Yes, It’s Safe to Keep Reading.

Yes, It’s Safe to Keep Reading.

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  1. e_voyager

    Someone has a Diva complex. unlike that whiner Geisha has acutely proven that he was some worth in this show

  2. nikolai60

    I think you just made a WHOLE LOT of people really happy. Most of us probably would have kept reading anyways, but that certainly is a relief.

  3. nikolai60

    On a side note: You REALLY enjoy encouraging Slick fangirls, don’t you?

  4. Josh.C

    I think that gives Slick the third kill on the show.

    Also, what do you know, another player with an inflated view of themselves that bights the dust because of team Gemini. Way to go team!!!!!!

    I guess even Lady luck hates a whiner.

  5. e_voyager

    that would mean first and third. he’s on a roll with the odd numbered kills

  6. xzeddx

    Jesus christo…Someone get some bleach and perhaps a hose!

  7. hariman

    So, yeah. Standing around in that place is dangerous too! I guess our friendly “meat packers” are not so friendly with their supply or visitors.

  8. Starcat5

    Good news: The body in the bag has been accounted for. Slick is safe for another episode.

    Better news: It wasn’t anybody in the Player Mob anyone actually cared about. Zodiac? Interesting backstory that still needs to be fleshed out. Siege? If she goes Dead Inside, does that prove that she REALLY IS a person in a tin can? ;p Spiral Black? It was Talk Like a Pirate Day this week. Would YOU want to see him go?

    But Flood? He wiped out a bunch of white caller crooks. Big whoop. Without a metric tonne of character development to flesh him out, he really WAS just cannon fodder.

  9. e_voyager

    It’s not over yet more. more then on person can die on missions you know so far i’m glad it’s not a TPK

  10. Novawolf7

    This Slick Fangrrl is extremely happy with the plot thus far. And Slick carrying Gangrel is adorable. Besides, every time I saw London’s name, I thought of the “flood” in Halo. *shivers*

  11. e_voyager

    @novawolf wow good catch. i didn’t notice her peeking out of slick’s pouch

  12. The_Rippy_One

    I, for one, would have kept reading *look of loyal adoration*

    Not only does Slick claim the most kills, haven’t Team Gemini claimed all of the Last Res0rt team owned kills? Gemini is deadliest za world!!1!!! XD

    Well, if Daisy (tele-gank) and Jason (best shooter) actually worked on a team, that might not be a case…but that ain’t happening.

    Nikolai: She does seem to feed them quite often, doesn’t she? 😉

  13. Jigsaw Forte

    @Nikolai: Less “encouraging” the fangirls and more kicking myself for not making Slick the third bottle opener design instead of Jason — it’s not that I didn’t think Slick was popular enough to pull it off, I just didn’t expect that kind of response.

  14. Janus

    I am pleased that Slick is (mostly) intact. We can’t lose our weapons-grade prettyboy, now can we? :b

  15. Vulpis

    @Janus Indeed..he’s a pretty boy, who by turns can do both the Epic Warrior Stance *and* the Shy-Boy stance. (At this this point, I’d figure that Geisha probably still gives him the willies, but from Geisha’s side it’s probably more because it’s hilarious fun to yank Slick’s chain rather than any real intentions).

    I wonder if Melody is ever going to ‘borrow’ Slick for an evening like Veled did to Jig a while back. 🙂

    Not to mention–good thing Jig has the protection of being an Author Avatar–otherwise she very likely might find herself losing her spot as Main Character. 😉

  16. Vulpis

    Meanwhile, a thought occurs to me–greenie there obviously should have learned to be a penitent man…

  17. Warsmith Bob

    Hm, I wonder, is it an actual “specifically meant to kill intruders and meddling kids” kind of trap, or did the mooks simply move the energy beam/force field cutting arrays off of the carving line?

    Also, its probably a good thing that the beam/field missed greenies gun there.

  18. nikolai60

    @’Saw I’d say Slick probably has the largest real life fangirl population of the comic, plus for those of us who aren’t fangirls, he’s just plain fun to have around. Jason’s an interesting character to have around, and fun to annoy, but I don’t think he has the same likableness that Slick has.

    Also, regardless of intentions, more stuff like the last panel and you may quickly attract a far larger fangirl population, be warned though, most will probably be coming over from Anime and Manga circles.

  19. e_voyager

    @jigsaw third bottle opener design ?? is that a Jin reference?

  20. Jigsaw Forte

    @e_voyager: No, it’s a reference to these real-life bottle openers you can purchase in the not-fully-annnounced-yet-fully-functional online LR store. 😉

  21. The_Rippy_One

    @on “bottle opener topic”: ‘Sides which, we all know the best bet for opening a “bottle” of ‘Jin is Addy – she’s the most experienced.

    I’m…just going to go put myself in the time-out corner now…

  22. nikolai60

    *smacks The_Rippy_one with rolled up newspaper*

  23. ChaosMageX

    Hmmm. Between Superjail!, Deadman Wonderland, and Last Res0rt, I’m starting to see a pattern. 😉

  24. nikolai60

    @ChaosMageX I’m happy to say LR came first, of the 3 you just listed.

  25. Sulucamas

    Here’s to excellently meta titles, horrified old men (those teeth!), and Gemini being second in command! 😀

    So…is Slick (yay Slick!) a nonchalant, nonlethal ninja, or did he just accidentally fall on that mook? 😕

  26. e_voyager

    Crazy thing now they are doings some tv show called last resort i say it being advertise alone the express way. it seems to be about a nuclear sub gone rouge or something.

  27. Sulucamas

    @e_voyager: It is really, REALLY bizarre to see those adds and hear “Last Resort” spoken aloud. It’s certainly not what I associate with that title! xD

  28. Lavabat

    …why does Slick have a pouch? Only the female marsupials have pouches. And what the hell has he got in his pouch? Also, Soylent Green >:3

  29. nikolai60

    1. All Talmi have pouches, not just females.
    2. I’m pretty sure that’s Gangrel
    3. Yay I’m not the only one who thought that!

  30. e_voyager

    heh i think most of us though that as soon as it became apparent what type of meats they plant was packing (even people who’ve never read the book thanks the futurama )

  31. The_Rippy_One

    It’s all just processed protein in the end, right? Who’d know the difference? Besides, 90% of it tastes like chicken, anyways!

  32. e_voyager

    sorry i’d rather go vegen then eat a reconised think speaking spices

  33. Lavabat

    @The_Rippy_One: Everything tastes like chicken. What was there, some sort of common ancestor species which happened to taste like chicken?

    @nikolai60: All Talmi have pouches, eh? Okie Dokie! And who is Gangrel? Sorry new reader who sort of rushed it…

  34. nikolai60

    @Lavabat OH! Well, welcome then, mind you we’re a talkative bunch so be prepared for some pretty interesting discussions at times. You’re probably going to want to go back and reread both the comic and footnotes (when they appear) in more detail at some point, as well as look for the longer comment pages, this comic is wicked detailed, which is why we love it. If you have questions feel free to ask, one of us, or Ms. ‘Saw herself, will try to answer as soon as possible.

    As for Gangrel, she’s sort of a sentient PDA/Phone/Computer/Tazer/whatever else you can think of. She belongs to Jigsaw, but since the fiasco earlier that separated them she’s been promoted to ‘Temporary Executioner’, seeing as how she has that nice tazer:

  35. e_voyager

    she’s jigsaw’s cyberdoll and a member of team andromeda temporarily promoted to full Executor

  36. Lavabat

    @nikolai60: Reread comic and foot notes? Roger will co!

    Also, Slick looks odd without his tail tuft.

  37. Sulucamas

    @nikolai60: You rock! ^_^

  38. e_voyager

    that right nikolai that was great. i was a bit slower then you

  39. nikolai60

    @Lavabat I think everyone’d look a little different with bits missing. Even so, I think ‘Saw is taking him, intentional or no, from ‘pampered pretty boy’ right into Bishounen territory.

    @Rest Uh, thank you? lol wow, I didn’t realize someone else was trying to answer at same time, just trying to help, and make up for lack of real activity lately…

    …two fraken minutes…wow…

  40. The_Rippy_One

    @lavabat – Also, don’t worry too much if you forget something – between all of us, we manage to keep it together – we’re a pretty friendly group, to boot! I can think of a couple times where I put my foot in it, and no one removed my head or anything! Kudos Nik, well summed summation!

  41. Vulpis

    You know, it occurs to me–Slick’s had a chunk of his tail chopped off, but neither portion of it is bleeding, *nor* is he screaming in pain, just calmly asking where it went. Is this part of the armor suit functions, or something about Talmi anatomy?

  42. Sulucamas

    @Vulpis: Maybe a bit of both? Their suits aren’t supposed to provide much protection on their own, but perhaps they give wounds some compression along with being skin-tight. I’d also think that there just isn’t much vasculature to bleed from near the tip of a Talmi’s tail, given how thin it is.

    For the lack of screaming, I’d attribute that to the time that’s elapsed and/or Slick himself. It wouldn’t make for good television if the suits provided painkillers. 😈

  43. The_Rippy_One

    I sort of assume its painkillers – keeping your troops out of shock is a fairly sensible precaution to take.

    I’m sort of curious if he’s going to go for a prosthetic, or if there is enough life support in the bit of suit that was removed to keep it alive and re-attachable. If Sulucamas is right about its vascular structure, it wouldn’t take much to keep that bit “not dead.”

  44. nikolai60

    Guysguysguys, I think we’re forgetting something important: GLITTER!!!!!!!

    Remember? The nanotech in people that helps out in various ways? The stuff that in large amounts is bad, but in small amounts heals? The tail is small enough, it probably just blocked it off and is telling the nerves: Hey no pain here, move along.

    Reattatching might be a bit more of a difficult process, but I bet he’s not rolling in pain, or bleeding out, from glitter work, since we saw Jigsaw and Daisy were still able to keep talking and stuff after their own wounds, even if they were limited in action. This clearly isn’t as bad, so I bet the glitter handles it better.

  45. e_voyager

    @nikolai the glitter probably helps but it would mean that slicks glitter has been upgraded some. remember that before when he was wound in the ear the medic ( Qin ) said that his only worry about slick was that he was bleeding more then he should from such a minor wound to the ear.

  46. nikolai60

    @e_voyager I’d bet they fixed the problem by now, either that or the Scout was using ‘unconventional’ ammunition. I again point to the events in the previous episode as proof. True Slick wasn’t the one wounded, but his should be at around the same level comparatively.

  47. e_voyager

    @Nikolai actually he was right through the ears you can see them here and hear Qin’s explanation here in face there’s s close up on one of them here as well though again non of the people shot seem to be in serious pain.

  48. RyGuy

    Oh, come on. My dad’s classic Tales From The Crypt comics depicted a guy getting sliced up like that in graphic detail, and he was 12 at the time (my dad, not the victim). You aren’t subconciosly implying that there was something to the Comics code are you?
    Seriously, it is refreshing to see someone who is comfortable with the right amount gore when it is absolutely necessary to the scene, but prefers Hitchcockian subtlety more often.

  49. RyGuy

    What the, why does a male have a pouch?? Is this one of those equality of the sexes things that goes too far, sugical androgeny? Not to mention that males also have the spare rib weakness.

  50. RyGuy

    On the other hand, this could be a seahorse like adaptation, so that primitive Tamili could divide up the burden of hauling around the joey. Ill bet males still can’t suckle them, and only become useful after the baby is fat and furry enough to leave for a moment. At what point are they circumcised? It can’t be 8 days after birth, the genitals wouldn’t be formed yet. Is it 8 days after he first leaves the pouch? Do they cut both penises, or just one?

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