That Time of the Decade

That Time of the Decade

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  1. e_voyager

    Jason you are a dog but a player still. he’s earned some points in my book

  2. thebobmaster

    …I approve of the last panel. That is all I’ll say. And I think the question of what exactly that expression on Rei’s face was last week is answered.

  3. thebobmaster

    *second to last panel. Godiva hair FTW.

  4. Josh.C

    @e_voyager; Seems like Ace is proving his Ladies Man Cred here.

    Though I can’t help but notice how those marks on Ace remind me of how similar to Rei’s, despite them having a different pattern and color.

  5. Darkewulf


    Jason is a class-A ASSHOLE, but somehow he still gets the hot goddess…


    and at the same time, way to go dude. Bro code etiquette dictates my respect for you now 😀

  6. Jasae Bushae

    Is anyone crazy enough to try and block that? XD

  7. MadMann135

    4 millennium of biological clock… That explains one reason for her choice.
    Though for a possible one night stand, Jason did pick a surprisingly nice lady… She could have chosen better.

  8. The_Rippy_One

    Well, that answers the question “can she shape shift” quite nicely. Also the “Can Rei fail to be beautiful” question, which is clearly “nope, always gorgeous.” Why must fictional women be so dang lovable?

    Darkewulf: Why must the ass get the goddess? Well, aside from 4 century bio-clock, Ms. Ambrose has a plausible theory: .

  9. LavaBatA1

    Rei want’s snu snu!

  10. Shad

    ………………………… wow. Celeste/half-djinn babies in the future maybe?

  11. xzeddx

    Straight up

  12. nightarix

    i wonder what alice is saying “why?!” to specifically? i’d suspect either that rei can be perceived as competition for ace, or the fact that both ace and rei are nude.

  13. Renatus

    Ugh, she’s way too good for Jason. If Jason were to suddenly drop dead, you wouldn’t find me shedding a tear.

  14. The_Rippy_One

    After reviewing Rei’s expression, a prediction.
    *3 hours from now*
    Jason: I can’ fel my hibs…or my tongue.
    Rei: *sighing happily* That takes care of all the vanilla stuff!
    J: Oh dank gah.
    R: *pulls out a crop and billed vinyl cap* Now for the kinky stuff!
    J: *Whimpers*

  15. LavaBatA1

    @The_Rippy_One: Are you trying to get me to destroy my monitor by spewing coke out my nose when I laugh? 😛

    And I would have though Rei would have used a bullwhip at least!

  16. e_voyager

    @rippy … personally i think it would be worth the risk

  17. Brunhidden

    soooo, why is peytolon taking orders from daisy?

    and stripey babies for the win, better luck next time alice

  18. Josh.C

    @Brunhidden: My guess would be that Daisy managed to hack her or Gabriel managed to violate one of her directives to allow her to break him from the chain of command.

    Maybe both, she was though getting concerned about Gabriel’s actions and behavior as of late.

  19. Vulpis

    @Josh.C I’d say a bit of hacking/superuser access myself, especially the comment about not wanting to play Root Wars (ie, fighting over root access). Of course, it’s entirely possible that Our Little Pony-bot was made by one of Daisy’s companies, so she has a back door…

    That said..I guess Alice isn’t into threesomes. And is it just me, or is Jason’s expression of unbridled joy kinda adorable? I’m hoping we get a proper flashback of Jason’s past some time soon–I’m starting to wonder if maybe some of his attitude problem *isn’t* all his own fault, really..

    And…hmm. After taking another look at Rei, I have the feeling she’s modelling herself off of Jason’s form–even taking art style into account, there’s a lot of similarities.

  20. e_voyager

    i’m not sure the markings seem consistent with her normal larger then life self her hair is nearly the same the only difference i see that that as a humanoid she does seem to mirror Jason a little to much in shape saz breast of course.

  21. Sulucamas

    Loose. Ends. xP

  22. Sydonai

    @Vulpis Rei is a Celeste, Alice is a Djinn. Alice is probably upset because Jason is “rooting for the other team”.

  23. e_voyager

    😀 everyone loves XP

  24. Shad

    @ Sydonai: actually if you look at the dialogue, Alice is starting to say “What did I miss?” and then cuts to the WHY!? So I think it’s more a case of walking into the room and suddenly finding herself in desperate need of brain bleach.

  25. nightarix

    @sydonai given that jason is also a djinn i’d agree it’s probably a brain-bleach related “why?!”

  26. The_Rippy_One

    @Nightarix: Why brain bleach? Alice has been tapping Jason’s butt so steadily she might as well have acquired a beer belly, and she’s been using her shape shifting powers to make it a freaky as Mr. Spade would care for (or at least, that’s what she offered on recruitment). I doubt brain bleach is necessary for her in that regard. I’m guessing it is mostly a “How did this all come to be?” with a tint of “I’m every woman (literally), and he’s still hopping someone on the side?”

  27. e_voyager

    @the rippy one You may have a point there but Rai has something that Alice doesn’t.

  28. Vulpis

    You know, it could be Alice going ‘Why did I miss this?’

  29. AngelofPity

    I love the comic, but if I may make a suggestion… Actually, one question first. Who are these people? I can’t keep track. Can I get a cheat sheet?

  30. The_Rippy_One

    @AngelofPity: Sure, there’s one available already. Mostly. Rei, Gabe, and Pony-bot aren’t on there, but the list is pretty good otherwise.

  31. AngelofPity

    Sure enough, but its still a big cast. Just a little note along the lines of, “Featuring Red Fish, Blue Fish, One Fish, Two Fish.” would do wonders for the readability. The jumbo cast is great for writing, but the learning curve is a little steep.

  32. nikolai60

    1. I’m gonna agree, Alice is probably wondering what Jason’s doing with Rei and why not her.

    2. @AngelofPity I think the learning curve may be a bit of an illusion. I came in about halfway between the beginning and here when I first started reading, but if you go back and start from the beginning, like you should just to know what’s going on, it’s not as bad as it seems. There may be a lot of characters but they all stand out pretty well. You get used to it pretty quick.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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