Yank and Shank

Yank and Shank

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  1. nikolai60


  2. nikolai60

    Hold up, he’s now got RED eyes!

    We could have an even bigger problem than I thought 5 seconds ago…

  3. nikolai60

    Wait, that blood pattern….it can’t be…

  4. e_voyager

    even worse are those wings in the background? you know that what looks like blood splatter and all

  5. nikolai60

    @e same thing I’m thinking, we have a TON of cliffhangers in this update!

  6. e_voyager

    heh i had to wait so long just for the page to update and by the time i post you’re posted twice by the time my post goes through you’ve posted three times?? you’re busy today Nick but i’m off to work now

  7. e_voyager

    @nikolai that’s probably jig’s intention. she knows we’re hooked she’s just drawing us in deeper. makes us want to play the game more just so we can figure out how the comic world evens translate into game world rules and make sure cool characters.

  8. Darkewulf

    1) Okay OW, that’s gotta hurt like a bitch. Actually, scratch that; it’s gotta hurt like a Veled.

    2) Speaking of eight-winged Messianic demigods, Veled DID vaguely mention wings just after the big flashback scene (not to mention an early ref sheet for Jiggy depicting her with some). This should very well prove interesting.

  9. hariman

    … Somebody is gonna need a medic after this is over. Probably both of them. Though I’m betting Gabriel more than Jigsaw! 😉

  10. thebobmaster

    I winced, I will admit. Vampire or no, having your back slashed open has got to hurt like a Veled. *thanks to Darkewulf for that phrase*

  11. Novawolf7

    Gabby just opened up an industrial-sized can of whoop-ass. Go Jig!! Btw these updates are completely worth waiting for.

  12. Josh.C

    @e_voyager: Wings or blood?

    Could be a little of both. After all, Glitter is in the blood and if the notes on Jigsaw’s Diamond form having wings of pure glitter still hold true. Then the glitter has to come from somewhere.

    Boy, seems like his happy mask just fell here.

  13. Kermit

    Kind of an awkward position to fight from. I was expecting her to turn around as soon as he grabbed her tail so that she could use her claws and fangs to full effect.

  14. thebobmaster

    @kermit: I’m assuming Jigsaw didn’t have the time to recover from the shock of her tail being grabbed. I’m pretty sure it went grab, “How in the hell is he so lucky”, yank and shank.

  15. e_voyager

    @Josh.C you have a point it could be both even counting that whole the wings are massless thing it could be like tearing muscle for the fist time. it grows back stronger…. then again i think i heard that on some cartoon about wresting space aliens so ignore that.

  16. Josh.C

    @thebobmaster: Got to agree with you on that.

    Judging how the handshake mindreading went with Cypress and Veled, that technique Seems to be rather fast way of gathering information. Apply that to Jigsaw’s current situation and it could only be a couple of seconds have passed since Jigsaw’s tail was grabbed and this page.

    Just wasn’t enough time for Jigsaw to get her mind together before Gabriel slashed her back. Still, Gabreil is rather quick for a doctor, he obviously didn’t hesitate while Jigsaw was trying to processed what just happened.

  17. Shad

    his little snakey heads look…well one visible one looks kinda determined, like “she will pay for tricking us” and the other is all “OKAY THAT IS TOO FAR HIDE ME PLEASE”

    hmmm.. i wonder…for the species that has them, could those little heads be give-aways to multiple emotions they may be feeling at any given time but keeping hidden for various reasons?
    No comment on the wing-like blood as I’ve nothing to add that’s already been said XD

  18. Sulucamas

    It is SO ON! Brace for carnage! 😮

    @nikolai60: Weird that they aren’t completely red. Maybe that’s just a sign that Morality is involved?

    @Shad: I think you’re spot on, and that it might go doubly for someone like Gabriel.

    Now where ever did that other slipper get to? 😉

  19. Kermit

    Question for Rippy and Sul: would it represent a valid vampire power if Jigsaw spun her head 180° and reversed the direction of her joints in a series of sickening snaps? Because I could totally go for that right about now.

  20. Kermit

    I just had a somewhat related thought. Based on what happened to Cypress, glitter is pretty dangerous stuff when it comes into contact with exposed flesh. Are Jigsaw’s wings caustic/poisonous?

  21. nikolai60

    @e I can be pretty hyper when I get going….

    @Sul Perhaps, but there’s 2 (if I have it straight) other options on why he could have suddenly!red eyes, and one doesn’t fit very well between stability and other characteristics.

    @Kermit it’s dangerous in large quantities, but if I remember correctly small amounts applied are more or less harmless, or start fixing stuff on their own.

    @all when you consider how fast thought can happen, I’m betting bob is right, the last panel and this one probably took place over a time measured in fractions of seconds at most.

  22. nightarix

    does anyone else think gabriel will very likely die very soon?

  23. nightarix

    @shad personally i think the orange one noticed the blood pattern and is going “WTF?!”

  24. e_voyager

    @nikolai i happens to us all. say would you like to sit in on the game tonight?
    @nightarix Die? i’m not so sure about that but chances are he’d going to get maimed pretty badly.

    does anyone one else think that Gabriel’s story is a revisionist history version of what happened filtered through his psychosis?

  25. Kermit

    @e_voyager for my part, I’ll be very interested to hear from Veled what “listening to reason” would have entailed.

  26. nikolai60

    @e I have some time (sort of, college), so if you don’t mind having me I’d be happy to. I’m afraid I’ve more or less just made sure the site stayed up vs keep up with all the updates, so I’m out of the loop on where you’ve been meeting, if you have a dA could you send a link there? Unless you’re just gonna link over here.

  27. Sulucamas

    @Kermit: That’d be pretty gnarly! I figure being a Life Djinn could let her do that and not die, but I doubt it’d leave her with the mechanical advantage you might be hoping for. xD

    @nikolai60: Oh man, help me out, I missed your point. What are those two other options? :B

    @nightarix: Awesome catch! Curiosity could be looking at Gabriel’s hand instead of the blood, but I think you’re right on. 😮

    It just hit me that Jigsaw’s blood isn’t sparkling like Qin’s did. Perhaps this is a reflexive attempt to form wings that’s failing due to a lack of glitter?

    And for anyone interested in the RPG, we currently meet at 8:00 PM Eastern on Mondays and Wednesdays in the #LastRes0rt IRC channel on llearch.net. 🙂

  28. nikolai60


    1. Thanks for the heads up, I should be there

    2. Both are highly unlikely, and involve a seriously dangerous class hybrid: Vampire (least likely), or…Reaper….which while again unlikely since he’s already a celeste, his instability and everything could be effects.

  29. xzeddx


  30. nikolai60

    @Sul it might just be me having a bad day, but the site seems pretty broken, link to the actual room plz?

  31. nikolai60

    not broken, bloody blocked by the school network…

  32. Sulucamas

    @nikolai60: I know we’ve got weird in-between groups like Light Children and Djinned, but I agree; that kind of hybrid would be very unusual. 😯

    I’m glad you were able to make it into the channel eventually, even though it was too laggy. 😛

  33. nikolai60

    @sul I just wish I could of stayed, it’d be cool to at least sit in every once in a while…

    And yeah, it’s extremely unusual/unlikely, but I long ago stopped ruling out options as impossible in this particular series, since no matter what we seem to always get caught off guard.

  34. e_voyager

    @sul one of the people here suggested that Jason my be such a hybrid. part djinned with a Celeste parent.

  35. nikolai60

    @e good point, but he’d be a child of them, as opposed to the even less likely event of a Celeste who somehow turned, which was at least my original suggestion. Again though, who really knows ‘cept our intrepid artist?

  36. e_voyager

    @nikolai that would be bad. it can’t happen in the game but who knows if our artist has changed her mind about spectrum lock or not

  37. nikolai60

    @e It can’t happen in the game, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Preventing it in game helps with balancing, and while Spectrum Lock can be looked at as a general rule, I’ve long ago accepted that in the LR Universe, NEVER rule something out as impossible, it’s not ‘forbidden’ or ‘impossible’, it’s ‘highly unlikely’ or ‘unheard of’. Just like a non-human vampire…

  38. e_voyager

    @nikolai heh how true. some times the only reason for having a rule is to see how creatively it can be broken or is that just something i remember from elsewhere

  39. nikolai60

    @e can’t say I’ve heard that one before, but I’ll have to remember it. How I tend to lean though is this: The bits of exposition that we get are tinted by the characters giving them, and since none of them know what each-other’s up to, there’s nothing to say they’re not dead wrong.

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