Wait For It…

Wait For It…

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  1. nikolai60

    Ok, I’ll start taking odds, current bets are:

    The dog




    Scarred mentally but not quite broken (doesn’t count if he breaks within the next 3 pages and goes zombie or Djinn)

  2. hariman

    … Stupid Tone. Now I want to run Gabriel over with a truck. Or at least set Jigsaw loose on him. 😉

  3. e_voyager

    how ominous this is. also it seems all four heads are awake but his uper eyes are sewn shut for some reason. also can a djinned human ever truly become a full djinn?

  4. Josh.C

    Beacon!?! Beacon!?!

    Did he know all along? Uh-Oh, Veled warned Jigsaw about the dangers of others learning her little secret and it looks like he’s into collecting rareties like Jigsaw and Rei.

  5. Kermit

    @e_voyager I had forgotten that kendril are supposed to have four eyes. Maybe he lost his upper pair at some point?

  6. Feral

    @nikolai60 You forgot the human centipede.

  7. Elliott Olson (@AmigaDragon)

    “I still would’ve held onto you, Bacon.”

  8. Brunhidden

    my high urge to punch this man is not dependent on the thinly veiled sexual sounding threat he made on jigsaw

    the #1 casualty to come- that half a robe

  9. The_Rippy_One

    ‘Saw may go in the hole, but I’d sort of be curious to see how effectively he could keep her there. Sucker-Tone’d only lasts so long, and Vampire Rage is pretty powerful stuff.

    I’m not sure he quite realizes what he has…

  10. e_voyager

    does anyone else notice how he’s using past tense when he says he wanted to hold on to jigsaw?

  11. Josh.C

    @e_voyager: That is interesting. Though a little more puzzling.

    If the beacon comment is letting onto just how much he really knows, then he’d know in the end that Jigsaw would most likely make dog meat out of Ace in a fight.

    So it makes you wonder what exactly is in that hole? Nothing pleasant, that for sure.

  12. Kermit

    @Josh.C I’m going to go ahead and say it’s kittens.

  13. e_voyager

    @Josh.C if he knows she’s either shattered or a djinn then chances are it’s glitter to either recycle her to to finish killing her to make her a sell-able zombie

  14. Kermit

    @Josh.C Part of me is hoping that it turns out to be pillows.

  15. Shad

    it would probably be wise for her to invest in something to block the effects of being Toned…if that’s even possible

  16. The_Rippy_One

    @E: Of course, given that ‘Saw’s a vamp, dumping her in a vat of Glitter would have a rather better effect…

  17. xzeddx

    I say its a vat full of orange sherbert….Why does that me still worried? :S

  18. Vulpis

    My bet…it’s going to be hole full of Gabriel, rather soon.

  19. Kermit

    I’m actually kind of surprised that Gabe’s tone worked on Saw here. The RP says that Djinn and racial tone resistance stack, so I’d imagine that Saw’s resistance level should be fairly close to Silk’s.

  20. nightarix

    @kermit she might be pretending so gabriel doesn’t learn she’s a vampire, besides they’d still have to treat daisies infection

  21. e_voyager

    @kermit tone resistance’s stack but it’s not dijnn that are resistance it’s large eared species like talmi and aynr and light children / touched that have auto resistant attempts

  22. Kermit

    @e_voyager Now that I go back and look at the document instead of recalling it, you’re right. So tone resistance isn’t a result of not having a shell?

  23. Sulucamas

    AHHHHH! Vulpis is right! Look at the shadows! 😀

    Really hope he lives long enough to tell us how he knows about “Beacon.”

  24. nikolai60

    Holy crap I missed the shadows, ‘Saw’s gotten quite a few new tricks!

  25. The_Rippy_One

    Nik, Sul, you beautiful observant [wonderful people] you! I entirely missed that. Oh grief. Jig’, you are incredible! EE! I literally started making happy little gleeful noises when I saw it. So good. This is why illusions are better combat magic then you’d think…

  26. nikolai60

    It’s friggin epic stuff like this that are why we read this comic. The ONLY reason anyone noticed it is because we’ve learned to look for it, and even then most of us miss it (myself obviously included). Such a subtle clue that COMPLETELY reverses how we see things. It’s just as much shock value as if we hadn’t noticed it till after we saw the result.

  27. Kermit

    @Sul Oh, wow! I can now safely resume wishing that the hole contains a horrible eldritch abomination.

  28. Sulucamas

    And now we just have to “wait for it…” Gah! xU

    Interesting that Gabriel doesn’t notice that Jigsaw’s ears aren’t submitting to his Tone, like before. Maybe it’s because the commands are different?

  29. Kermit

    @Sul That sounds reasonable. Her ears didn’t budge when Veled toned her into talking about her sire back on Last Res0rt Station.

  30. Shad

    been reading previous comics and all the comments and since people have been pointing out Gab’s eyes… I wanna say his eyes look a bit more purple now than the blue they did before. Tough to tell without a good close-up but if you squint a bit…

  31. Kermit

    So it looks like he’s got a healing (blue), berserk (red), and acquisitive (purple) personality going for him. Any guesses as to what orange is supposed to be?

  32. Sulucamas

    @Kermit: Word on the street is it’s a reference to Portal. 😉

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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