She’s Right Because She’s Wrong.

She’s Right Because She’s Wrong.

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  1. nikolai60


    You all finished that sentence that way and you know it. She’s not going to be in a good mood on the next page.

  2. e_voyager

    dead in the gutter? it seems that the whimsey did more then fix her leg. this is scary

  3. Shad

    …. I feel lost XD

  4. e_voyager

    the space inhabited by known sapience and ‘civilized societies ‘. the whimsy uses soul energy to warp reality. chances are she just made the connection to the whimsy and the barnacles being nonlethal.

  5. Lavabat

    If it ruins her ID Chip then it means no one can prove who she actually is, which could work to her advantage.

  6. hariman

    Shad: Gabriel’s ship is the only place where she won’t die from a barnacle infection of her ID chip, it is also the only place she’s been with whimsy, on top of that, Gabriel believes wholeheartedly that barnacles are spread by the Star Org and that they’ll come back on each planet.

    They’re not infected with barnacles because the Org is spreading them, they’re infected because Gabriel is the Whimser and he’s in denial that the barnacle infections are a fatal disease that kills kids, among other assorted denial and delusion.

    Congratulations Daisy, you’ve just figured out that your host is insane. What are you gonna do now?

  7. e_voyager

    her leg as well. it’s made it seem at least like normal flesh and blood

  8. xzeddx

    Oh dear,I better get stonger soap…the kind with lye

  9. Josh.C

    @hariman: I’m not really sure about that.

    Using barnacles to track kids and disable the identification chip to make them more traceable sounds reasonable. In fact, even if Gabriel is the Whimzer, it doesn’t mean all that he perceives doesn’t have at least some basis on truth.

    Another possibility might be that Daisy realizes she might have more to be concerned about then some well meaning Whimsy being about. From how things sound, it could be possible that the org might actually be trying use glitter in such ways that would be frowned on if most people knew.

    Ever play metal gear solid and hear about Foxdie?

  10. e_voyager

    the problem with Fox Die is DNA doesn’t work that way. creating a pathogen to kill only certain people we simply can’t do it.

  11. hariman

    Josh C: The Whimsy could only be removing the fatal effects of the barnacles. Or there might be a trigger present on the various worlds that isn’t on Gabriel’s ship.

    It really does feel like this is the clue to locating the Whimser that Daisy has been looking for, the only problem now is the realization that their host is a bit insane.

    The other option is that the Star Org is an interstellar conspiracy that is kidnapping children and brainwashing them.

    Or both. Definitely both, at least in my book.

  12. The_Rippy_One

    @e_voyager: eh…you’re right…but you aren’t. Okay, the way MGS did it with Foxdie? pure baloney. You’re correct, the base mechanics are faulty. For those who aren’t gamer geeks AND biology nerds, FOXDIE was a “nanomachine virus” that could read DNA, and, in response to a certain patten, would attach enzymes to the DNA that would produce a toxin that would specifically only induce a heart attack. There are several obvious problems with this – like the fact that you can’t attach enzymes to DNA. Or that the method of reading provided wouldn’t actually allow any DNA to exist long enough to be read, let alone attach anything to it. Or the fact that the listed process for producing the targeted population lacked the controls required to guaranty the presence of any particular genetic code in any amount which isn’t inherent to all humans normally. There are several other issues. This ignores the question of how you’d make a nanomachine retro-virus in this current day and age (and why you’d bother with nanomachines to begin with).

    Now, that isn’t to say that you couldn’t, with a sufficiently advanced facility, in which actual genetic manipulation is in fact possible, scoop out a section of junk DNA, and code in a sequence that would be a trigger for a virus that you also engineered specifically to take advantage of whatever that sequence does (makes a catalyst that will strip a protein coat on the virus so it can become infectious, codes for a new cell structure that your virus needs in order to propagate, that sort of thing). That’s all certainly within the realm of sci-fi possibilities. We’ve actually managed a retrovirus for something similar to the new chemical production – it’s approximately how we got glowing bunnies. Further, there is no reason you couldn’t engineer a virus to react to a trait (like glowing fur), as long as the trait in question produces something (“luminescent enzymes” in hair follicles) that you can catalyze effectively on. To finish the example, grab a virulent form of MRSA for bunnies, give it a modified anthrax protein coat with a catalyst lock keyed to luminescent enzyme (so it hangs around forever and doesn’t activate except on bunnies with that enzyme), and watch as all the glowing bunnies sudden have their skins turn necrotic. And then die. Done.

    I wouldn’t want to try getting everyone with blue eyes, on the other hand, since there is only a small amount of the related protein, in a very limited location, which is difficult to reach by most known vectors. A blood type, though? That shouldn’t be too hard (“O” or “-” being the hardest, since you’d be engineering for an absence of a trait, instead of for something present. Probably include several catalyst sites on a bacterium [cause I want more surface room] that would bind to the “A,” “B,” and/or “+” factors in order to activate an autophagic reaction). That seems pretty do-able.

    The trick is to find something that results from a genetic quirk and would show up throughout the body, instead of trying to muck around with the DNA directly to verify a target.

  13. nikolai60

    @The_Rippy_One wow, someone did their research. Nice!

  14. The_Rippy_One

    @Nikolai: You say nice, but I see a person in desperate need of help. Look at the obsessive nature of this screed! I see nothing but a wretched creature, barely human, forcing his will upon others in a pitiful attempt to improve his own sense of self worth…Shame really…

    🙂 Seriously, I was sort of chagrined when I read what I wrote this morning. Sorry to be so harsh E_voyager…

  15. e_voyager

    @The_Rippy_One no problem we can all get a little heated about things we are passionate about. Also i knew about retrovirus’s and the synthetic cell that was made a couple of years back but that just my obsessiveness and reading about new quirks in science.
    i’ve never played a Game of Metal gear past the fist mission but i did read a comic and a few game books about it. but what got me was that fox Die was made not to prey one a certain characteristics like blue eyes of bio luminescence but to single out certain people solid, liquid, raven, wolf, mantis , ocelot and whoever i missed and kill them while leaving Solodis and the rest of the population alone? we seem to agree that it’s not do able but fox die ignores that. ah well long story shot no harm no foul.

  16. Vulpis

    @e_voyager Welllll…I might point out that part of the point was that those individuals had some special characteristics that could be programmed for in the first place. Also keep in mind that things like the nanomachines were supposedly cutting-edge super-secret tech, and were used for multiple appications–the CODEC, accelerated healing, thermal regulation, and other functions, presented as ’50 minutes into the future’ (as opposed to only 20 minutes for something like Max Headroom). It amuses me that you’re balking at nanomachines, but not blinking at giant bipedal robots that make animal noises. 😉

  17. Josh.C

    @e_voyager and Vulpis: I guess that’s a big difference of where Glitter in last resort and nanomachines in metal gear solid are concerned.

    Glitter in last resort is set in the future in a setting where the idea is a little more believable for such tech. While in Metal gear, the world is pretty close to our own time and looking at self walking machines and the current work on nanomachines just doesn’t seem to realistic to what we have right now.

    Though I’ve got to admit, it was amusing when the patriot A.I. went all Max Headroom in the second metal gear Solid game. Wait…or did I mean annoying?

  18. The_Rippy_One

    @Vulpis, actually, he’s balking at the many many failures of biology – I’m the one balking at nanomachines, because it is a voodoo shark. It’s like, they realized that their answer failed biology, and, instead of fixing it, slapped on some additional techno-babble. It doesn’t solve the underlying problem, and there is no reason why giving him a nanomachine retro-virus that mimics the common cold would make more sense then giving him a retro-virus packaged in the common cold which he thought he had anyway…and involve significantly more R&D time…

    ps – Rex’s roar? We’ve met Otakon. He probably justified it as a sound check. If he’d have more time, he’d have figured out a way to increase it’s lens flare as well…”Anti-laser coating” or some such.

  19. Lavabat

    @nikolai60: She will be really unhappy when she figures out that Gabriel is the one who spammed them with tone commands. The evidence: take a look at the head-snake things in this page and compare them to Gabriel’s head snakes.

  20. Lavabat

    Bugger! My attempt to make a link in my last comment failed! Could someone please fix it?

  21. Jigsaw Forte

    @Lavabat – Fixed it! For future reference, HTML works just fine.

  22. e_voyager

    the_rippy_one is right. i was talking about the biology angle with fox die. i don’t fully understand the machine angle but i do know if they were trying to kill people with nano machines in there body that and send an revive coded signals then the nano machines should have id signatures and if you hack or know the id signature of the target you can affect them can you kill them like that? i don’t know maybe maybe not what i did know is that writer a virus to target on group of people is not something we can do. the virus would only try to live and would infect any compatible host. it would also mutate as viruses are want to do. that is what i was fussing about. the_rippy_one who knows the game much better then i ever will was talking about the nano machine verification and implication of the virus which i was unaware of it wasn’t really cover here at or the game books i read.

  23. Josh.C

    Going back to the infection of her I.D. chip. I found myself wondering if death from an infected chip is Daisy’s only concern or if it’s just in her situation it just seemed like the logical answer to her current problem.

    If other concerns also come from a hacked I.D. chip, that significantly shifts concerns for her. I assume the chip has a big connection with the glitter, but what about personal information or secret information?

    Controlling Glitter. Holding account numbers and company passwords and of course diaries and notes. Is death really the only concern with such a thing being hacked for Daisy?

  24. Vulpis

    @Josh.C Hmmm. Given that we know Daisy has cyberware anyway (possibly more than just the leg), maybe her ID chip is important to that in some manner?

  25. The_Rippy_One

    A thought – Gabe mentioned that it would come back when they hit the next ship…I am going to assume that it is an accurate sentence (and possibly why he’s come to the conclusion he has). On the other hand, there is something else that happens everytime they hit a ship – Gabe tones the invading StarOrg. Do you think its possible that Toning causes an adverse reaction to Whimsy, either directly, or on whimsy being created at the time (which then corrupts pre-existing whimsy on contact)?

  26. Sulucamas

    Could it be that the Whimser, Gabriel or otherwise, might be just a little insane, and passable as normal? Or maybe they have to be severely unhinged, and that’s why Daisy suddenly looks so unsettled.

    @Josh.C: I imagine having your secrets laid bare for someone like Daisy might just be worse than death, considering all of the other people (Planet Arael) that could be affected.

    @The_Rippy_One: Since Toning influences motivation and perception, and Whimsy influence reality itself, I don’t think they’d interfere with each other unless the Whimser itself was being Toned. 😛

    @Jigsaw Forte: Are…are those Tags beneath this page? Awesome! 😀

  27. The_Rippy_One

    Not only are there tags, but they seem functional! Thanks Jig’!

    @Sul: probably, but if Gabe is the Whismer, then I thought maybe using the power might have done something. Like, how you aren’t supposed to handle mind-altering substances while pregnant. How does the Whismer production process work, anyways? Gabe doesn’t sparkle in the sunlight, so it isn’t sweated out…*I want to make a Twilight joke…but it’s to awkward*

  28. Sulucamas

    @The_Rippy_One: Who knows, maybe it does have some effect. And with the bling it put on their guns, I wouldn’t rule out Twilight sparkling entirely. 😉

    My favorite part about all this Whimsy business is that, just as crazy people think they’re sane, Whimsers think that everything around them is just as it should be.

    If it somehow isn’t Gabriel himself, who’s he been around “for years” that’s kept him from being killed by the barnacles?

  29. The_Rippy_One

    @Sul: His smartframe AI, for one…though frankly it could be any of his original patients – the process for becoming a Whismer doesn’t sound like it lends itself to clear and rational thought…

    Huh, that’s actually an interesting – Seige’s transformation always bugged me – why that shape, and why then? If you’ve put it accurately, then its because the Whismer believes that its the proper shape for an AI…which argues rather strongly for Gabe being it, I guess…but, that timing…was it because that was the first time the Whismer laid eyes on her properly?

    I’ll toss a counter argument, just to be a contrarian 😉 You could be looking at a God-Kyon scenario, where the Whismer’s (one of Gabe’s patients) influence is only oriented towards the creation (and maintenance) of the status quo, and sub-consciously at that, and Gabe get’s all the active stuff because the Whismer believes he does/should (as a form of dependency, in which the patient believes the doctor has total power over their condition and state). Gabe wouldn’t be delusional in this scenario, so much as he’s a victim of being overwritten on a regular basis so he doesn’t notice any contradictions or inconsistencies.

  30. Sulucamas

    @The_Rippy_One: It’d be awesome if Peloton was the Whimser, but wouldn’t it need a soul to generate Whimsy? 😮

    I may have stretched things a bit by implying that Whimsy will be dictated by what the Whimser thinks. While that might actually still be the case, they aren’t supposed to be able to control it, and I could see a situation where the Whimser finds the changes that happen around them inexplicable. I’d just thought that if the same weird thing happened ALL THE TIME, you might start to consider it normal.

    The timing of the changes we saw might have been the result of the Whimsy finally overcoming some kind of inherent resistance to change in the affected objects after having acted passively on everyone and everything since they boarded the ship. Like a plunger, finally popping (back) into shape. 😛

    That God-Kyon scenario makes a whole lot of sense, though it seems like it’d require the Whimser being with Gabriel since he started hunting Star Org ships in order for him to be fully deceived. …Maybe Gabriel went insane while being slowly killed by barnacles? xD

  31. The_Rippy_One

    Actually, in that scenario, I’d assume that Star Org came after him initially because one of his patients was a Whimser, and the good doctor refused to turn over his patients. Whimser then over-writes Gabe’s knowledge in order to be “just another patient” to maintain the scenario. Gabe, remembering the attack in general, but not the cause, assumes his clinic is being persecuted for “reasons,” which he then tries to figure out. Each time the Whimser comes up, Gabe loses the related chunk of memory. Gabe’s POV would look pretty nuts now, and its only the Whimser’s bone-deep belief in his/her/whatever doctor’s sanity that’s keeping him on the rails…

  32. e_voyager

    I think robots and machines don’t need soul once built but they probably can still have souls it doesn’t say specifically that they can’t have them just that they don’t need them

  33. The_Rippy_One

    @E: Though the same page does say that you need organics to have a soul, I’d point out (in support of your theory) it doesn’t say how much or in what context. I’d further note that I’d be shocked if certain machines didn’t carry around a healthy dose of carbon fiber nanotubes, and sidenote in that silicon is considered a viable material to build a critter around (having enough properties in common with carbon to be a functional substitute, though such a creature would require higher energy inputs to be viable. We think…working on it!)

    Do you suppose Seige’s sudden shift into being an AI was caused by her hitting some critical limit of carbon and getting soul’d by accident (assuming she isn’t just nuts)? Given how Djinn work, and that Celeste can soul-rip, I would be surprised if there was free floating soul matter around for such an accident on occasion…

    But if Seige starts answering to Caroline…I’ll probably go cry in a corner…darn it Glados, even if it was a lie, it was a jerk thing to lie about.

  34. Josh.C

    @The_Rippy_One: I think it was let out somewhere that Siege might have a small amount of organic material from her actual brain somewhere. Not sure if my memory is playing tricks on me, but Jigsaw reading her mind when Siege was trying to drain the glitter tank at least confirms that Siege has a mind…A living mind in one form or another.

  35. Sulucamas

    @Josh.C: Righto! 🙂

    @The_Rippy_One: Oh gee… I hadn’t thought of it like that, but of course it makes sense that some Whimsy could/would modify a person’s mind. At that point, all bets are off! xD

    I’d be really interested, then, in what happens when they leave its area of effect. 🙁

  36. e_voyager

    @The_rippy_one We have been working on organic computer for at least a Decade so i believe that the ideal that computers having organic parts would be common place in the future. bio androids like Melfina from outlaw star as opposed to cyborgs like robocop or cyborg from the teen titans. probably possible for them to have a soul but it’s not necessary once they are fully built and functional.

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