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  1. nikolai60

    …robot ain’t that smart, is it?

  2. Josh.C

    At first I didn’t think Peloton was to bright.

    Though by her expression last panel, I’m thinking this isn’t the first time she’s had to suffer snark. She might even be catching on to that kind of behavior.

  3. thebobmaster

    Hmm, missing Djinn…known shapeshifter…on an isolated station…I know, let’s see if anyone has seen her, and assume she hasn’t, you know, shapeshifted! *facepalm*

  4. Shad

    why do I want to say that human girl IS the missing djinn…using the color of the autie glasses to diguise her eyes?

  5. Lavabat

    Hmm…Don’t know if this AI is genuinely dumb, or is merely playing dumb to give missing Djinn the false impression that she has an advantage over the AI…*squints eyes*

  6. Lavabat

    Just read the title of this page. AI seems to be genuinely dumb…in-spite of the number of Celestes aboard the ship she is on…AI needs an update or something.

  7. nikolai60

    Peloton probably is still running on vista

  8. Lavabat

    @nikolai60: At least it’s not Windows 98 ^_^

  9. thebobmaster

    @Shad: I don’t think so. Those eyes look orange. If they were red, the green would make them stand out more, due to red and green being complimentary colors.

  10. thebobmaster

    Sorry for the double post, but rereading it…is Peloton saying that Alice has been missing for almost 3 days?! And they are just now having a concern with her safety?

  11. Lavabat

    @thebobmaster: No, she has only been missing for 10 hours and 30 minutes (10.5 hours). Long enough for people to become concerned about her. She may be able to hide, but she has nowhere to run – being on a space ship and all. Unless she finds a space suit and an unguarded air lock. ^_^

  12. xzeddx


  13. Feral

    I guess those are dead eyes behind the green glasses?

  14. e_voyager

    it seems that Peloton doesn’t know what a shape shifter is exactly. IE she doesn’t know that shape shifters can change their appearance. you’d think that would be a common definition

  15. Vulpis

    @bobmaster I was confused on that for a moment myself–that’s a 10, not a 70. Then again, considering the fonts I usually use make it nigh-impossible to distinguish 1 and l… 🙂

  16. Sulucamas

    I guess if they had soul-sensing equipment like Mordecai did, Gabriel wouldn’t have lost Alice in the first place… Speaking of whom, it’s really neat to compare this to the old art in Alice’s mugshot! 😮

    Also, that is indeed a seven. I would hope that with all that time they’re already well on their way to saving Daisy. 🙁

  17. thebobmaster

    @Sulucamas: Daisy’s safe, with Jigsaw around. It’s Alice that’s in danger.

  18. Jigsaw Forte

    It is, in fact, 70+ hours since we last saw Alice, Jigsaw & Daisy.

    I’m trying to at least keep pace, so the events here are now occurring at roughly the same time as Vince & White’s meeting, hence the offscreen time jump.

  19. e_voyager

    thanks for the update. we were wondering how long it’s been but doesn’t Alice revert to normal in her sleep?

  20. Brunhidden

    this is the future- our autocorrect is meh and our voice recognition seldom tells people to fornicate themselves with iron rods, but our facial recognition software still sucks badly enough it would be easier to zerox her rack to APHIS

  21. The_Rippy_One

    Okay, So, textbook case of a smartframe over a true AI. Smartframes can “learn” new things, and can correct or re-write data under limited (programmed) situations, while AI’s are capable of cognition, abstract reasoning, and can relate concepts presented in separate, and non-related, fashion. Smartframes could “notice” that the data that they have received is bad (the pony can probably determine that a patient has been misdiagnosed if presented with new symptoms), and adjust, but AIs would have either guessed at what a shape shifter could possibly do (by context clues), or gone looking for an answer.

    Meanwhile…I get why ponybot doesn’t peg her as being Alice, but why doesn’t she get pegged as a stowaway? Pelonton should have a visual id of everyone who should be on ship, and a shapeshifted Alice isn’t registered (or Alice has gotten better at copying, at which point she ought to get caught when the ship notices someone has a twin).

  22. Sulucamas

    @thebobmaster: I just hope Jigsaw can help Daisy with those killer barnacles. D:

    @The_Rippy_One: Could it also be that Peloton’s collective intelligence is necessarily distributed (and isolated) among its many bodies? Doesn’t seem especially ideal, but who knows! 😛

    If Alice were to copy someone else on the ship, do you think she’d have it in her to dispose of the original?

  23. e_voyager

    it’s possible but i don’t think it’s probably Sul. then again if she looks human or like her normal humanself before she became Djinn it might fool Peloton for a while

  24. Lavabat

    The only problem with Last Res0rt…only updates once a week. It’s slowly driving me crazier. 😛

  25. thebobmaster

    @ Lavabat: I like it, actually. It gives a feeling of being a TV show.

    And this is totally weird, but am I the only one who notices that Peloton seems to be rather…ample in the chest area, for a robot?

  26. Lavabat

    @thebobmaster: No, I noticed she is rather ample as well. Must be a male thing 😀

  27. Le Blue Dude

    That girl is the whimser, the robot deliberatly told her she didn’t know so as to allow the whimser to control reality better… and force the shape-shifted djin to appear as something else.

  28. Le Blue Dude

    Wait, no, I guess not. Now I feel like a dumb conspiracy theorist

  29. e_voyager

    that Pelton is ample in the chest area is not mistakes nor is the the fault of he whimseyer most likely. chances are she looks that way because she was designed to look that way. it is to appeal to people that like that sort of things on ladies of any strip.

  30. Sulucamas

    I think Peloton also stands out like that because it doesn’t have any arms! xD

    @Le Blue Dude: Welcome to the club. :3

    Now just how ARE they going to find the Whimser?

  31. The_Rippy_One

    @ Sul: I do think that her lack of arms does contribute to the general apparent size of her bust – on the other hand, it’s an obvious place to stick her gyro mounts, and with no arms for balance, gyros would be of fairly critical importance.

    Welcome to the good ship Awesome, Le Blue Dude!

  32. Vulpis

    Actually, I wonder if anyone’s noticed, but Pelaton *does* have arms…they’re covered in Vector Caps.

  33. e_voyager

    what about the hand’s she’s controlling?

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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