He’s Okay.

He’s Okay.

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  1. nikolai60

    I can’t figure out if she’s amused, thinking of taking him up on that, or gonna swat him…

  2. nikolai60

    Whichever it is, I think what sympathy vote Jason had is…well, he doesn’t seem to have been effected much…

  3. e_voyager

    more comfortable for who Jason? ah well at least he has his priorities strait >:)

  4. Kermit

    @Nik I’m definitely going with the swat hypothesis.

  5. thebobmaster

    *tries to picture Jason and Rei together* Wow…well, she would be better at getting him to be less of a dick than Alice.

  6. Josh.C

    Hmmmmm…considering his lower body is still mostly unchanged and how she looking at him, I’d have to say she’s admiring the view.

    Just remember Ace, turn the other cheek. ^^

  7. Shad

    Well Rei can’t turn her Tone off, so if Jason tries something she doesn’t like she can literally tell him to go screw himself.

  8. nightarix

    @kermit i think it’s all three personally. think about it how long has it been since her last “partner”? ;P

  9. nightarix

    @thebobmaster who knows they might all three be ok with polygamy 😛

  10. thebobmaster

    @nightarix: Polygamy, or threesome? I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rei and Alice were…open to one.

  11. The_Rippy_One

    I’d assume she’s amused and pleased. Roguish young men go well with women of a certain age…*Broad eyebrow wiggle*

    I don’t think she can shape shift enough for a hot tub break. Jason, on the other hand, might be able to shift up to her scale…And Nightrax has a point.

    @Shad: And with Jason’s polymorphic physiology, he just might be able to do that, it he’s forced to.

  12. Novawolf7

    Just Jason being…Jason. He went what two minutes without being a womanizing jerk? At least some things are back to normal 😉

  13. Shad

    And another thought just occurred to me. Perhaps Rei is going to do whatever needs doing to distract Jason while Jigsaw and Daisy try to sort out those wings…

    Also am I the only one who’s picked up on the fact she’s projecting her thoughts to Jason? I never knew Jason was telepathic. Or is Rei telepathic? I just kind of assumed previous updates where she was talking to Jigsaw it was because Jigsaw is telepathic. I’d guess that this has something to do with that “direct link” the talmi have, except…Jason isn’t talmi….

  14. xzeddx

    I’m sure there is a mini bar in there too..

  15. Josh.C

    @Shad: Well considering we know for a fact that Jigsaw is telepathic vampire and Rei is probably a very old and wizened Pure-blood Celeste, it might not be a stretch that Rei would have things and talents to pass off to Jigsaw.

    Just because some things might only be able to do certain special things, doesn’t mean there couldn’t be a few powers that work similarly enough that Rei could pass of some tips and give Jigsaw some practice with one with a similar (if not exact) talents.

  16. Sydonai

    I think that expression is exasperated affection, he probably reminds her of soneone she knew. Or shes just glad that he isn’t dead or insane and is willing to tolerate more than she normally would.

  17. LavaBatA1

    Nikolai60 said it best: she’s either amused, thinking of taking him up on that, or gonna swat him.

  18. e_voyager

    @josh.C i wouldn’t call her old and wizen. perhaps middle age as far as her breed goes

    as for who’s talking the only way Rei has every spoken to anyone since we’ve seen her in the modern time (i don’t recall her speaking in jigsaw’s story) has been via thought projection. she may be a bit of a cougar if she’s considering taking up Jason on his proposal bur still i wouldn’t blame her. heh consider her age advantage over him she’s probably flattered some one you young yet still an adult (if barely) is hitting on her. heh i’m reminded of another web comic where a young man said. “you seem destined to simultaneity arouse and terrify me on a regular basis !”

  19. Kermit


    Dish, man. Which webcomic was that?

  20. hartree

    Hot tubbing?

    After being trapped for days in a pod with his own waste, and still being coated with Gabriel’s blood, I do hope he’s thinking about a shower first.

  21. Brunhidden

    just wait till they find the button that makes a wall turn around to reveal a gigantic waterbed with mood lights and a barry white soundtrack

  22. Vulpis

    @Novawolf7 Well, I don’t know about that as much…but you have to, to a degree, admire the boy’s chutzpah. Rei is multiple times his size and mass, and he still hits on her? He may be a jerk, but he’s certainly not speciesist. 🙂

    I’m *still* wondering if that was Jason that nearly got fed a soul-snack when Veled first showed up, and his opinion of her. I have this mental image of Jason commenting ‘Yeah, she’s a real *b*tch*’ with a somewhat dreamy expression, leaving Jig confused until a disturbed Daisy explains ‘I don’t think he means that term quite the way you *think* he does…’

  23. Josh.C

    @e_voyager: Cougar…heh…Kind of amusing how that would fit with her being a sphinx.

    Of coarse, Ace’s suggestion might not be as suggestive to her as we think. When I remember the flash backs of Rei’s story, I can’t help but think of the Greeks and their culture. Communal bathing was something they might have had in her time during her rule.

  24. The_Rippy_One

    @Kermit: That would be Ulmaut House 2 (http://www.maskedretriever.com/uh2/). Specifically this strip: http://maskedretriever.com/uh2/d/20060331.html . Warning! Sexuality and relationships are on full display, in all flavors; it’s actual depiction is about on par as this comic, however; and it is a sci-fi/humor strip with continuity – Once the time travel kicks in, that takes on an interesting meaning…

    There is an Umlaut House (http://maskedretriever.com/uh/d/20000815.html), which starts out much weaker in the art department (but gets better), and was much more of a gag-a-day sort of deal, though still heavily sci-fi. It is set 20 years previous, and isn’t needed to get the jokes in UH2, but is useful.

  25. e_voyager

    Rippy beat me to it. but then even i have to sleep and it’s time for me to go to work now

  26. Sulucamas

    Insinuation aside, there’s bound to only be so much room in a Gabriel-sized hot tub. “Comfortable” could equate to “non-lethal” in this case. 😛

    @Shad: I’m pretty sure Rei’s telepathic, though I can totally see how it would look like it was all Jigsaw’s doing. 🙂

    @hartree: That’s a horrifyingly good point. Dx

  27. Shadowsamurai

    Man… It’s been a while since I read this comic…

  28. e_voyager

    @shadowsamurai then you got some catching up to do. just wait till you see how we got here !

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