The Ultimate Babysitter.

The Ultimate Babysitter.

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  1. nikolai60

    Wow, wonder who else got caught in the collateral?

    *sigh* And now it is with a heavy heart that I have made my last bid to be the first comment. I doubt I can keep up with the 3 hour time conversion, and so I concede this category in my bid to become Last Res0rt’s #1 fan. *holds hat over heart and bows* I bid the rest of you, good luck.

  2. Josh.C

    Hmmmmmm…A lot of small butts have just been seated.

    I wonder if babysitter is more accurately then one way.

  3. e_voyager

    I’m guessing she said something like sit down and behave right now

  4. xzeddx

    Making ones pay attention,one tush at a time.

    Always a fun ability to make people behave

  5. Josh.C

    @xzeddx: Considering what Veled did to that one org and this current showing of star org behavior, I wouldn’t be surprise if it was a common occurrence as well.

  6. LavaBat

    It might be the ultimate baby sitter, but being able to order someone to kill themselves is just…wrong. Even more wrong than the Org.

    Interesting that everyone equates “Enough” with “Sit”…I can understand everyone stopping what they were doing, but why sit down?

  7. e_voyager

    @lavabat the word enough has enough tone in it to write a small paragraph.

  8. LavaBat

    @e_voyager: But why did the sit? Why? Why!?

  9. Kermit

    Here’s as much as I could get of the tone. Underscores indicate partial transcriptions because of obscured text, or because a word runs off the end of a line and I can’t guess the whole thing.

    I’ve had it up to here with this
    You _e sit down and drop your weapons
    I swear on h_t _ver deities
    an_in your s_ _ion_that I _
    do every les_ _ce of their w_

  10. LavaBat

    @Kermit: OK that works.

  11. e_voyager

    @Kermit i believe two of the missing words are whatever and religion

  12. Brunhidden

    gallery of buns

  13. Josh.C

    Something to think about here is that we know that the cast is being watched by org 24/7. If this shows the response time of the guards, it gives some idea to the type of security that Jigsaw’s mom was talking about.

    8 guards rush into the room while big sis was busy with Jigsaw and her mom. That’s quite a response time or was it simply a opportunity that was to big to ignore?

  14. nikolai60

    Lol, even White was affected!

  15. Sulucamas

    Gee, that sure is a mouthful of good reasons to sit down and shut up. Nice, sharp points… >>

    @Kermit: Ace!

    @Josh.C: It might have been too big an opportunity to ignore, but even with their history of blunt actions this seems like amateur hour. Really looking forward to an explanation. 😮

    @nikolai60: Even though I’m biased, part of me wants to believe that White’s been around long enough to know when to just play along. 😛

  16. Nollid221

    Do she got booty?

  17. nikolai60

    @Sul I highly doubt anyone had any choice in the matter.

  18. e_voyager

    @Nikolai60 his profile does say that he’s virtually immune to tone after all

  19. nikolai60

    @e true, but virtually and completely are two different things, and she is a particularly powerful Celeste.

  20. Vulpis

    Assuming (which even *with* the old trite line is appropriate here) that one of those backsides is White Noise, it’s possible that along with Tone, a power even more fundamental was used here–Mommy-Voice. 😉 It’d be amusing to see a panel with Jig’s mother looking simultanously frightened and amused at the results…while still standing.

  21. Sulucamas

    @nikolai60: Guess being particularly powerful goes a long way toward subliminally threatening to annihilate people, with or without Toning! 🙂

    @Vulpis: Now that’s a force to be reckoned with. xD

  22. e_voyager

    @nikolai60 you have a point there nikolai. and even if the tone failed to hit it’s mark the tone and what was said in it would have made me hit the floor. i think only jason would have been left standing as he would not have heard or understood the tone in the word enough. then again if it was said in that mommy voice all bets would be off.

Leave A Comment!

I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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