He Asked.

He Asked.

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  1. nikolai60

    Well, the title of the page takes the joke I was gonna make out, so a few observations instead:

    It seems we have an answer as to the second set of eyes….man that’s a gruesome way to go…

    It’s cool to see some of the transformation, here’s hoping for a bit more of an explation.

    Also, after all that, is Jason gonna BSoD over this upcoming encounter?

  2. Nollid221

    …if jason got over his need to get revenge on daisy i’m pretty sure he’d be one of my favorite characters

  3. e_voyager

    So gab is dead? ah well i hope jason wasn’t actually eating him. and your right the ask and you shall receive joke would be too tempting to pass up

  4. Josh.C

    @e_voyager: Maybe he’s just critically injured. Yeah, very critically injured. ^^

    Big hand, little man.

    Though a big question is if this raps up everything? This certainly fixes the corrupt doctor….But does that solve the Whimzy mystery?

    Though if no one has seen a purebred Celeste in a while, what if they have similar powers to a Whimzer?

  5. Shad

    so that explains why his transformation page looked…scaly. and OUCH @ gabe that looks like it hurt…can’t tell if he’s dead or just hurt really bad ._. though if he does wake up he will be pissed as hell.

    and i hope we get some insight on what jiggy is being told up above!

  6. LavaBatA1

    Gab is dead. That is all. 😛

  7. LavaBatA1

    Also, it looks like Jason ate Gab’s eyes out of his eye sockets.

  8. Shad

    @ Lavabat: Or were they missing all along and that’s why he never opened them?

  9. nightarix

    wait… if the whimser is dead then… wouldn’t the barnacles start being fatal?

  10. LavaBatA1

    @Shad: I think he never opened them because they were stitched shut, but they could have always been missing.

  11. xzeddx

    Well you asked for a hand…Get some pants next,stud

  12. The_Rippy_One

    Good work on this page, Jig’! Gabe is beautifully visceral. I’m going to go get sick now…
    *Back* Seriously, great stuff! Also, I like Jason’s halfway transformed state. Very nice use of all elements. He could probably manage a credible Fu Dog-mode if he wanted…must not make Mr. T joke…

    The ladies have about two seconds to get those new developments under control before the grump with a Daisy-Deathfetish arrives to complicate things further. Hope they do, this is messy enough already.

    Rei Is Awesome! Just wanted to make that clear again.

  13. e_voyager

    Well know that Celeste and read minds on contact i wonder how Rei will react to what’s on Jason’s mind besides “really frikken huge”

  14. Sulucamas

    Excellent! 😈

    @nikolai60: I think Rei will keep him in check. 😉

    @nightarix: Oh crap, they would …unless they were actually generated by the Whimsy in the first place. 😕

  15. Balance

    @Shad: It seems pretty clear that they’re talking about how to hide Jigsaw’s wings. Daisy is saying that every other vampire she’s seen can just put them away at will–the hesitation over the “v” was her remembering that she shouldn’t mention that Jiggy’s a vampire out loud, and substituting “version”.

    @nightarix: As to the barnacles, information from http://www.lastres0rt.com/2012/10/shes-right-because-shes-wrong/ indicates that they’re not fatal, and that they can be treated with the glitter pool. Granted, we only have Gabriel’s word for that, but Daisy didn’t call him on the part about the pool, so that part must be plausible, at least.

  16. Shad

    @ Balance: I meant the stuff obscured by jason’s text bubbles. Seems Jigsaw is getting some sort of background info that we are not currently privy to.

  17. Balance

    @Shad: Nope, still wings. Daisy didn’t answer her about the “soul code” project, whatever that may be. She’s ignoring it and trying to offer a suggestion for hiding the wings. If I’m extrapolating correctly, here’s what they’re saying:

    Daisy: “I think you can just imagine them folding up and…why am I explaining this to you? Can’t you just-”

    Jigsaw: “NO! NO, I CAN’T!”

  18. Sabreur

    As a character, Jason is growing on me. This page is one of my favorites – love that last panel.

  19. e_voyager

    he is growing in depth. i wonder what he’ll say to rei when he sees her face to face

  20. Sulucamas

    @e_voyager: Hopefully a nice, polite “thank you.” :3

    Wonder what Daisy and Jigsaw will say when they (or at least Jigsaw) realize Jason’s secret. 😛

  21. nikolai60

    @Sul if you’re referring to the transforming, I think they’ve already realized

  22. e_voyager

    heh she was looking down when Gab so Jason face to face before realizing how screwed he was. still at least jigsaw knows for sure why he sounded like a slapped puppy

  23. Sulucamas

    Oh right, the talking dog would give it away. :B

  24. Sulucamas

    …AND the naked dude covered in blood. xB

  25. The_Rippy_One

    I think that Jason just might qualify as the freakiest thing in the comic at this point. Okay, non-human vampire: herald the end of the world. Maybe. What does a Shattered Celeste shapeshifter herald then? at least Jason isn’t a vampire, or he’d equally qualify for the prophecied role…

  26. nightarix

    @balance though the facts were coming from the whimser himself, so could be different outside of the whimsy, which daisy confirms with her reply in that same strip “seriously? because i’d be dead by now anywhere else” (something along those lines anyways) the issue i was pointing out is a simple one: if the whimser is dead does the whimsy(and any rules it had) go with it? or in other words are they all going to die from barnacles.(i’d imagine daisy won’t but the kids…)

  27. The_Rippy_One

    @Nightarix: We don’t strictly know if reality “Snaps back” after a Whismer dies, or if something leaves the Whimsy’s field of effect. Logically, altered natural laws work as they ought to, outside of it, and re-assert themselves after a Whismer dies, just because it was a continuously exerted change (think of a Whismer effect like a hand holding a ball in the air – hand goes away, gravity reasserts itself). An object altered, however, could possibly remain in its new state post Whimsy because it would require as much “force” to turn it back as it took to originally change it (using the past example, the whismer “hand” moving an object from one table to another – it seems likely that the object will remain sitting on the new table, rather than snapping back to the original one. We are about to find out, though. There was a lot changed besides the Glitter. Siege, for example).

  28. e_voyager

    wello we do know that the whimsy is a local area effect.

  29. Puck

    Does no one else think Jason looks like Scar in that first panel? Its kind of adorable.

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