A Literal Token of Her Affections

A Literal Token of Her Affections

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  1. nikolai60

    Woah, wonder what Lady Veled’s up to now O.O

  2. e_voyager

    I did not expect this but i’m impressed. now if only i could read the note that Veled left i’m sure i’d be even more impressed

  3. Josh.C

    @e_voyager: Hmmmmmm…considering Daisy used a language that was used to talk to Jigsaw about the Wimzy, could it have something to do with the Jewish alphabet?

    Considering what the narrative is saying, I hope Veled just put the notice of her withdrawing her deal. The feather and the medallion does give a sort of Italian mafia feel of a warning if it isn’t subtle gift of thanks.

  4. Starcat5

    Good eye you two. I didn’t recognize that as her feather right away. What I wouldn’t give for a Rosetta Stone right now…

  5. The_Rippy_One

    aw, I was hoping that this would be Daisy’s Last Res0rt this time around…

    None the less, it is very cool. The language looks like the tone language, so, yes, there is a translation – just, darned if I know it.

  6. LavaBat

    I wonder what the note says…

  7. LavaBat

    @Josh.C: Veled may not be withdrawing her deal. The title for this page is “A Literal Token of Her Affections”… >:3

  8. Darkewulf


    That is definitely not Hebrew/Yiddish or any other writing system/language used by the Jewish peoples of Earth, nor is it any recognisable script in use today (at least as far as my knowledge extends). I suspect it’s either made-up entirely, or possibly ciphertext.

    Now it may very well be plaintext Hebrew or English that has been encoded with this fancy script/cipher by the author, and anyone who cracks it would be able to read and/or translate it. I know for a fact that if the last line says “Veled”, the character that looks like a 3 (or a cherry with a stem) is the equivalent of the letter “E”, because it shows up in the exact locations an E would in her name.

    Or maybe I’m just overthinking everything and Rach never wanted us to know what it said in the first place XD

  9. e_voyager

    I was thinking that it’s tone language or script as well rippy one

  10. Ganurath

    I think I have it cracked. Just applied numbers to each symbol, assumed the bit at the bottom was Veled’s name, compared the third word being an “A” or an “I,” then saw the potential for the fifth word being “start,” and things kind of exploded.

    Consider this a
    head start for
    your collection.


  11. LavaBat

    @Ganurath: You are better at decoding than I am. :C

  12. Josh.C

    @LavaBat: Perhaps, I’m busy looking at the few words I forgot to type down in that sentence.

    But if it is that, well….it never hurts to have friends in high places. Speaking of high places, I wonder how Slick is getting along with Melody?

  13. Eagle0600

    You could always analyze the frequency of the characters to determine what each character represents (given that it’s a message from Veled to Jigsaw, I doubt it’s a one-use cipher).

    That bit down the bottom is almost certainly “~Veled”, so we’ve got four characters down already.

  14. LavaBat

    @Josh.C: Friends in high places are good, but in ‘Saw and Slicks case the said friend might want benefits. >:P

  15. Shad

    The token-medalion thing looks like it has an image of Veled herself on it. And if Ganurath’s translation is right…then she’s going to end up getting more of these tokens…… Why would Jigsaw need to collect anything, anyway?

  16. LavaBat

    @Shad: Something to do with the show, perhaps?

  17. Ganurath

    My money says that it’s symbolic of stress, like a gray hair. Veled is likely predicting that Jigsaw is going to be the cause of no small amount of stress.

  18. Vulpis

    @LavaBat @Shad This does make me wonder if Veled means Jig is going to be collecting tokens from Celest…or feathers from Veled. 🙂 I’m reminded for some reason of the Talesedrin from Mercedes Lackey’s Velgarth books (they’re a little like the Valdemarian Heralds, but they have birds as partners rather than human-intelligent horses), and what *they* mean when they offer feathers. 😉

    I am also noticing the marking on Jig’s hand here..not sure if they’re just part of her stripe pattenr, a moon, a banana in a circle…or possibly a symbol of a feather.

  19. Sulucamas

    Someone get Ganurath a medal; they nailed it! 😀

    AND they did it the hard way, rather than just translating it from Blambot’s WizardSpeak font. 😉

    @Ganurath: I really like the idea of stress-induced feather loss, but I wanna say it’s more of a Celeste signature.

    Whatever the medallion is, could it be just the start of Saw’s tenure as Veled’s hitman?

  20. mrtt

    Thank you Sulucamas, it is clearly indeed wizardspeak.
    I have used it to create a translation key and based on it here is the translation:
    Consider this a
    head start for
    your collection.

    Note: Capitalization differs only in size of the letter so it might be wrong.
    = and – are the same symbol so it might be =Veled

  21. mrtt

    Well, it turns out almost everything is that sideways 8. So all I know is that it is some sort of punctuation or another. Probably a –

    I went ahead and uploaded the translation key I created if anyone is interested:
    Wizardspeak to English.odt (16 KB)

  22. nikolai60

    I didn’t even think to try translating it at the time, props to you people, extra credit to Ganurath for doing it the hard way! Knowing what it says confirms my suspicions, Veled’s grateful to her voluntarily returning, though the actual meaning or political weight of the token and feather are still anyone’s guess.

  23. Ganurath

    Compared to searching for a fictitious language text that I didn’t know the name of, decoding a cipher was the easy way from where I sat.

    I’m currently holding out for the possibility of both theories: The medal is a politically significant symbol, while the feather was lost to stress, and Veled expects that there will be more of both.

  24. Vulpis

    @Ganurath Either that, or Veled *does* swing the same way as Addy, and the feather *is* being used in a similar way to the Taledras use them. 🙂

  25. The_Rippy_One

    @Vulpis: It would make me happy, to have another awesome bi character hanging around…

    But it makes me want to write bad fanfiction of V, watching/re-watching ‘Saw’s “trysts” with Addy and blubbering why that can’t be her, ravished by the cute undying…

  26. Xero

    The alien language is a font its a replacement cypger

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