The Nile Runs Deep

The Nile Runs Deep

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  1. nikolai60

    two words:



    (words +1)


  2. e_voyager

    i am trying so hard not ot call out cat fight right now it’s not funny

  3. nikolai60

    @e they’d both prolly crawl through the screen and end you if you tried.

  4. Josh.C

    Wait… Mother as in all the Hybrids are considered the mother and fathers of the Celeste race or Mother as in Veled’s actual mother?

    Actually it’s rather interesting how Veled is reacting. Veled doesn’t feel comfortable with mommy dearest in her house it seems. ^^

  5. e_voyager

    @nikolai hence my trying to avoid It. …Still 5lives down who knows how many to go it would be a long and painful night wouldn’t it

  6. LavaBat

    Those two seem to know each other… >:3

  7. LavaBat

    And I think they might be watching more than just fireworks. >:3

  8. thebobmaster

    Judging from their facial expressions, I’d say Veled is currently in a state of annoyance, while Rei is feeling pretty smug. I think I’m liking Rei more and more.

  9. e_voyager

    As Nikolai said there is backstory afoot here. I for one am very intrigued at what those two went through together

    I wonder if anyone got my joke earlier about the post count equaling the number of lives lost to murderous rage.

  10. The_Rippy_One

    @Josh: Given that V has three species, mainly, in her mix, and Rei has none, no – there isn’t a direct mother/daughter relation. Now – would I be surprised if if V’s lineage traced back to Rei? only slightly (she was awful young, before the war ended and she went into “deified protective custody,” comparatively speaking)

    I want to say Mother Dawn is mentioned in Talmi history? Like, as some one who helped Cracked and Mordecai? Archive binge time again…

    @Lavabat: Given that V is First Wing to the Org (And apparently is followed constantly by nearly suicidal paparazzi), who held Rei captive, they at least know OF each other; enough to have Opinions, even if this is the first face to face meeting.

  11. The_Rippy_One

    Dang it – sorry to double post. I focused on responding, and forgot to put in my own thoughts on the page.

    Firstly, that last panel? GOOD SHOW Jig’!

    The line that interests me most is the “Aren’t you?” – to me, it re-enforces the idea that the Org and she are at odds.

  12. e_voyager

    Not too odd when you think about it. Veled was born special and likely shortly after her birth declared a messiah. After that the org probably took over her life eliminating those deemed troublesome in including her birth parents.

  13. LavaBat

    @Josh.C: I am pretty sure that Veled’s mum has made a very brief appearance in the comic earlier on, and I am pretty sure Rei is not Veled’s mum. Still going through the archives to double check.

  14. e_voyager

    I think that was the mother of cypress still and interesting train of thought if that was Veled’s mother.

  15. LavaBat

    @e_voyager: I seem to have been mistaken. Oh well!

  16. Josh.C

    Be interesting if they went from this to laughing and hugging.

    While they are slightly needling one another, they aren’t really barbed jabs as they are slight jabs at one another. At the very least, Veled is acting very restrained in this psychic conversation no one else besides those few that have the ability to ease drop on it.

  17. Vulpis

    Of course, then there’s the question you never ask a lady (especially one who can rip out your soul and feed it to the dog)…just how old is Veled? I was just thinking of the possiblity that the two had met *personally* *before* Rei got kidnapped and sequestered…

  18. xzeddx

    Smug Rei is smug

  19. LavaBat

    @xzeddx: And annoyed Veled is annoyed. 😉

  20. Eboreg

    @Vulpis: Given certain story clues, I would say that Veled is about as old as a normal middle-aged human. You have to remember that she was forced into the Endless 25 years before the events of the comic. I wouldn’t say that she was much older than 30-35 since she did have a kid but the Endless would’ve acted rather quickly upon discovering her. She led a pretty high-profile life and it would be pretty awkward if the Endless chose a Messiah for certain genetic characteristics and that person had been around and in public for centuries.

  21. e_voyager

    i thought we were told that she’s about 45 but i need to find out where i read that

  22. Sulucamas

    BOOM! 😈

    Sounds like Rei just might have her own Endless prophecy to (not) worry about.

    And yay for more cameos! Mercenary Celeste FTW. 😮

  23. LavaBat

    How does one get a cameo in this comic!? 😛

  24. nikolai60

    @Lavabat As part of funding the physical release of volume 1 there had been a cameo drive for people to get in, but that’s been closed for a while now. I’d say for the moment wait until the kickstarter for Vol 2 starts up and see if it’s an option.

  25. LavaBat

    @nikolai60: Works for me. 🙂

  26. e_voyager

    @nikolai thanks nik i’ll keep my eye out for it

  27. moonwolf

    You know this comic is so awesome.
    I hate you so much you kept me up till 5am >..>

    I hope you keep that great work up for much longer.

  28. nikolai60

    @moon welcome to the crew, please note your sleepless nights have just begun, update at midnight EST tonight!

  29. e_voyager

    most night’s are sleepless for me. i work the grave yard shift after all. you can guess when i’m updating form somewhere else as opposed to home from the IP addresses or lack of website link.

  30. KaydrienDragon

    Sounds like a title of some sort to me. Intriguing.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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