchair and loss of Daisy’s leg is also a telling sign to Murphy’s mood right now of team Andromeda right now.

    The only thing that would make it more apparent would be if all the wheelchair assistance on the station is either out of order or receiving maintenance when they go out.

  7. Josh.C

    Or speed bumps throughout the station. Lots and lots of speed bumps.

  8. Vulpis

    Well, Daisy is stuck with an *unpowered* chair…

  9. Shad

    I don’t think this means Jigsaw’s mindreading powers are necessarily suspected… One listening in might assume that since Jigsaw sat next to Murphy, she observed something with the 5 ordinary senses that’s worth noting down. It’s possible an eavesdropper may simply assume that Jigsaw is really perceptive of her surroundings. Plus with those big ears it could easily be assumed she overheard something verbally instead of mentally. Also I don’t see the whisp floating around anymore, do you? Perhaps it gave up because it couldn’t read what was being typed.

    And…they couldn’t have given Daisy a non-powered, ordinary prosthetic leg?

  10. nightarix

    @shad the real question is does murphy KNOW jig’s secret? but i think yes she was reading murphy’s thoughts, 90% certain of it. unless we get thrown a curveball and the notes aren’t related to mind reading.

  11. nightarix

    @shad the wheelchair was probably picked for being slightly easier, and it probably has more then a couple BUGS on it when you think about who picked it.

  12. Josh.C

    @Shad: Well I figure that’s why Jigsaw inturupted Daisy mid panic atack rant. Daisy came dangerously close to totally spilling the secret. Still giving any hint to a parnoid plotter like Murphy is going to be dangerous, potentially.

    As for the leg, Jigsaw just took sides against Murphy and challenged her authority as the head chief of security of the station. Seeing as it seems Daisy’s leg is a security concern, I’d figure Murphy is letting her displeasure towards Jigsaw known by going after her lieutenant’s leg as a security risk.

  13. xzeddx

    Thats a shiny wheelchair

  14. MysticJanus

    Just a little grammar issue in the third panel. It should be, “you were sitting near Murphy…”

  15. Josh.C

    @MysticJanus: Actually I think the grammar is spot on.

    It’s just you have to consider what Daisy is making reference to. Jigsaw wasn’t sitting there, she was forcefully sat there by Levana’s Toning everyone in the room. Got to admit it’s a cool look. It must also have a gyroscope in there, it’s only got two wheels. Ooooh, fancy future stuff.

    @xzeddx: It’s also has lot’s of see through components. Kind of reminds me of a few see through bowling balls I’ve seen.

  16. Josh.C

    Speaking about Grammar blunders. Can anyone see mine? 😉

  17. Vulpis

    @Shad Good point…this only sounds potentially suspicious because *we* know she’s a telepath. Unless someone else has cause to even think of it as a possibility in the first place, it would go right over their heads…and I’m presuming that unless you’re a Celeste, those kinds of psi abilities are rare enough that it *wouldn’t be something that would come to mind unless you were hit over the head with it.

  18. Josh.C

    @Vulpis: I suppose there’s also something to be said about how Murphy seems to prioritize between the actual inmates and the simple players. So you all may have a very good point and Jigsaw did seem to do a good job of redirecting what Daisy was about to say.

    I guess as long as Jigsaw doesn’t do anything to suspicious, she could go the whole show without Murphy suspecting a thing……Though that does make me wonder what happens after the shows end….Veled seems nice and happy Jigsaw is here. What happens when the first season ends and Jigsaw tries to go home?

  19. Sulucamas

    The bigger question is: Are they going to coordinate their outfits for dinner tonight? :3c

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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