Not-So-Magic Touch

Not-So-Magic Touch

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  1. nikolai60

    Aaaaand he already knew….I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this…

    Either way, I say ‘Saw should go for the offer, since Veled clearly showed she’s keeping to what she said.

  2. e_voyager

    so both of them can tone proving that at very least Julian is a light child right?

  3. e_voyager

    @nikolai I think he was referring to the mind stunning – erasing touch. … i need to get a Celeste character so i can give them an ability like that.

  4. Darkewulf

    Times like this (or rather, panels like the fourth) remind you just how small Jigsaw really is, especially compared to Veled.

  5. LavaBat

    Scouts honor? Seriously?

  6. Josh.C

    So, I take it he set up Gabriel and Veled just learned it from her psychic touch.

    Seems Veled is very amused with him at the very least.

  7. thebobmaster

    @LavaBat: To be fair, Veled is Scout Ziligo, so she does have the right to use “Scout’s Honor”. And as bad as Veled is, she’s never betrayed a trust, so Jigsaw would probably be better off agreeing to her terms.

  8. xzeddx

    Heh heh well Julian, you gotta keep careful around the wemens!

  9. Kermit

    So, what just happened in this page? Is Julian showing off a result from Daisy’s ‘Soul Code’ project that allows him to tone without being a Celeste?

  10. LavaBat

    @thebobmaster: How do we know she would never betrayed a trust? And ultimately Veled is asking her to trust her, and possibly the Org, to take care of her charges when the Org was responsible for abusing and exploiting them.

  11. Kermit

    Bringing the kids to Last Res0rt Station would require constant direct intervention by Veled’s forces to keep them from being reprocessed by the Star Org. It sounds to me like Veled wants them as hostages against Daisy and Jigsaw’s continued good behavior.

  12. e_voyager

    @kertet according to WOG light children can learn to both resist the tone and tone themselves and we know that daisy is a light child and can teleport. it’s possible she inherited that trait from her father.

    @thebobmaster Very true keep in mind that Jigsaw is or was a socut as well. she knows more about the scouts then all of us combined i’m sure

  13. Josh.C

    @e_voyager: True, not only that, but we can at least assume from flash backs that Veled might have some personal experience to what these children have been through.

    So Veled might be willing to help. But how far can she really lend a hand before org and the Endless start to pressure her is still a question if Jigsaw can, does and will trust Veled at her word?

  14. Kermit

    At this point, I’m thinking the best course of action would be to bring the White Diamond Crisis close enough to Last Res0rt Station to lock in a targeting solution, launch Jigsaw/Alice/Daisy/Jason/Gabe at it in escape pods so that Rei/Peloton/the kids can immediately vlink away and evade the Org fleet until they can reach Arael space.

  15. The_Rippy_One

    Well, I trust V when she offers a deal. I’ve played Civilization – the honest dealers are almost always the best players. Which is to say, the most dangerous…I’m willing to back flow that logic here, based on in-comic experience. We still aren’t clear on what happens to Rei…though, if ‘Saw tries to pass her off as a kid, that better be an incredible fake shell on her…

  16. The_Rippy_One

    Also, thank you Jig’, I have yet another reason to like Veled – she has a good sense of humor, and can take a joke.

  17. Vulpis

    @The_Rippy_One That is, they’re strong enough that they have no *reason* to lie/bluff? 🙂
    This does answer a question I had a bit back at least–those *are* ‘autie-glasses’ Dad is wearing.

    Hmm. I wonder if this means Veled is planning to get the *Scouts* in to help protect the kids, as they seem to be a separate organization from Star Org?

  18. Josh.C

    @Vulpis: Be interesting idea to bring in the scouts to keep track of things. Might even boost their public image.

    Though if things are still sour between a few scout, more interesting plot developments might be on the horizon if it goes that way. ^^

  19. Kermit

    The station is in orbit around Celigo, isn’t it? Bringing in a bunch of scouts to stop the Org from handling what they would consider an internal-affairs matter in the the heart of their own territory sounds like a recipe for armed conflict.

  20. The_Rippy_One

    @Kermit: Which, given V dislike of “her” followers, and her ties to the Scouts, may be just what the Chosen One desires…eventually.

  21. Shad

    i gotta say…the way her hand is stretched out like that…just gives me an ominous feeling.

  22. Shad

    Rereading the last few pages… Here’s my assessment.

    Daisy’s dad says, in tone (possibly passing a note?) “are you just surprised it worked?” Makes me think he either 1. Knew what Gabe was doing or 2. Knew that someone was running around trying to make a Dead Inside Where None Should Be.
    Veled’s reaction to that makes it sound like she was somehow trying to use a situation to her advantage. Maybe I missed something but I don’t see how she could have been using Gabe’s situation to her advantage. But as someone else pointed out, she’s not fond of the Org, and they DID take over her former homeplanet Ziligo… Maybe she’s trying to use Jiggy’s Dead Inside status to eventually trigger a war that will turn the Org into an army of Red Shirts that get completely slaughtered? I don’t know…it just….feels like she’s in on something BIG, that should be hinted at or maybe even obvious from what we’ve seen so far…

    Or I could be DEAD wrong because it’s 4 am where I am and I need freakin’ SLEEP. Now I’m off to introduce my face to a pillow.

  23. draeath

    I… am completely lost! I need to go back and reread -again-.

  24. The_Rippy_One

    @Shad: It’s equally probable that she just tried to either mind read or mind wipe Daisy’s Daddy in order to cover ‘Saw’s secret, and failed. At a guess, the latter.

  25. e_voyager

    keep in mind making a Celeste or a touched a dead inside would be putting a dead inside where none should be.

  26. Kermit

    Prophecies are famously good at bait-and-switch, though. I have a feeling it’s going to wind up referring to Alice or Xu.

  27. Sulucamas

    I’ll be right impressed if she can give a Scout Handshake to a hologram! 😛

    The Toned messages are:
    Julian: “This isn’t the only trick I picked up, Messiah.”
    Veled: “Damn you! I might have to start taking you seriously… I don’t think you are ready for my full force.”

    @Darkewulf: She might be even smaller than she looks here. 😮

    @Shad: Maybe someone else is trying to trigger that war, and Veled’s just trying to stop them?

    @The_Rippy_One: I’d guess the latter too, thanks to some defensive magic. 😈

  28. Kermit

    @Sul Can you explain or point us to a link on how to read Tone? I’d like to go back and see what was said in some earlier comics.

  29. e_voyager

    yes i’d like to know myself i want to go back and she was Melony and harmony were saying.

  30. Sulucamas

    Of course! It’s not a secret that Toning is written in the Dark Arts font by Blambot. The writing on the walls uses some of their other fonts as well.

    Happy decoding! ^_^

  31. Kermit

    Great, thanks. I had a go at decoding some of the messages from earlier in the comic and posted some of my results. Mad props to you for successfully figuring out the messages behind the text in the speech bubbles, that’s no mean feat.

  32. Sulucamas

    @Kermit: No problemo, and thanks for the props. 🙂

    It’s fun that there’s a game to be had just hiding in plain sight.

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