Sharing Responsibility, Sharing Blame

Sharing Responsibility, Sharing Blame

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  1. nikolai60

    Yeah, she coulda picked a different affiliation to hand ‘Saw….

  2. e_voyager

    Considering that that shell caused jigsaw to be held as mentally unstable as part of the endless cult i think she’s getting off easy

  3. nikolai60

    True enough, but there’ll prolly be more fallout later on. What was discussed before seems to be happening though, this’ll be one heck of a PR bonus to those two.

  4. Shad

    The kids seem really excited. XD that just…cracked me up for some reason.

  5. Shad

    Also I just noticed Jigsaw’s scout uniform has only one glove.

  6. Josh.C

    Of course all things considered, Gabriel probably would have found another reason to hold them with how he obsessed over Daisy even if Jigsaw’s shell didn’t catch his attention the wrong way.

    Nice thing on acquiring Peloton and the ship is the kids have a Nanny to watch the kids and a ride once it receives a bit of maintenance.

  7. e_voyager

    You may be right considering he set her hold to expire the same time as Jason’s and Alice’s

  8. LavaBat

    Silly current Ariel Scout…why should they appreciate your shell? Especially when the shell made ‘Saw as mentally unstable as it did? I mean, it is almost like you were working against them rather than with them…maybe.

  9. The_Rippy_One

    And lords is this going to play interestingly at home. Just about every home, frankly…

  10. Kermit

    If the events aboard White Diamond Crisis are going to take the place of this week’s episode, that creates a space for the team to start figuring out who’s trying to sabotage the show without also having to worry about keeping the ratings up or having their intentions broadcasted to the enemy. This could get interesting in a hurry.

  11. xzeddx

    I’m sorry but,I just giggled like a ninny

  12. Brunhidden

    behold, mighty chibi

    does this mean the rest of the cast get a short break while this airs?

    why is it daisy has a ‘im gonna punch my little sister’ face and jigsaw has a ‘raep faec’?

  13. nikolai60

    @Brun Binary is the one who provided the ‘Endless’ soul shell, remember?

  14. Sulucamas

    “What do you mean, ‘we’ll fix it in post?’ Are you crazy?? I can’t work with this… Oh no, I didn’t mean it! Please don’t lock me in here!” I’m sure they’ll do a bang-up job, but those poor, poor editors! D:

    @Shad: Maybe it signifies rank? 😮

    @Lavabat: Would you rather see the current Scout Arael in cahoots with Murphy or Veled? 😕

    @Kermit: YUS! 😀

  15. The_Rippy_One

    @Sul: Areal is already in cahoots with V and Melody…probably not Murphy…

    And you are entirely correct – those poor editors.

  16. LavaBat

    @Sulucamas: No, but it would not surprise me if she were in cahoots with Murphy or Veled.

  17. nikolai60

    After going through the books, I can confirm what Rippy said, she and Melody both are working with Veled. Murphy’s agenda seems to be more than a bit counter to those three, but yeah they’re definitely teamed up.

  18. e_voyager

    i remember them being set up from the comics earlier on websites

  19. Shad

    @ Sul
    No, I don’t think the gloves has to do with rank. That’s the sleeve length, remember? It was stated elsewhere in the comments of a past comic. (would link but I don’t want the stupid spam filter to eat my post again like last week. If you want to check archives, it’s the one titled “She doesn’t like the big bow in the back”) I dunno if she’s meant to have one glove, or if she lost the other somewhere along the way and that may end up holding significance. The only other time Jigsaw’s worn it, we never get a good view of the hand that would have the glove on it.

  20. Sulucamas

    Speaking of Murphy, do we know just what her game is yet?

    @Lavabat: What about both at the same time? I hadn’t thought Binary would have a reason to work against Jig & Co until this page, but surely her annoyance can’t be that bad. 😛

    @Shad: Aye, you’re right. Just assumed that it means something more than that she lost the other one, whether it’s a mark of distinction or a symbolic part of the uniform. 🙂

  21. e_voyager

    @sul her game seems to be to get rid of those she deems a threat to her plans. so far white and qin are on the top of her list but this could change things a bit.

  22. Vulpis

    About the glove…I seem to remember that Jig took some severe hand damage early on on the ship (shot by Jason, I think?) Was that ever shown to be fully healed up? I was thinking maybe the glove might have been covering that or something.

  23. Jigsaw Forte

    @all: Okay, really, would YOU shake Veled’s hand without a glove if you could help it?

  24. nikolai60

    @’Saw point taken

  25. The_Rippy_One

    @Jig: Worried about the telepathic scan? I don’t think that I’d have to big a problem with it, personally. In this situation, I fully agree though – use protection.

  26. e_voyager

    I dobut if I would mind the again I’m pretty good at thinkong about things other people wouldnt want to read anyway and I dobut if she’D BLUSH because of something she’d read off of little old me anyway. I’d go inthere like white noise I would

  27. Shad

    @ E-Voyager
    That kind of psychic static may not work too well. You might be better off with this tactic instead: Though granted th

  28. e_voyager

    @shad all things considered i doubt if anything other then the thoughts of the moment would be on my mind. besides if they are considering you to be a moron with only censored and TV shows on the brain chances are they aren’t going to probe to deep anyway. i wonder what they call NASCAR in the 40 century anyway.

  29. Vulpis

    Out of curiousity, I wonder what color gloves (if any) Binary is wearing here, and if Daisy’s *red* ones are of any significance in general. I’m just reminded of Slick’s claim waaaay back that his family is the reason that the Arael flag features a ‘bloody hand’.

  30. Sulucamas

    With all the soul/spine-ripping going on, heaven knows where those hands have been! Gloves would definitely be a good idea. xD

    It’s nice and telling, though, that protection against contact-telepathy is a common enough practice to be integrated into a uniform.

    @e_voyager: Perhaps they call it… GASCAR? 😛

    @Vulpis: Maybe she’s wearing none, like last time, or blue ones to match her boots? I bet you’re spot-on about the red gloves, especially considering that Daisy is probably related to the one who made Arael the de facto Talmi homeworld. 😮

  31. Vulpis

    @Sulucamas Hmms. Of course, that protection works in both directions–I’m reminded of B5, where part of the standard uniform for Psi-Corps (and possibly the other races’ telepaths, I don’t remember) includes gloves, both to protect others from being casually read by the telepath, but to protect the telepath from *doing* the casual reading (a mind is often a nasty place…)

  32. Vulpis

    @Sulumacas And after reading that link to the Talmi history (and after being distracted for a bit by Jig’s half-straps outfit on the same page. 😉 ), it makes me wonder a couple of things…
    Particularly, if Daisy’s a decendant of that line (which wouldn’t be that many generations back, especially if the setting has a lot of longer basic lifespan than 21th century humans do), does Rei know she’s related?

    And it makes me wonder about Slick’s ‘bloody hand’ line again–his family being part of violent revolutionaries, rather than what he seems to be implying at the time?

  33. Sulucamas

    @Vulpis: Even if Rei’s been locked away since the Endless showed up, she probably knows about Daisy (and Daisy’s ancestors) through the mind-reading grape vine.

    And what was Slick implying back there, that Arael has a long and illustrious history of mafia violence? 😛

  34. nikolai60

    @Sul Probably either mafia violence or at the very least his family had a part in some other kind of violence.

  35. Sulucamas

    @nikolai60: Yeah, definitely violence with that line about the crimson hands, but what about the “Cracked Table” he mentioned before it? What is that? Another name for the Kitabi Plateau? Something related to Cracked Masters? Hope we eventually get to find out! 😮

  36. e_voyager

    @sul Cracked table is probably a reference to breaking soul shells using the djinn cracked masters as a base line.

  37. The_Rippy_One

    @Sul: If I had to guess, One of Mordencia’s group is Slick’s great-great-nth grandpapa,and set up the fore-runner of the Red Hand to train fighters and smuggle goods…and then, post win, just kept on doing it, and supplemented their influx of capital with more illegal stuff as time went on.

    To honor the original Red Hand organization’s efforts for liberation, their symbol got applied to the flag. Nothing overly complex.

    The line about the Cracked table is probably part of the story of the liberation effort – like Slick’s ancestor taking a bullet for Cracked Masters during a meeting around his dining table. Or it was a blood oath sworn on the same. or something. There are a fair number of options, but nothing particularly strange.

  38. RyGuy

    Suddenly, a version of the “Schindler’List” theam comes to my mind, one in the style of Australian aboriginal tribal dance. Still, no weirder then Giant, Jewish wallabies.

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