How Would She Know?

How Would She Know?

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  1. e_voyager

    A slapped puppy? this is going to be awkward i’m sure

  2. nikolai60

    oh…goody….well this bodes well…..

    I figured Gabriel would be good for knocking Jason down a peg or two, but wasn’t expecting him to be crushed…

  3. nikolai60

    Unless I interpreted that wrong of course

  4. Josh.C

    To be fair, it also sounds like a child after being scalded and sent to stand in a corner.

    Though it is interesting to think about just how well Jigsaw and Rei work together. I wonder if Rei has a clue on what might be going on here?

  5. xzeddx

    I’m sure a nice pets are in order

  6. Sulucamas

    If he’s still a dog after three days, that whistle must have messed him up pretty badly. 🙁

    @Josh.C: Bet she can only tell as much as Jigsaw can. Those shallow thoughts aren’t much to go on, and I doubt anyone would expect someone else to spontaneously turn into a dog. 😛

  7. e_voyager

    have you noticed that Jigsaw has pretty much switched to silent speak while with Rei? also how long do you think it’s been since Jigsaw has fed? i’m thinking that the whimsy may be affecting her need to feed myself.

  8. The_Rippy_One

    @Sul: Alternatively, he’s still a puppy because he’s stored someplace too uncomfortable for a man. In a dog crate that’s smaller than his shoulder-width, human shape, Jason would be incredibly cramped if he changed back, but it would find it barely tolerable as a doggy, as an example.

    On how much Rei can get – I sort of assumed that either ‘Saw’s familiarity with Jason’s mind could make her better at finding him specifically, or that this is Rei’s version of hands on training.

    Thank you for raising wonderfully interesting points, by the by…

    @E_voyager: What does telepathy have to do with her feeding? I sort of assumed that she was still getting her daily ration from Daisy…

  9. thebobmaster

    Rei seems really nervous for some reason. Wonder if she knows something Jigsaw doesn’t?

  10. e_voyager

    @the_rippy_one the telepathy isn’t connect to her feeding unless you think Rei is getting more then just the words jigsaw sends when they speak. the part of the question about her feeding ins in relation to how long has it been since jigsaw fed. when her or rather the others health holds expired three days had passed. And it’s been at least three more since we last so Alice so that’s a minimum six days if she was full when she started. and humans don’t replace a pint of blood a day so if her tank is running on empty where were she get her necessary health drink?

  11. Shad

    wait why are people saying jason became a dog? I feel like I missed something between his transforming arm and this comic x_x

  12. Starcat5

    @Shad: It has been hinted at in comic, but not outright said yet, that Jason and the Paladin Retriever Sunny are in fact the same “person”.

  13. The_Rippy_One

    @E: If she needs a pint a day, then she wouldn’t have been able to hide it on station – she’d either have had to predatate on more than just Daisy, or Daisy would have had to hit the med bay almost daily to get a blood bag for anemia.

    Heck, she wouldn’t have made it to the Last Res0rt – the trip took three months, after having just been drained by her sire – even if she blacked out and drank from random people, leaving a three month trail of assaulted, bitten people (while not sentient, given that she remembers none of this), following a given ship/route to Last Res0rt, would be pretty obvious.

    Even that starved, ‘Saw’s “rampage” on Daisy left her only slightly wobbly, and our little vamp drank so little everyone else watching thought it was an extended love bite/hickey. I figure, unless she’s had to do a lot of vamp stuff, that her tank is pretty full from the sniper two weeks ago.

    @Shad: There is rampant speculation, with some foundation, that Jason can shape shift into the form of a dog (specifically “his” dog, Sunny). Mostly some of his side comments, like his mom leaving him to be spayed at the vet’s, and flashbacks, like his childhood nickname being “Jasunny.” There’s a full theory (not mine for once) in the comments…somewhere…*searching…* Of course, every time I’ve comment on Jason, I’ve been pretty wrong, so…*eats his humble pie*

  14. kemanorel

    @the_rippy_one: Jigsaw did have to regenerate the damaged hand but, other than that, I think she’s still pretty well fed, vampire-wise.

  15. e_voyager

    @the_rippy_one. Vampire rules in the last res0rt book says vampires need a pint of blood a day. and the people on the lastres0rt station caught her visiting princess Addy for her snacks though she was sleep walking then then they are the whimsy affects on their bodies part of why i think it may be interrupting her need to feed vampire style despite how much time has passed. ash for how she made it to the station when she didn’t even know she was a vampire ? you’d have to ask jigsaw. she was not starved when she fed on daisy she was trying to learn how to feed herself consciously. doing so however seems to have voided her last vestiges of soul shell and caused her biorhythms to flat line waking her Cybee i don’t know where your three month time frame cam from but i also don’t have time to look for it right now. i can neither confirm nor deny how long jigsaw spent in transient to her locations if you could link i’d appreciate it. as i’m sort on time and have to run now

  16. Jigsaw Forte

    @e_voyager: Saying Vampires need “A Pint of Blood” a day is a lot like saying humans need “A Gallon of Water” each day: Technically true, but nobody drinks a straight-up gallon unless they’re stranded on a desert island with limited alternatives for food and water. Same principle applies here.

    Also, Jigsaw was just starting her transformation over those three months, so her requirements were similarly reduced.

  17. The_Rippy_One

    E: Huh – well, that does explain the stance. I really need to run a game. That will get me conversant. Thanks for finding “Busted.” I spent a while last night looking for it, but after two hours, I gave up. Addy has got the size to stay up from the loss of a pint…but she can also regenerate some serious amount of blood in a day? Good to know…Though, I’m curious what Addy thought about those nightly encounters. And Slick, come to that…

    Three months is how long Gangrel was on Recovery Mode ( ), though Jig’ sort of answered that bit. I was under the impression that Recovery Mode cued up because ‘Saw flatlined when she was turned…so…*shrug*

    Alternative to the Whimsy doing it – given that: Rei remembers a time when the Djinn-si and the Celeste were allies, that she likes ‘Saw, and ‘Saw trusts her, Rei may be donating to the cause, as it were, and have the mass and constitution to make good on that donation, being large and near-immortal.

    I’m sort of fighting “the Whismer did it,” only because it means that somehow the Whismer knows to do it. Knowing to fixing Daisy’s leg is easy – it’s pretty obvious that its missing. Most people wouldn’t even consider that someone would need something like a pint of blood every day, and I don’t know if a general subconscious desire to see everyone “healthy” would do the trick. Seems that sort of thing would be more likely to restore a soul shell then keep a vampire fed…and that ignores the fact that ‘Saw looks perfectly normal under soul vision. The whimsy could do it – it seems to be able to do anything…but, if it’s “magic,” then it’s directed magic, with a mind and a perspective to drive it, which needs awareness to work. And I don’t see where the awareness would come in (and why it wouldn’t lead to immediate stakey death).

    Please, do comment back – this is really interesting…

  18. e_voyager

    @jigsaw Thanks for filling us in jigsaw

    @the_rippy_one Sul will be running a game in a few minutes if you want to sit in. it’s on the room is #lastres0rt it should last about 4 hours if all they players can make it. one is on the east coast. if not there will be another one on Monday next week same place.
    As for jigsaw’s situation , I can understand why you would be against the Whimsy doing it thought i must admitted i was thinking of it in a different light. i was thinking that personal reality changed for the people caught in it as long as it didn’t conflict with the larger reality that the Whimser set up. in the case of Daisy she really wanted her leg back even though she knew that it probably wasn’t possible any more so her reality changed to reflect that. it jigsaws case it was that she really wanted to be alive again and not a vampire. the whimsey couldn’t truly set that up for her but it could bring her as close to they state she wanted as possibly making her body as if it was newly turned. rwhat made me think the whimsy might be responsible was “god jigsaw you’re so selfish for wanting to breath” i can’t comment on the soul shell part because i’m not even sure the whimser can see jigsaw’s soul shell. unless the whimser is our unmasked doctor of course
    as for the length of time Gangrel was in recharge mode Jigsaw has answered that but i was under the impression that she had her in her pouch the day or so before her embrace, was embraced against her will , found our daisy was in trouble. form there she first had to track her down since she’d on the Lastres0t station when we arrive in the comic it means that Daisy was moved from Celigo i’m assuming that took a few weeks or a month then she was on the station at least a day or more before the trials to determine executioners began. so there is no telling for use how long she spent were just that she was slowly becoming a vampire for about three months give or take a few days that culminated when she willing and knowing fed on Daisy and her vitals pretty much flat lined taking the training wheels off as it where. at least she’s no Ceres Victoria when it comes to her mind set right? Unlike Ceres she’s willing to feed herself know that she knows what she needs.

    also if you look a page back you’re see i replied on organic computers which we’ve been working on for about a decade ore more. that latest i heard of was replacing a living flies brain with a microchip i believe.

  19. Vulpis

    Huh…was looking at some of the pages linked to in other comments…and realized it’s been over a year now since they ended up on Gabriel’s ship in the first place.

  20. e_voyager

    @vulpis that’s our time in comic time i doubt if it’s been more then two weeks remember that not every comic is real time otherwise it would have been over 288 house since Pelton had seen Alice (that about 12 days

  21. The_Rippy_One

    @E: I…really would have enjoyed sitting in on that. REALLY would have. Thank you for the invite. I now have something else to level at that blasted hurricane (East coast USA resident). Our power just came back – wishes for those still blacked out and underwater.

    Anyway – is that a regularly scheduled session? or can you drop me a line for the next one?

    Now…I would never have thought of whimsy working like that…sort of a hierarchical system with inherited permissions. Sort of. It will do anything that you like (well, give you a probability of it occurring, let’s say), but only if the user above you hasn’t forbidden it, with the Whismer sitting as the only super user…I’d be curious where the restriction on teleporting in loved ones got instituted (thinking of the kid who’s missing his/her/its mom …)

    I’m obviously looking at it as more of an (Enlightened) dictator with partial amnesia – what he/she/it wants, happens, but it’s generally nice in it’s whims, and doesn’t seem to be entirely aware of the facts involved.

    I really like the way you’re thinking…I’d love it if Ponybot started out as a basic system, and has been getting brighter and closer to being an AI as it slow thinks of itself getting/wishing to be more capable (the old saw: Computers aren’t intelligent, they just think they are).

    It’ll be interesting to see how Jig’ proves us wrong… 😉

    I did see your comment on carbon microchips…but since we seemed to be in agreement about the capacity of LR robots to contain enough carbon to at least potentially carry a soul, I didn’t see the point in responding, said response being something on the lines of “Right oh, old chap, well done, I say. Golly good!” Unless you were arguing that the carbon had to be related to the ‘bots “mental” processes. Which makes sense, but I’d note that I imagine you’d place the bulk of the chips in a robot near locations of locomotion to handle the related incredible math involved in moving.

    On your Gangrel…thing…wha? The best I took away was that you were enunciating a timeline of ‘Saw’s travels, post-turning. Unless you were saying that ‘Saw’s feeding would have been harder to follow because she hit Celigo first, and bummed around the planet a bit before heading for LR when she heard about Daisy’s transfer. Maybe you’re right…if Celigo has a decent number of vagrants, she’d possibly drop off the radar (though you’d still have the assaults leading to, and eventually from, Celigo). Two and a half things, though – It isn’t clear how ‘Saw chose her midnight snacks, other than the fact that the events never made it into long term memory – which argues for limited awareness and conscious control; ergo, victims of ease, not planned hunts for those unlikely to be missed. Still, a bit of luck might have done for that trick. 1.5: And this is pure speculation, but Celigo, seat of the half-Celeste, doesn’t seem like a place that would have s high vagrant population, between their desire to impress, their ruthlessness toward opposition, and their cavalier attitude towards killing things that aren’t Celeste. Finally, a vampire drinking on Celigo seems like Dracula stopping in for a bite at the Helsing family reunion – if there was anywhere she’d get spotted, it’s there, especially between the sensor units, and the fact that she didn’t know that she had reason to hide herself (her mission, sure, but not her existence).

  22. Sulucamas

    @e_voyager: I’m pretty sure Jigsaw died, shattered, and flatlined during her Embrace, which probably caused Gangrel to go into Recovery Mode in the first place. It seems unlikely that the act of knowingly feeding on Daisy would suddenly complete her transformation into a Vampire.

    Fun fact: Last Res0rt Station is in orbit around Celigo. Regardless of whether Jigsaw tried to find Daisy on Celigo, it wouldn’t have taken very long for her to be moved up to the station.

    @The_Rippy_One: They’re regularly scheduled, and anyone’s welcome to sit in or join in. The more the merrier! I’ll warn you up front, though, that I’m not an especially good GM. 😛

    As cool as a Whimsy that gives everyone else Whimsy would be, I think it’s really a lot more basic than we’re making it out to be. I get the impression that it’s passive, non-directed, and relatively simple in its effect, since the Whimser’s soul has been “dramatically aligned around a single focus.” But, as always, who knows!

    Jigsaw’s already shown that she can do a bang-up job of secretly feeding on Daisy (before Gangrel woke her up), so she probably wouldn’t have too much trouble on the White Diamond Crisis, as long as she can avoid the security cameras.

  23. The_Rippy_One

    @Sul: Thanks for the invite! Email- sent!

    I tend to agree, Whimsy ought to be directed (its why I favor a authoritarian style of how it works). Though, if I’m reading this right, you seem to be saying that its effect should be of a smaller scale, due to the focus of its Whimser, instead of the general warping that I posited? Works for me – what do you think the Whismer’s focus is, based on what we’ve seen so far (pure conjecture, of course)?

    The station is above Celigo? *looks things up* It is! Dash it all…They better not reveal her on air, or they’re going to cavity search all the locals…Forget crashing the reunion, this is Dracula renting the Helsing’s subletted attic! How the deuce did she stay hidden for 3 months? Hey Jig,’ you open for a bonus comic commission “Last Res0rt: Episode 0”? (As opposed to the pilot, made for tv, movie…of course…)

  24. e_voyager

    @the_rippy_one yes i was trying to time like her having Gangrel in her pouch and what may have taken place over those three months. and i have to agree with you remember she was marked as a dead inside by many of the skilled Celeste we’re seem (Veled , Melody , Harmony and Arikos the who who tired to kill jigsaw. if she’d landed on Celigo then chances are half the population would have been trying to kill her for reasons that she wouldn’t be aware of. maybe for the first month or so her body read as a reaper which is read as a sterling unless their item of power is destroyed or they ascend to djinn why demon could see her religion stamped on her original soul shell when he stared and provoked her trying to see her dead eyes but wasn’t alarmed by what he saw …as for the events not making it into her long term memory it also looks like her vampire and normal self were dissociating from each other

    @sulucamas actually according the the comic she shattered when she was shot i can swear i remember a comic that actually depicted the shatter but it’s not in the archives. as for why she was in recovery mode remember a Cybee is like a cell phone. jigsaw is a musician. She probably put her in recovery mode before her preference. remember it was jigsaw flat lining that trigger Gangrel to awaken and call for the police saying that there was a corpse and that she had their evidence right there. … i think i linked to this one recently…

    @ all intersected : the whimsy is and area effect item / spell state of mind kind of thing as for the benign dictator ideal… he can set the rules mostly likely or at least set some of the guidelines but he can’t control the whimsy it self it can’t be controlled by definition as for the whimsyer focus … i can see two things on the ship itself or tow the huge amounts of glitter on the ship. both probably generate a lot of power that their soul can attune to the glitter being it’s tech that needs to be powered the space ship because …. it’s a space ship.

  25. Lavabat

    I don’t know about anyone else – but I don’t trust the Celeste ‘Saw is with. But I probably am a lot more suspicious/paranoid than most! 😛

  26. Jigsaw Forte

    @The_Rippy_One: I think I’d have to think long and hard about how I’d be able to pull it off — it’s plausible, of course, but previous efforts (like the Year of Fear project) have fallen to the wayside before, so there’s a lot of concern about how to work on it, the size of the book, whether or not y’all would rather I just post a “Volume 0” in place of Volume 3 (which would be delayed as a result) or something similar… you get the idea.

    I don’t like promising things that take a while to follow through on (RPG, anyone?), so I want to make sure I do this right.

  27. The_Rippy_One

    @E: I don’t read Areal’s comment to Melody when ‘Saw was shot as “She just shattered,” but more “She is shattered, and is about to rise up pissed. Why don’t you know this?”

    @Jig’: That’s a very good answer! I guess I should plan on harassing you after the comic is “done” (and the fall of mankind occurs due to the resulting grief), if you aren’t sick of us at that point ;D .

  28. e_voyager

    You could be right Rippy_one but i remember when the comic was first run some comic in that are had fragments around jigsaw that looked like pieces or her memory or but i haven’t seen that image in forever. i reading it as ” you did even notice the shattered shards” before she was interrupted. or maybe she was saying shattering but with an shifted spelling such as how earth became Tearth to the aliens shatter could be shattere or shattered or something like that but i’m repeating myself now. i look forward to seeing you at the game monday.

  29. Sulucamas

    @The_Rippy_One: We have Siege turning into a Kyuun (fire breathing goat/ponybot thing), the bling on the guns, and now nonlethal barnacles. It’s kinda hard to pin down a single focus for that, but maybe that’s the point of insanity! xD

    Perhaps it’s some kind of focus on high-tech opulence (and Kyuuns…for some reason…)? Peloton already seems to epitomize this aesthetically, comparing the way it looks to Siege.

    @e_voyager: People are supposed to shatter when they die, so Jigsaw should have shattered long before she was shot. Melody was talking about the shattered (and zombified) Scout Kuvaela instead.

    It’s probably totally possible to silence a Cybee like a cellphone, but I think Recovery Mode is much more dire. Cybees are supposed to be life-long personal assistants and custodians, so it would seem fitting that they would enter some kind of factory-mandated hibernation when their owner dies. That said, I have no clue why Gangrel woke up when it did, aside from having a critically low battery (or acting as a plot device). 😉

    @Lavabat: What’s not to trust? She’s ancient, holds a fierce grudge, and could easily bite your head off? 😛

    @Jigsaw Forte: ~Volume~ 0? That’s a whole lotta story! 😀

    Beggars can’t be choosers, but if we’re lucky enough to get to that point, I know I’d vote for Volume 3 instead.

  30. e_voyager

    @sulucamas “Death or Near-Death Experiences cause the shell to Shatter. ” it also says that “Vampires are notorious for using this method to avoid the more unpleasant side effects of Shattering” thought it doesn’t say what method they use to avoid the pain of shattering. With out that i began to suspect that they use a method similar to what is used to make a reaper. perhaps i’m reading it wrong when i think of it like this but as vampires are made with sires and the books tells us that that when a reaper is made with the help of a djinn (it doesn’t seem like it matters what sort so i think a vampire qualifies) that they some how tunnel through the soul shell giving them both the power of a djinn and the unassuming status of a sterling. the book also says that the embrace is a transformation ritual that avoids the trauma of shattering through death at the hands of another vampire and being brought back via blood allowing them to pass as normal sterling. i’m not sure what djinn inheritance is but it says that vampires have all djinn traits as well how ever that works. i assumed that means the flexible soul and improved hardiness like Alice has but i’m starting to ramble sorry.

  31. Sulucamas

    @e_voyager: Since both Vampires and Reapers have parts of their soul destroyed without being shattered, I don’t see why the processes involved couldn’t be similar or related. The cold specifics, though, might just be left to our imaginations. 🙂

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