A Lock is Only as Good as its Owner.

A Lock is Only as Good as its Owner.

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Let’s grease some wheels, shall we?

The kickstarter has two weeks left before it runs out, but I’d love to have a little more fun with this — all those stretch goals I mentioned over on the kickstarter page (like secret Org documents and additional bonus content) can only happen if we actually have time left after hitting the initial funding levels to raise further funds.

I want to have that, both so I can relax a little bit and so I can actually have a chance to deliver on what I’ve offered, so here’s the deal:

You have until End of Monday PST (yes, I’ll count all you west-coasters for a change!) to back this project to 100% — that’s not too far off, especially if people get cameos vs. ordering books — and in exchange, I’ll expand the current stretch goals we’ve got:

  • Org Propaganda gets expanded to include THREE pamphlets, not just one! Wing it Like Veled: 20 ways to Protect your Soul and The Shocking Truth about Planet Arael will be added to the library!
  • All the Cameos, All the Digital Things gets expanded to All the $15+ Backers, All the Digital Things — you ordered a book? You get digital things. You ordered a cameo? You get digital things. You inexplicably donated $141 and DIDN’T pick a reward level (even though you know you could alter your pledge later if you wanted to)? You get digital things too, although in your case I’m pretty sure I can only do that just because I know who you are. EVERYONE WINS!
  • Expanded Digital Things becomes Even More Digital Things — In addition to the Added Wallpapers and the PDF copies of Org Propaganda, I’m including extra wallpaper material from the (not yet made) cover art of Volume 2 as well as the Propaganda! Remember, we’ve already unlocked the digital things for LOTS more people now… so that’s stuff everyone gets to enjoy!

Remember, that offer only holds if it funds by the end of Monday… so hop to it! 

(EDIT: You did it! Consider those goals unlocked! I’ll be updating things momentarily…)


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29 Comments So Far...

  1. e_voyager

    ouch that was blinding but some how i overlooked it.

  2. nikolai60

    I’m gonna agree, he needs to get his priorities straight.

    Also, that’s a scary thought, I mean, considering the cast there could be quite a few unfriendlys interested in getting in, some waivers aren’t gonna solve much….

  3. Josh.C

    @nikolai60: Well it is a show where they’re expecting some to die and quite a few of the prisoners can be dangerous. Make it another selling point of the show that death can come for them at any time.

    That probably isn’t a problem to be solved, that’s a situation to be exploited by the show. 😉

  4. RyGuy

    Being a Jew turned into a vampire must be particularly horrible, given the strong prohibition against drinking blood in Leviticus, or does the marsupial version of Torah have a few differences? You should have a back story on how human religion spread to the stars. Can creatures become spiritual adoptees into the “Tribe of Adam”?

  5. The_Rippy_One

    Is anyone really surprised? I mean, Last Res0rt shares space with the City of Wonder, and Addy and Slick were doing a social at a night club before Xanatos went wild. They probably auction off time with the players. Cypress smelled drama, and bumped them in asap. Heck, that opening two pages probably got a tasty ratings spike! XD

  6. Brunhidden

    @ RyGuy- leaving aside that Leviticus was a looney in the desert who forbade polyester and promoted enslaving your neighbors, a part of the kosher laws have the caveat that doing what is necessary to survive overrides if its kosher. IE- a vampire is permitted to drink blood because its necessary to survive, just like if it was insulin or you were locked in a prison that served only bacon wrapped mussels

    of the 76 things specifically banned by Leviticus, he is disturbingly specific (-fifteen- are about who you shouldn’t have sex with{blood relatives and animals}) and often stupid- both letting your hair become messy AND shaving are banned, a priest cannot enter the room of a dead body, and you are not allowed to use ‘unauthorized fire’ near god…. the hell?

  7. Brunhidden

    her pants would go together well with some daft punk helmets… anyone wearing the missing shirt that would complete it?

    also, even if the security had a beef with them, it would likely just be adding them to the list of people not allowed to leave rather then kicking them out. keep a watch for burly people in tights blocking their exit

  8. The_Rippy_One

    @Brunhidden: I’m…not sure those are pants.

  9. nikolai60

    It’s been confirmed those are cybernetics/exoskeleton, I believe at one point implied to be the LR equivalent to what replaced wheelchairs.

    Also, I do my best to respect all religions and not question things, but I have to ask…what on earth is ‘unauthorized fire’?

  10. Kermit


    Forbidding unauthorized fire in the presence of God is just a way of saying that people aren’t allowed to perform sacrifices that are against the rules for how sacrifices ought to be done. It doesn’t really come up these days because sacrifices were only supposed to be performed in the Temple, which doesn’t exist anymore.

  11. xzeddx

    I wonder what the cake might look like in the green room..

  12. Vulpis

    @nikolai60 Yup–or more accurately, she’s got double what Daisy has (not sure I want to think too much about whether she’s got a pelvic unit as well–though that could explain just why dad is so…enthusiastic with Daisy and mom’s annoyed about it). She’s also got armor plating on the limbs (with Tron-lines), while Daisy’s got an unarmored one (would raise the weight and as such the stress on the non-cyber leg, I’d guess?)

    …Part of me wants to see a strip where the two of them visit the cybernetics facility for a tune-up, and as a sight-gag in the background there’s a lapine with mom’s rig plus an arm done. 🙂

  13. nikolai60

    Thanks for the explanation on the fire, and the confirmation on the legs, helps me with pretending I”m not as crazy as I think I am.

    Now, ’cause I have to: LR VidReview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grjZwk0BHaA

  14. Brunhidden

    @ nikki- crazy is you pondering that despite her powerpants she loves to swim

  15. thebobmaster

    Am I the only one that finds it hard to read “tucus” with a straight face? I guess it’s just one of those inherently funny words to me.

    As for the final strip…not a surprise, but that face…I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to hug Jigsaw.

  16. kemanorel

    @Vulpis: I don’t think those are *replacements* like Daisy’s leg, I’m pretty sure that she still has her legs inside the armour (i.e. ‘wheelchair’ not ‘prosthetics’).

  17. The_Rippy_One

    On a lighter note, YAY! YAY! Now we on our way to getting to hear about the Evil and/or salacious things that the Celesti say about one of our favorite planets! Happy dance!

  18. Vulpis

    @kemanorel Exoskeleton rather than cyberlegs? Interesting…

  19. Nollid221

    And why is this all relevant? For the shipping of course!

  20. The_Rippy_One

    @Nollid: Actually, if it is an exoskeleton, then its an interesting comment on the capacity of this universe’s medical science, and/or the capacity to receive treatment for the illness or injury that produced the paralysis/condition. It also shows a certain amount of insight into her character, if it is a money issue, since her husband knew a rich CEO (Daisy), and refused to ask for help to get the issue fixed (for many possible reasons).

  21. Josh.C

    @The_Rippy_One: It does give some interesting insight to all that, doesn’t it.

    They can regrow body part (even the more sensitive one like eyes for Cypress) like Daisy’s leg, they can put a portion of a persons brain in a robot body and any number of things with the aid of glitter.

    It does make you wonder why Meridian would still be stuck in metal pants. Is it expensive to repair what she has, is it something genetic that Glimmer can’t tamper with, is where she lives not as advanced on the medical frontier as other planets. Interesting things to consider.

  22. e_voyager

    Wow 103% ? Looking good and i don’t just mean jigsaw and meridian

  23. Kermit

    @Josh IIRC, Meridian’s problem is a neurological one in her spine, which is much more complicated to deal with than replacing an amputated limb with a prosthesis. Furthermore, the surgeon botched the procedure and his modifications made it too risky to go for a fully restorative treatment, so Meridian decided to make do with the best she could under the circumstances. (I remember Rachel saying something like that in one of her Word of God tweets, but I haven’t been able to track it down.)

  24. RyGuy

    @ Brunhidden- Actully, Orthodox and conservative Jewdism take the prohibition against the consumption of blood more seriously than any other Kosher law. Jewish law is basically set on contradicting the traditions of neighboring religions: if they eat milk and meat, don’t eat them together, if they drink blood to gain spiritual power, you must pour it on the ground or over it up to the Lord. A sure sign of their commitment is when Jesus told his followers that they must drink His Blood. The paradox of the Eucharist was too much for the average Jew to grasp. In addition to the commitment to keep kosher, Aramaic of the time had no symbology regarding the subject of eating, so if you spoke of eating something, the locals always took you seriously. If drinking blood was the only way to survive, most religious Jews would rather starve. Of a course, Jigsaw may well be inherently a liberal Jew, as Liberal Jews would have been more likely to proselytize an alien race. The Celeste seem to have redefined what “the Image and Likeness of God” means to eukaryotic sapients. (I am guessing even they can’t interbreed with anaerobic lifeforms.) I have read stories that human sacrifice was begun by Vampires posing as gods, and that the true God had set first the Jews, then later Christians against them. This could be a likely part of the wider subtext, and an indication that even liberal Jews would be committed to not drink blood, now that Vampire existence is common knowledge.

  25. RyGuy

    @ Kermit- The issue of unauthorized fire DOES come up, regarding the Samaritans, who still preform sacrifices to God on their mountain top. I hope they got to spread out to the stars. They are an endangered people in our time, and are among the most peaceful cultures in the middle east.

  26. The_Rippy_One

    WE HIT 5,000!

  27. The_Rippy_One

    ps-hey, this kickstarter has three reddit threads, and I’m the only one who pulled a comment and an upvote. Wazzup wit dat? Get the hence! Make with the spreading of the word!

  28. Sulucamas

    Saw’s shock was surprising until I remembered that she’s never been treated like the criminals in the players’ mob, a la Xanatos. 😛

    @Kermit: I couldn’t find that tweet either, but this sounds incredibly gruesome. Dx

  29. e_voyager

    I guess they don’t want their volunteers getting away if they get cold feet do they?

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