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  1. nikolai60


  2. e_voyager

    Professional maybe but professional at what or does the girl simply know what she wants and how to get it?

  3. The_Rippy_One

    A) Yay, they saved his tail.
    B) Okay, so, Vince is worried about where else besides the players various guns are pointed. Smart man. Jig’ reminds us that Gabe toned specifically for Cypress. Which…is just weird. Data point says “wha?”
    c) Yay hotness! Now, I understand Slick’s reticence, but were I in his place, I’d go for it…

  4. Josh.C

    Ah, the wonders and advantages of being upper management.

  5. e_voyager

    @the rippy one there is a big face belonging to a hot but powerful Celeste pressed again the right side of his face ant at the same time a small face belong to the same Celeste is pressed against his left jaw. and while we can’t she her jawline thos eyes look pretty hungry. remember he’s tired to sell his body for safety before or at least use it as bait and that didn’t pan out the way he’d hoped. and all of this is to say nothing of what his team captain will say or do to him later. the poor talmi is cornered on all sides really.

  6. Lavabat

    Looks like Slick has a fan-girl on his hands 😛

    And why is it every time a female chases a male the male want’s to run away? If a girl was chasing me, I would let her catch me! 😀

  7. The_Rippy_One

    @e_voyager – are you arguing for or against Slick going with the flow? Or are you arguing that it isn’t that simple?

    I would go for it strictly because she’s cute as a button, and has a decent brain and sense of humor (don’t care about bodies, I want the brains!). Slick, on the other hand, apparently doesn’t care for the tentacle-headed loving, is afraid of Celeste (given Veled’s opening soul rip, a wise position to take) and/or doesn’t want a relationship/sex where he doesn’t know the other person very well (we know her much better than he does…A thought…Is this the first time they’ve actually talked?).

    Actually, this might be a case of nerves – she wants him (for being him, not that he knows that). He’s come out of a social setting (organized crime) where everything, including sex and marriage, are at least partially business; people used him, he used them – understandable transactions. He may have never been on what we would consider a date before. Certainly not a romantic one. Conclusion: The Don of Second Jerusalem may be about to have his world rocked in ways he never knew possible; ways that have nothing to do with physical contact. XD

    If you are arguing that its complicated…I’d say you’re right, but, to me, the complications are balanced. Turning her down is risky. Not turning her down is also risky. In the end, Slick doesn’t know enough to weigh those risks, or even perceive them all. Ergo, it’s better not to worry about them. Or, to put it another way, if you are potentially boned regardless of what you’d do, do what you want.

    Also, I wouldn’t worry about Addy too much. Or, at least, I can think of a reason or three that she wouldn’t mind having Slick out of her room for several hours (though Slick better call and let her know)…

  8. xzeddx

    Sleepy sleepy Cypress

  9. Kingman

    Slick’s tail is in a flower pot….I know this show is rough, but that’s a wierd souvenier. (Unless they can reattach. But still)

    As far as Melody goes, she is just asking about him, flirting definatly, but hey hell of a day for the kid.

  10. Lavabat

    One thought I had – just because Cypress has known someone for years does not necessarily mean much. Slick’s father knew “Candycane” for years, but Slick has reason to believe that she poisoned his father, and got him imprisoned – seemingly for no apparent reason other than she chose to do it.

    @The_Rippy_One: Good interpretation of Slick possibly having his first romantic feelings for someone. Not only would relationships in an organized crime setting be business, but it could also have been a liability to fall head over heals in love with anyone. People may not be able to get their target, but they can get their loved ones.

    And while it may be a risk to turn her down, I don’t think his fan-girl would be deterred too much. She might even think he is playing hard to get 😛

  11. Balance

    @Lavabat-The trick is to run away slowly. Possibly why tripping inexplicably over thin air. Of course, running might not be an option for Slick at all at the moment–he might be, er, held in place.

    @Kingman-That may be a medical device of some kind; I think it’s actually connecting the severed bit to the rest of his tail. If so, think of it kind of like a cast–it’s holding the pieces in place while they heal. (Alternatively, it could just be keeping the tail-end alive until it can be reattached.)

  12. e_voyager

    @The_Rippy_one Yes i was saying it’s complicated. as you said she’s a powerful person but while we know melody better then slick does we don’t really know what his relationship is with the princess or what she might do to him is letting the powerful Celeste girl seduce him violate their current relationship. his attempts to tempt jigsaw into taking him as her second in command for protection didn’t work and revealed to him that she’s a lot more dangerous she she looks or seems. Either way he plays it could backfire and destroy all that he’s manged to build up and leave him a hair’s breath away from execution again. at least how things are he has a fighting chance to survive.

  13. nikolai60

    I think Balance is right, that’s probably reattatching the tail.

    Also, a lot of people have gone on already about why or why not to let her have her way. I think we forget one good reason he’s scared: She’s a Celeste, yes that’s covered, but Celestes are hybrids, and in this case, she’s a Talmi-KENDRIL hybrid. And who’s the other Kendril that Slick’s been ‘up close and personal’ with? Geisha. No matter what any of us think of the pairing (I support btw), I think he’s gonna be less than enthusiastic for a while. Which could just be more fun anyways.

    As for the ‘professional’ opinion, I think this is just a case of her normally being all business, but only Veled knowing about her massive crush on one of the convicted felons.

  14. Josh.C

    You know, I’ve always wondered what was underneath Melody’s sash?

    Is it a mouth of a Kendril or a Talmi? Then I even wonder if it’s a fold up structure jaw like those mutant vampires from the blade movie that look like a normal human mouth right up to the point when the bottom jaw unfolds and spreads apart.

    I actually don’t think it’s to bad that Melody has developed feelings for Slick. Who knows, this show might eventually give Slick the chance to kill Candycane on t.v. and get good ratings and a clean slate for it too.

  15. Novawolf7

    Adorable last panel. I suspect Slick may be concerned that Kurt’s niece is coseying up to him on what is likely live video. That is, if he is aware they are related.

  16. Janus

    I am loving that expression of “someone please help D:” on poor Slick in the last panel. The lack of clothing helps.

  17. Josh.C

    @Novawolf7: Well if it isn’t something he’s aware of, it would be just another thing to be concerned about later.

    It does bring up the question if Geisha finds out about his Niece’s love interest. That is if Geisha and Melody are aware of their relationship themselves.

  18. The_Rippy_One

    @Josh.C: I sort of hope that it comes up – we’ve seen very little about the Kendril so far, and getting a canon response from Geisha’s family in reference to his crimes will at least be somewhat telling.

  19. Vulpis

    Poor Slick, everyone wants his tail. 😉 Not to mention he’s certainly in a rather vulnerable state at the moment, between his tail, being tired from the mission, *and* stress over various and sundry (I wonder if if Geisha is even still tweaking him at all, really.)

    Of course what would be funny is if Melody finally gets him calmed down, possibly even showing him that she was a..customer of the family business…only have to Geisha come along, do a double-take at the situation, then comment ‘And just what are your intentions toward my neice, hmmm?’ setting Slick into a panic all over again and making Melody facepalm. 😉 (Yes, I like that scene from the ST:TNG episode ‘Lal’.. 😉 )

  20. Novawolf7

    @Vulpis That would be hilarious! I can imagine Slick looking as scared as Riker was.

  21. Lavabat

    Geisha may not be against Melody having feelings for Slick. Knowing Geisha he would probably start fantasizing about what they get up to, or he would start planning how he could watch – either overtly or covertly. I mean, we have been given a brief insight into his mind already.

  22. Sulucamas

    Gah, this hurts so good! I love the way Sin is just going to town. And remember, No Tugging! …It still needs to reattach… xD

    I think Slick has plenty to be concerned about, considering the last and only time they spoke. That and the fact that Melody is probably literally venomous.

    @Josh.C: Looking at the silhouette of her jaw(s) when she became a fangirl, I bet you’re spot-on.

    Going after Candycane would be an awesome development, especially if there’s some connection between those speakers Candycane installed and Melody’s family. 😮

    @Vulpis: Yanno, I really wouldn’t put that past Geisha, sarcastic or otherwise. 😛

  23. Brunhidden

    this is my cypress, go get your own

    yes, of course you need to take your shirt off to download a video file. why do you ask? *locks door*

  24. e_voyager

    @sulucams that’s a good point Sul. she could have paralyzing petrifying venom like other Kendril. and since you remind us of the harem outfit and we’ve heard tail jigsaw’s sleep walking activities and Jason mad some of his intentions very clear. What do you think Addy gas been having slick do while team Gemini has been having their down time?

  25. Sulucamas

    @e_voyager: I think she’s been having him watch her back at show-sponsored parties! 😀

  26. thebobmaster

    Forgive my noobness (It’s a word. I declare it so), but what exactly is Melody putting on Slick’s shoulder? It’s not an arm, because both of her arms are out straight. Does she have the snake-tendrils that Geisha has, just covered up?

  27. e_voyager

    @bobmaster Yes she does. most kendril hybrids like her and Gabreil have kendril small heads

  28. thebobmaster

    @e_voyager: Ah, thanks. You’d think I would have noticed at some point, seeing as I’ve been following this comic since about the time of Melody fangirling on Slick, but that’s where you’d be wrong.

  29. Lavabat

    @thebobmaster: “You shall read the entire comic from the start to the most recent page”. Sorry, I could not resist trying a Celeste style tone command 😛 I imagine that it did not work, as suck…Look! A decoy! *runs away while going whoop whoop whoop*

  30. The_Rippy_One

    @lavabat: actually, that’s pretty much how it works with me. “Oh? When did that happen/has it always been that way?” *looks back through the archive* *finds about the right place* *nine hours later, finish re-reading up to the current page* Darn it! I had plans for today!

  31. thebobmaster

    I do want to point out that, while there are likely a few people who wouldn’t mind being in Melody’s position…I would rather be in Slick’s. Slick does have an appeal, but something about Melody just has that mysterious appeal, yanno?

    Just don’t look under the veil. *continues being jealous of Slick, while wondering if there is anything odd about being jealous of a fictional character*

  32. e_voyager

    @bobmaster it could be her hybrid Celeste status. it makes you wonder what all else she’s hiding with that veil.

  33. thebobmaster

    @e_voyager: That is part of it. But mostly, it’s just because Melody is a possibly neat character that we really know very little about. We know her position in the bureaucracy, we know she has a thing for Slick, we know that she is a Kendril/Talmi Celeste, and we know she is Geisha’s niece. Other than that…even her personality has not been shown all that much.

    Wow, this is the most I’ve ever been drawn into a webcomic’s world and wanting to know more. Well-played, Jigsaw, well-played. And yes, I am aware that is not your real name, but still.

  34. Lavabat

    Does anyone find it a little disturbing that Melody is a Ministry of Joy official who is covering Last Res0rt as part of her job to keep the cameras rolling with high-quality content and news?

    Ministry of Joy + blood sport reality TV = Disturbing

  35. Brunhidden

    @-E most kendril and hybrids you see wear those- because having a three jawed mouth full of dripping fangs tends to make people uncomfortable. for ones like melody its largely a courtesy so that others don’t have to view it. also some of those are decorative and many hide respiration aids

  36. Sulucamas

    @Lavabat: It does seem a bit strange, almost alien that –hey, wait a minute…!

    I do wonder, though, how much the Min. Joy’s title reflects a distinct cultural value, and how much is engineered doublespeak. 😈

  37. The_Rippy_One

    @ Sul and Lava: 1984 has apparently corrupted me – The dependency felt like such old hat that I didn’t even think about it, just assumed it was double-skeak and rolled with it. Thank you for pointing out my failure to properly consider alternative possibilities.

  38. e_voyager

    @brunhidden Remember that, that girl that slick killed who came back as a zombie was at least part kendril as well though her mask was kind of form fitting it didn’t suggest the split jaws.

  39. Lavabat

    @The_Rippy_One: The dependency?

    @Sulucamas: I would say the Ministry of Joy is more of a reflection of a distinct cultural value than double speak. The Celeste seem like the kind of beings who would genuinely enjoy blood sport (and their not the only ones). Perhaps they what this kind of thing while eating foodstuffs made from other sapient beings in their meat processing factories – assuming that what is in the Beta RPG is accurate 😛

  40. Brunhidden

    @ E-bay – check again, july 5 08

  41. e_voyager

    @brunhidden i went and looked again and you’re right she does have a split jaw. i guess that Gabriel is the only kendril hybrid who’s face we’ve seen that doesn’t have his jaw split. as for her feeding in her sleep of course there was addy’s reaction to being able to keep sedja as well that makes it look like romance or something similar is allowed.

  42. Sulucamas

    @The_Rippy_One: I think 1984 might have corrupted them too. They have a Min. “Love,” for what it’s worth. 🙂

    @Lavabat: Word. On top of those distinct values, I think violence in some for or another bears some near-universal appeal, making it a good choice if you’re trying to entertain many different peoples (the Connection) or a people made of many different peoples (the Celeste).

    Although the wording on that may be a bit vague, I’d say the info in the RPG is about as accurate as you can get… until it get’s retconned, that is. 😉

  43. e_voyager

    i would have likened LastRes0rt to and RL running man but the whole books dispersing and the winggies watching you and controlling everything does give the 1984 vibe. they will make you love them then you too will disappear.

  44. The_Rippy_One

    *discrepancy – darn it spell check, why aren’t you psychic?!

  45. thebobmaster

    @e_voyager: I don’t know about “Make you love them, then make you disappear”. I have a hunch Melody would not be happy if she were ordered to make Slick disappear.

  46. Lavabat

    @The_Rippy_One: Spell check is not psychic because it would make life easy ^^

  47. e_voyager

    @bobmaster there are many ways to disappear a person not all of them are fatal. slick could find himself a semi-permanent member of a male harem for her pleasure. it looks like a role he’s willing to fill for the sake of pleasing his captain who’s kept him alive so far.

  48. RyGuy

    Are those actual eyebrows she has, or has she had her extra eyes removed in favor of looking more like a Tamil?

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