All of the Schadenfreude, None of the Calories

All of the Schadenfreude, None of the Calories

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  1. nikolai60

    I’m sorry but…that last panel, too funny. It just feels so much like an older sibling yelling for their younger sister…

  2. e_voyager

    I’m still trying to figure out what Veled’s words / pose remind me of. her expression tells me that she loves secrets of was it gossip? still one way or another Veled has the lady in charge aura going on

  3. The_Rippy_One

    “Jigsaw, get your fuzzy butt in here to debrief the Messianic Bitch so she can leave and I can have my family quarrel in peace!”

    “Dang it, kvaterin, fight your own battles!”

    “Respect your elders!”

    “You want to keep these two separated?! Bad puppy-child-thing! Down!” *The sound of wet newspaper slapping fur* “Come on, akhtung bobeshi, away from sin!”

    *Daisy facepalms* “…No, that’s alright, you just keep doing that.”

  4. Josh.C

    Hehehe, Oh my, I think Veled likes to pull Daisy’s leg. Both literally and figuratively.

    I wonder if that was a common trend when they were both scouts?

  5. nikolai60

    I take back what I said earlier, it’s more like kids yelling for a parent *shotdeadthenstrangled*

  6. Shad

    Ohhhh boy, backstabbing father problems. Well this explains why Daisy wasn’t thrilled with having to make this phone call.

  7. Shad

    Also, I wonder how Veled will take the news of Jiggy’s wings…or to Rei’s existence. And I think the news that her dad leaked the confession changes some things. I recall that earlier Jigsaw thought the planet Ceilgo (sp?) was the leak and not some “journalist.”

  8. Starcat5

    You might as well just tell her, Daisy. If you don’t, she’s just going to rip the related memories from your head and review them at her leisure anyway.

  9. xzeddx

    Im sure there is no reason to yell lady….

  10. Sulucamas

    Veled-based justice on Daisy’s behalf? This is an excellent surprise, and puts things more in line with those tabloid covers. 🙂

    It’s a stretch, but now I think that Veled’s temporary sabotage of Daisy’s mechanical leg might have been done to save her. That shot whizzing past Jason looks like it had Daisy’s name on it…

    @Josh.C: Totally. :3

  11. Shad

    @ Sul
    Oh that’s a good catch! I missed IDing that as a shot when I did my re-read.

    Now that I think about it, we don’t know too much about Veled beyond the hype. What we do know is that 1. she’s powerful as hell and 2. she won’t hesitate to use (and maybe abuse) this power if she feels a need to do so. But for her personality? We’ve actually seen her being…rather helpful. She has some connection with Addy, to the point that Addy was calling her “Odeda” (if anyone can tell the significance/meaning of that let me know). She probably could have messed with Daisy a lot worse during that fight with the current generation of Galaxy Girl Scouts but didn’t, and may have frozen the leg to save Daisy as Sul pointed out. She doesn’t seem to have issues with Jigsaw being a vampire beyond making sure she doesn’t trigger the apocalypse, despite all the social tensions between Celeste and the Dead Inside. And now she seems to be going after Daisy’s father for details that aren’t yet crystal clear, but seem to be in support of Daisy.
    Perhaps Veled is the sort of person that is incredibly generous if you can get on their good side.

  12. Josh.C

    @Shad and Sul: Well I suppose there is something to be said about common general knowledge about a group and then general knowlegde about a singal person within a group.

    Looking back at some of the back history of the Talmi and the Celeste, one could see why the hybrids would turn on the talmi race. But like many things, that doesn’t mean everyone of the Celeste hybrids had that outlook and we see with Binary and Melody that at least some point that the Talmi were eventually included in the genepool.

    As a matter of fact, I wonder if Veled and a large number of Talmi hybrids might have a slightly different view of the world then the majority of the Celeste race. I mean, like Veled, they seemed willing to help Jigsaw.

  13. Josh.C

    Though it is rather funny that while Veled seems to live up to her messiah image pretty well in public.

    She has varying degrees of motivation in private. Notice no Star org seem to be present, that must mean Daisy’s dad might have messed with plans closer to her personal interests and not so much org or the Endless in general.

  14. e_voyager

    heh i linked to that comic yesterday and missed it. that’s something to think about Sul

  15. e_voyager

    @sul opps i linked to the comic after that still it’s a great catching.
    shad it’s a hebrew names one of the translations aside from she knows is “In Hebrew the meaning of the name Odeda is: Strong. SoulUrge Number: 3

    People with this name have a deep inner desire to create and express themselves, often in public speaking, acting, writing or singing. They also yearn to have beauty around them in their home and work environment.” according to a quick google search

  16. LavaBat

    I find it amusing that Veled has labeled Daisy an ingrate. What has Veled done which Daisy should be grateful for and which Daisy actually knows about?

    And Veled, why are you really surprised that her father won’t sellout the scout who leaked her torture obtained “confession” to him?

    And while I am at it, Veled may not be evil in the traditional sense, but she is not good in the traditional sense either.

  17. LavaBat

    @Shad: While she may be incredibly generous if you can get on her good side, get on her bad side and you will need a bionic replacement for your limbs. :/

  18. The_Rippy_One

    @Lavabat: Strictly speaking, we can’t be sure what Veled has done (or not done) for Daisy. Jig’s been keeping that very close to the vest. On one side, V might have been working very hard to get Daisy killed, but, on the other, she could be working equally hard keeping her alive. We literally don’t know, can’t judge, and won’t be able to for a fairly long time. This comic regularly does Xanatos pile-ups, and Veled’s actions haven’t even properly been speculated on, in comic (we’ve done it plenty 😉 ), let alone actually fact checked.

  19. Shad

    Hm. Okay. One thing we do know is that Veled used to be the scout for the planet Ziligo. Ziligo somehow legally no longer exists, but Veled hasn’t quite been retired as a scout. It might be possible she still feels some loyalty to her remaining fellow Scouts (the ones involved in the Year of Fear, not the current team). So in this case…it may be possible that she took charge of the torture because she knew what Daisy could withstand. There’s enough material to at least imply that the leg was removed because of some screw-up on Daisy’s part (either botched teleport or something else) and there was no other way to salvage it..or maybe they both agreed that taking the leg off would give the impression that the torture was that much worse than it was. Maybe Daisy and Veled have some kind of alliance going on. Veled IS in the position to possibly shield Daisy from some nasty organizations and/or governments, after all. The confession leak doesn’t seem like it was part of their original plans, which would explain why Veled is trying to get the name of the Scout that told Daisy’s father. She’s doing damage control. And then with Veled’s little “read your mind by touch” ability, she’d have seen that Jigsaw has significant ties to Daisy and decided to help them both, providing Jiggy doesn’t trigger the Apocalypse.

    I could be dead wrong about all this, but I wanted to say it anyway.

    @ Josh C:
    The impression I got from Jigsaw’s recounting of history wasn’t that the Celeste Hybreds refused to touch the Talmi completely in terms of breeding, but that they rejected Rei’s idea of breeding EXCLUSIVELY with the Talmi to maintain a sort of pure species bloodline. They didn’t mind using and abusing the Talmi as slaves, servents, and the same sort of breeding fodder as other races. And while it is possible that Hybreds with Talmi genes are more sympathitic, I don’t think we’ve seen enough to say that for sure. We’ve only seen two Talmi Hybreds: Melody and Binary (a Celeste in all regards except wing-size). Binary would OBVIOUSLY have a reason to support Talmi, as they seem to play a big role in her home planet and she looks to be mostly one herself. Melody… It may be possible she’s more neutral, and only helping Jigsaw so much under Veled’s orders.

  20. e_voyager

    @shad considering her coloring i wouldn’t be surprised if veled has some talmi in her as well

  21. The_Rippy_One

    @Shad: Actually, the half-Celeste objected to splicing Talmi dna into the nine pure Celeste to speed up their re-population efforts, which would have put the half-celeste dominance into question. Breeding with Talmi is fine – it just makes more half-celeste, after all.

    @E: V is actually Anyr, Vidian, and Human, according to Jig.’

  22. e_voyager

    yeah sul told us in the game room about 4 hours after i posted this rippy

  23. Venalitor

    Oh, hey. . . teeth.

  24. Sulucamas

    @Shad: Oh hey, considering the four holes in the wall and the way Daisy’s father is slouching, do you think Veled might have missed while trying to forcibly use that “read your mind by touch” ability on his face? 😛

    Daisy and Veled could certainly have an alliance, but I can’t help but wonder if it’d still be colored by whatever it was that happened with Scout Fenirel way back when.

    Speaking of ancient history, did we ever learn what prompted Daisy’s capture? Was it that alleged Soul Code business?

    And there’s no real way of knowing yet, but do y’all think Veled’s comment about brainwashing is referring to Gabriel’s practices in general, or a specific incident in Daisy’s past?

  25. The_Rippy_One

    Yes, E, Sul did. but most of the commentors weren’t there, and it was an easy conversational gambit to toss the info up, since I imagine other people would like to know it. Sorry if I offended you.

  26. e_voyager

    @The_Rippy_One no worries rippy_one when things aren’t going well in RL we all can get a little thin skinned and our responses can come off a little terse. sorry if my response made me sound more hurt then i meant it too i know you weren’t trying to insult me i was just a little defensive because of offline concerns at the time

  27. Vulpis

    And my mind ends up running in the gutter today, noting that Veled’s genetic makeup doesn’t preclude her having had some Talmi in her at some point. 😉

    Though it does make me wonder if the Scouts in general go for the ‘Idol Singer Purity’ thing in their public images, or is there a chance that there is, *ahem* ‘promotional material’ involving them that could cause some cute discovery gags in the future?

  28. Shad

    @ Vulpis
    What sort of promotional material are you thinking? XD

  29. Sulucamas

    @Vulpis: Maybe something like a… centerfold? 😮

  30. Vulpis

    *laughs* Well, I was thinking things like calendars (both wall and desktop), posters, and the like, in a state of undress. Not really sure how much of a nudity taboo they have in this time period, as opposed to ‘clothes as utility, not necessity’ given all the fur and scale-covered types.

  31. The_Rippy_One


    “My blood runs cold!
    My memories have just been sold!”

    “My Messiah is a centerfold!
    (Messiah is a centerfold)”

  32. Sulucamas

    @Vulpis: I guess it’d be even harder to tell how much taboo there is when you have all of those different cultures commingling as well. Something about them having televised bloodsport makes me think the taboo on nudity might be minor, though. 😛

    @The_Rippy_One: XD Indeed! And MUCH more so if they’ve been your Messiah since they were born. …I think…? Hrmmmm. 😕

  33. The_Rippy_One

    @Sul: I don’t know, being able to promote your Messiah as a beautiful creature seems like it might produce benefits to recruitment, if done tastefully.

    As far as nudity taboos go…it seems to run something like, “If you can, wear something, but if you absolutely can’t, don’t worry too much.” We have yet to see anyone intentionally not wear clothing, which implies a bias against casual nudity, either in general, or in mixed gender/species areas (no clarity on which it is is possible given the available samples). However, when dealing with a naked White Noise, no one actually objected or flinched away from his nudity, but were indifferent or merely surprised (or awestruck). This implies that whatever social morays are involved, they are more guidelines then rules, or make exceptions based on situation or necessity (so, get business done, then worry about physical modesty).

  34. kemanorel

    About nudity: don’t forget the more recent comics. Gabriel’s four captives (Daisy, Jigsaw, Spades and Alice) are wearing vector panties/’vecties’ and a short robe and none of them seem to be bothered by this, even though Jigsaw *does* fix the robe to cover her chest after Gabe shreds the back of it.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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