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Know Your Value.

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  1. nikolai60

    Ok, so, either this is an actual admission, or she’s playing off the lookalike nature of this whole thing to pose as Arael. I’d normally just say ‘about time’ but there’s too many unknowns with this comic to take anything for granted. (Though I’m still thinking yes we finally have the admission, just leaving that open for possibilities)

    Also, anyone just a /tad/ but worried that, even with Veled behind it, they’re ALLOWING those two to claim the title of ‘Active Scout’, when one’s on death row and the other’s still participating in said blood sport? If they can still capture in the name of their world, there’s…well there’s a lot of places where ‘local authorities’ can lose control of things…again…

  2. e_voyager

    Daisy looks like she hats to do that but the last panel proves she vales the children over her secret.

  3. nikolai60

    Agreed, she doesn’t look like the happiest camper in the world about all this either way, but at least she’s still doing (what we assume is) the right thing.

  4. Josh.C

    So they’re using there scout status to make the kids citizens of their planet?

    So now the ship and crew are now the responsibility of their home planet. But they still have to get them there. They need a crew to get it from the station. But at least till then, they can count on Veled to try to work something out till then.

  5. e_voyager

    Heh it seems that the deals not perfect for any of them

  6. The_Rippy_One

    Okay – something occurred to me, a little bit ago, and it might give Daisy a little cover, though with what she just said, probably not enough.

    It is publicly know that Scout Areal fought on Last Res0rt. It is also known that Scout Areal (Daisy look-alike) staged a rally supporting Daisy the day after. It is known that Daisy was not that Areal (she was on camera, elsewhere at the time). (Particularly sluethy watchers might also note that Scout Areal was in the vicinity of the rally shortly before hand, and left the concourse shortly after Human Areal disappeared).

    The only thing we don’t know is whether Scout Areal repudiated the statement of the Daisy look-alike.

    Either way, it is feasible that some people think Daisy is the Current Scout Areal hologram’d (which, we’ve seen, is possible).

    Just a thought.

  7. The_Rippy_One

    ps – the metal leg doesn’t help much either. Dang it, Daisy, holography is readily available – cover that clanker!

    Also, I forgot about V’s asymmetrical sleeves. I love that outfit more now…

  8. e_voyager

    Covering the leg would be a bit of lie wouldn’t it? After the confession was leaked her identity may no longer be in dobut her guilt probably is

  9. nightarix

    actually i’d say the metal leg is a key detail in proving she isn’t the same scout as the lookalike. the imposter didn’t have the leg during the speech in the cafe.

  10. The_Rippy_One

    @E: Nightarix covered the point I was making.

    Though, I would note that the only “confirmation” of her identity is the torture confession (up until this moment), and I doubt most people took that without a pinch of salt, because, well, torture? If she had wanted to play those cards, hide her leg, and kept it murky, she’d only be as bad as..well..everyone other than Addy, really? Maybe a little worse than Slick and ‘Saw. It isn’t as if the Current Areal would have objected to the deception, and V might have gone for it – after all, if V is supposed to get Daisy free and clear in return for ‘Saw not, you know, helping to end the world, it would help to bolster the image of her innocence, or, at least, further confuse things – and it would be an extra blackmail chip to keep ‘Saw in line.

    Speaking of Slick, has he managed to escape Melody’s “love dungeon” yet, or did her uncle have to go drag him out for the next mission?

  11. Starcat5

    …oh right. The Sleeves thing. V’s asymmetrical sleeves make sense, as she is a planet-rank Scout without a planet to Scout for. I really should have realized that sooner.

  12. e_voyager

    I don’t think slick ever made it to melody’s lovely clutches but who knows

  13. xzeddx

    What is one secret worth over a few lives? Least their all safe and well am I right folks?

  14. Sulucamas

    But, But, But, She Has Totally Different Glasses!” ACH! Is this Rei’s magic, or something better?? 😀

    And yes, the grand benefactor of the Talmi is now an Araeli citizen… Maybe that helps explain Veled’s shock a bit. 😐

    @Starcat5: And here I was thinking it just looked dashing. Nice catch! 🙂

  15. Shad

    …I’m not seeing my post. I don’t want to doublepost so I’ll just ask: did the site eat it?

  16. Jigsaw Forte

    @Shad: Sorry about that! Lately a lot of spammy posts have been making it past the filter (and vice versa). If you want, get yourself a Gravatar and that’ll make it easier for me to at least find yours if any further posts end up in the spam heap.

    As far as Daisy’s confession and the ramifications of it goes… let’s just say it’s hard to fit everything in a single page.

  17. The_Rippy_One

    @Shad, you have no other posts on the board, here.

  18. Shad

    @ Rippy: Ahg! So it DID eat my post. Ok, wanted to be sure it wasn’t my computer being stupid. What I’d been trying to post was this.

    I hope Daisy’s little confession here isn’t public. Because as was mentioned a while back, if the Arael of the Year of Fear has her identity outed, it could cause interplanetary war.

  19. Vulpis

    Hmm. Oddly, I’m noticing the similarities between Vince’s shirt and Veled’s…is the ‘boiler plate’ double row of buttons there just a standard Zeligan fashion?

  20. Shad

    @ Jigsaw: Ahh spamfilter. It probably caught me because my original post contained a link to the comic from the archives I was talking about. Once I tweaked what I said and removed the link it let me through. Funny tho…someone above here put links to previous pages of this comic and didn’t get blocked. =/ (it was the page titled “Oooh, Exposition!” by the way)

  21. e_voyager

    @shad I’ve had the same trouble Shad. but given time Jigsaw will normally find and filter out the good post from the bad.

  22. Vulpis

    Hmm. I find ‘scoutfits’ an amusing bit of slang for some reason.
    Though I did just get an idea for an omake–Jig, Daisy,and Veled attempting to do the classic Sailor Moon ‘love and justice’ routine…and then looking utterly *nauseated* afterwards. 🙂

  23. e_voyager

    that would make sense considering daisy’s reaction when she saw who was there for the first fight.

  24. Josh.C

    Another thing to take into consideration is under the circumstances Daisy revealed her secret.

    Saving a ship of abused orphans and a worlds VIP from the past puts her pretty high up as doing the right thing as a good guy…errrrrr…girl. That would shake things up enough to make people think twice before trying something with her again.

    I’m sort of waiting for Ace’s dress down. Though things worked out in the end, he did attempt to kill Daisy and could have gotten the unit killed. Time for White Noise to go Drill Sergeant Gunny on Mr. Trigger Happy.

  25. RyGuy

    I just hope Tuxedo Mask doesn’t oversee their citizenship initiation.

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