Is it Possible to be “Double Racist”?

Is it Possible to be “Double Racist”?

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Okay, folks, this is it.

The kickstarter ends in another 24 hours (as of this post) — it’s funded, I’m happy, that’s great.

Let’s review:

  • The Books are Funded! Also, because it funded so quickly, I improved the stretch goals!
  • The Church of the Endless Propaganda is Unlocked! All the folks with physical rewards ($25+) will get copies of these THREE exclusive pamphlets!
  • We’re $597 away from unlocking All The $15+ Backers, All The Digital Things,which means everyone who donated more than $15 gets digital PDF copies of the books and wallpapers on top of their current order!
  • At $7000, we’ll add on some additional digital content to go with all those digital rewards, including PDF copies of the Pamphlets!
  • And at $8000, there’s a second bonus story for Volume Two still waiting in the wings!

If you want to make sure you’ve got your stuff sorted, or you’re at all on the fence about getting books or a cameo, now is the time. Those digital goodies are going to be the only ebook versions available for a while (or at least until I figure out a better way to sell ’em!), and those cameos? Once the kickstarter’s over, that’s all the folks who’ll be in Volume Three — so unless you have the patience to wait three more years (assuming I do this again!), you better get in now!

And since I know a ton of you have already donated:


It means a lot, and one thing I didn’t expect to find out on the way to doing this kickstarter is seeing just how many projects thought they were doing everything right and still fall short. Some of these folks are friends of mine and others are those who I still expected to be doing better than they have been. So to actually see that I still have the kind of support it takes to pull off something like this? It’s huge.

We’ve got a little further to go — I’d like to see what else we can pull off — but for getting this far, thank you.


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31 Comments So Far...

  1. nikolai60

    First of all, congrats yet again on making it this far, who knows what the next 24 hours hold!

    Second: So, we finally get her name, pretty choice! Also, seems she’s not quite as uptight as her heritage would imply >.>

  2. e_voyager

    yup she’s veled’s child no doubt about that!

  3. Josh.C

    Madri’s sense of humor?

    Wonder who that is? Must be fairly close to the family. Maybe her sister?

    Congrats so far on the Kickstarter Jigsaw!

  4. e_voyager

    I think that’s another way to say Mother.possibly Spanish

  5. thebobmaster

    @e_voyager: Madre is Spanish for mother, although “Madri” could be a nickname based on that.

  6. Brunhidden

    the cruel part is i believe i get paid in about twenty six hours after that post

    id think a stealth racist here is that vampires are supposed to have OCD to the point that you can stop them by scattering rice, salt, sand, poppyseeds, ect and they are compelled to stop and pick them up individually to count/clean

    imagine a wedding where beans are thrown at the newlyweds to ensure… well if rice is fertelity i guess beans are- levity?

    i realize now how much that outfit jigsaw is in includes parts that you ‘wear’ on your ear, its not just a piece of skin stapled to your head, for a talmi thats an appendage

    yeah, shes veled-like but lacks that cocky self assureance and milf aura. in some weird way even mrs forte is more of an aunt jackie vibe… so of the three jigsaw has the highest value of milf somehow

    what would someone call that outfit? sarong? toga? drapes?

    if j and v have similar senses of humor, i can only imagine them hanging out sometime

  7. The_Rippy_One

    @Brunhidden: depending on the card, if there are insufficient funds, the bank will prevent the payment from going through, and KS will wait 1 week before nullifying your pledge. A fair number of people use this to make a pledge that they can only afford in shortly after the KS. Now, I don’t know what card you are using, and I’m certainly not telling you to do it, but it is an option, if you want to try it.

    I believe that would be a sarong, since it has a shirt associated (so, not a toga), though it might just be a drape.

  8. nikolai60

    @Brun You could also do what I did, use a credit card then payoff over time. The pledge is valid, and you use whatever terms the card company sets to pay it off.

    I’m gonna agree with Bob, I thought Madri was supposed to be a term for ‘Mother’.

  9. e_voyager

    @thebobmaster do you think it has something to do with the princesses of madra? sort of as joke inside a joke kind of thing?

  10. thebobmaster

    @e_voyager: That’s quite likely. Veled would be the type to appreciate a good inside joke.

  11. nikolai60


  12. The_Rippy_One

    @Nik: Looks like at least 2 people bumped up to the highest tier in the last ten minutes. Thank you, Whoever you are!
    Next time we do this, lets not cut it quite so close, alright?

    Anyway, glad to see us pull that off. I’m sure Jig’ will be pleased/pleasantly surprised when she gets the news…

  13. e_voyager

    I wishi could have afforded the highest tier but I’ll have to make do with what i could afford congrats on making the first stretch goal

  14. nikolai60

    First stretch goal? Dude it hit the SECOND!!

  15. Brunhidden

    and 11 cameos to cram in

  16. Jigsaw Forte

    @all: Woo-hoo!

    … no post-game analysis until coffee, though.

  17. nikolai60

    Yay Color!

  18. Zarpaulus

    Now we can tell how she’s different from her mother aside from chest size.

    She seems to have some more human in her. Was Gabriel her father by any chance?

  19. The_Rippy_One

    Well, she’s either gotten less pink as she grew up (which…could happen), she’s got scale make-up to match the theme, or this is one of the other two kids that V has birthed.

    I find that “finally” interesting – is it just that nobody recognizes her, and she was annoyed, or that she thought ‘Saw was being slow with the telepathy?


    Why are you so good at wedding gear? This is the third bit of bridal wear, in yet another style, and it’s still really REALLY nifty. O’my’god, dat scroll work! Dat patterned cloth! Dat forehead medallion~! Dem cute head wings…

    Dem 4 head wings?! DEM 8 WINGS?!? Holy [expletive], 8-winged Celesti. V’s 6 is a big deal. 8 wingies. That’s…going to be interesting, isn’t it?

    Either way, V obviously passed on her damn sexy genes on to this one, even if Levana didn’t get her mom’s breadth.

  20. Jigsaw Forte

    @Rippy: She’s the same color she was in the flashback — The flashback’s just tinted a little, so it’s not going to be an eyedropper match.

  21. Nasrudith

    I think it is possible to get the most racism against Celeste. Racism against all of the component species and against Celeste themselves.

  22. Eboreg

    @Rippy: Veled’s got 8 as well. I do, however, fear for what will happen to her when Veled dies.

  23. Sulucamas

    This double racism just sounds kinda tasty, actually…

    Does this mean Saw and Daisy are getting TV-married to each other as a televised excuse for all those late-night “make-out” sessions? 😛

    @Zarpaulus: I wouldn’t rule that out, but Levana looks a bit like a Zillan, which wouldn’t seem to come from Veled or Gabe.

    @The_Rippy_One: That “finally” is probably about the telepathy, which makes the “got it in one” sound accidentally patronizing. Levana’s totally onto Saw. 🙂

    And speaking of medallions, does that make this Scout Celigo?

  24. e_voyager

    Yeah i think she knows jigsaw was trying to read her mind and was being patronizing.saying took you long enough and i was holding my mind shielding down for you the whole time

  25. Kermit

    I think it’s more likely that she gets mistaken for Veled all the time because she doesn’t have anything like as big a reputation, and she’s happy that someone guessed her name right on the first try.

  26. Josh.C

    @Sulucamas: I don’t know, wouldn’t Abby be a strong candidate for that scenario with Jigsaw?

    Then again, I wouldn’t put it past Veled and Cypress setting this up just for the next show and this might be a ruse of some kind.

  27. Josh.C

    “Addy” I meant “Addy”. Not “Abby”.

  28. Sulucamas

    @Josh.C: Addy would totally be a good candidate for that, but maybe it’s more convenient to keep it in the same team? Sounds like they might be passing up an opportunity for some good drama. 😕

    Could the wedding be a setup to draw out whoever’s been putting the players in (excessive) harm’s way?

  29. e_voyager

    Define excessive sul. To some people if even a memory is left if hasn’t gone far enough

  30. Sulucamas

    @e_voyager: I mean excessive to the point that the show is losing players so fast that they won’t have enough left to complete a full season of episodes. 😛

  31. e_voyager

    Ah but most shows have short first and last seasons if they have more then one season to begin with

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