Finally, Arikos is Useful!

Finally, Arikos is Useful!

Footnote: While this seems like a glaring oversight on White’s part, it should be pointed out that White Noise, no matter how old he is, is still a space-station boy — which means he’s used to tank-grown food coming out of fabricators, as opposed to “the old fashioned way”.

It’s safe to say he’s about as disgusted at the idea of food being hacked off the bones of a dead animal raised explicitly for its eventual slaughter as we would be with the idea of eating artificial meat that came out of the business end of a 3D printer.

Most other folks (Addy, certainly) aren’t as bothered by the idea, and so groups like the Society for Ethical Handling of Nascent Sophonts (SeHNS) still have a tough road to hoe… unless, of course, you’re talking about the right kind of meat.

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  1. nikolai60

    You really enforce the idea that anyone can die, you know that?

  2. e_voyager

    i really think i’m going to start feeling ill soon

  3. Brunhidden

    wow, this really came together after those changes.

    i REALLY like the footnote, a little text like that gives so much depth to what the world is doing

  4. The_Rippy_One

    Okay, so, their mission was to shut down a meatpacking facility for the local PETA. Slick goed missing early on, and apparently the forces opposed have a method of disabling at least some of their armor’s protection, in a way that is instantly obvious. That just about right?

    Did anyone look at the dismembered bit, see the colors, and think it was part of WN for a second (obviously not, his hair isn’t green)?

    Let’s see, Arikos’s specialty is mind control and will suppression (but may no longer be able to use these, due to his eye damage, apparently). Also, very strong and relatively sturdy.

    Is it wrong that I want him to be “volunteered” as a meat-shield?

  5. Brunhidden

    well hes got plenty of meat for it, and provides decent shade

  6. Josh.C

    A mission to shut down a slaughter house of questionable products.

    The player of a race that has had a bit of standing of abuse from other races and the fattest member both going missing with only a severed tail tip being left behind. Then their suspects are disabling their shields. Also take into account again of its a slaughter house their in. Has all the makings of a horror movie or a mob movie.

    Yeeeeaaaah, that isn’t looking too good.

  7. hariman

    … Vince should be more careful when he sends the contestants into a meat grinder, especially one as punny as a slaughterhouse that uses people for product.

    It seems like this was a major setup by someone, although I’m not sure how likely it is that a pack of murderous cannibals would know about Kinetic Halo Armor.

    I hope Slick doesn’t end up dead from this mission. He’s one of the more likable bastards on the show.

  8. Starcat5

    Please let Slick live…
    Please let Slick live…
    Please let Slick live…
    Please let Slick live…
    *Is in his NOT so happy place*

  9. The_Rippy_One

    Starcat would like us to skip the Slicky pudding…noted…

  10. e_voyager

    meh i’m okay with vat grown meat my big taboo is anything for a species that can speak also that does look like slicks tail with is why i’m feeling a little ill at the moment;.. Slick has good charisma and his main goal was to stay alive though this. he seems to be loyal to an extent to Addy at lest whom has given him a chance to prove himself all in all i still hope he’s counted among the living

  11. Karistina

    I hope slick isn’t in that bag too. If so this is the end of the comic for me. 🙁

  12. Vulpis

    Though I’m something of a mind with Karistina at the moment, it’s a little interesting that the Last Resort ‘show’ has gone from arena fighting to a series of what are basically ‘Expendable Merc-for-hire’ missions.

  13. The_Rippy_One

    Well, if all the fights were “staged,” things either might get boring, or something interesting (like zombie interstellar peacekeepers) might happen, and it would be the stations “fault.” Plus, if you recall, the convicts are all supposed to die – the show just makes it entertaining (or resolves certain legal hurdles). The missions are supposed to be “Suicide Squad” level. The problem I’m having isn’t that, per say, but that they keep getting chucked into missions which aren’t what they were told and were incapable of being won (I think that is WN’s point, too).

    The last mission was a “find and kill a single hostile on a spaceship that StarOrg controls.” Except, StarOrg didn’t control it, there were significantly more hostiles, and the hostile was able to Tone his entire ship.

    My WMG for the evening is that the meatpacker is a cover for a super zombie lab/training camp, and the bodybag contains the still squirming pieces of a super zombie.

  14. Shad

    Well, Arikos’ statement sheds light on why WN’s armor was damaged. I hope that was not slick in the bodybag

  15. nikolai60

    People are saying about the fact that the ‘show’ isn’t what it claims to be. Let us think about the government and organization running this, and the world in which this takes place. Deception and complicated machinations are the order of the day. Everyone has their own set of goals, most of which are in conflict with at least one other persons, typically more. The Star Org are certainly not going to worry about, or care, if anyone dies because the scenario they were sent into wasn’t specifically stated in the initial planning. To them it’s just an excuse to kill potential (or confirmed) enemies. Why not say ‘hey, this is a problem we need to get rid of, why waste troops when we can send in criminals we don’t care about?’, and if it fails and they all die, THEN do something else.

  16. Josh.C

    @nikolai60: You give some good points.

    Though the additional we know about Xanatos and Murphy, gives us an image that while they may be hired out as expendable assets. Others view them more as disposable assets.

    For Cypress and Vince show, some might be having their own idea’s of how the show should be run.

    Though on another note, I think I can see some influence from Jigg’s fanfiction for Ratchet and Clank here. I seem to remember though that Jigsaw was leading the infiltration part of the group there and the team was kicking booty to the curb while doing it in that story. This version is for more in the horror genera though.

  17. Sulucamas

    That footnote is pretty swell. Wonder if SeHNS started after the Humans first fought the Celeste off of Terth for operating alien slaughterhouses…or after the Talmi Liberation? Talmi is definitely the “right kind of meat.” 🙁

    @The_Rippy_One: Arikos is also useful because he can understand the hidden message behind the Toning. “Hit them four times in the same spot!”

    @hariman: Those murderous cannibals might have just watched the show and figured it out from there.

    @Josh.C: I’d imagine Cypress and Vince would do their best to strike a balance between allowing for bloodsport/death and stretching the show out for as long as they can.

  18. The_Rippy_One

    @nikolai60: Sure, StarOrg might be fine with a Total Party Kill, but Cypress’s family is running this gig, and if everyone dies, what, 5 episodes in, that’s probably not going to get them into the black on the project. Plus the awkward publicity when the innocent players are killed. Or having your “winner” violently die on interstellar television slightly after everyone else. And forget getting your next batch of murders and thieves to play.

    I’d guess that the producers, at least, are trying to run a transparent game at this point (not clean, but, the kinds of dirty tricks that are rational to the format – sudden challenges and inducing drama, instead of surprise armies of Terminators). Failing to declare serious threats ruins their credibility and could induce the players to refuse to play in an entertaining fashion (boring tactics, maximized safety precautions, low speed “play”), or rebel.

  19. Brunhidden

    thusfar it seems that the audience really likes slick and is not wanting him to die.

    awesome, we have the hot guy that sells comics. put his fine booty on everything and make some money

    unless he does die, and is made into an undead of sexy… naaaah

  20. e_voyager

    remember the first episode was an exhibition match. that’s why it was in an arena and why the galaxy girl scouts (i wonder what happened to them) were the opponents. it was in part to show what kind of action the audience could look forward too and part to test the meddle and ingenuity of the contestants

  21. Vulpis

    @Brunhidden Hmmm, I’m wondering if that might something done *in-verse*, actually, as a side thing…you know Melody, at least, would load up on the Slick merch… 🙂

  22. Brunhidden

    @ Vulpis- see melody wearing undergarments with slick on them? perhaps she gets a slick body pillow? put him on anything we today would see hello kitty on

  23. The_Rippy_One

    @ Brunhidden: So, wait, there is a small, discreet, Slick “Hand Massager?”

  24. Vulpis

    @Brunhidden Hee. And then it hits the fan when Jigsaw learns they’ve made merch of *her* as well (along with the rest of the cast, mind you)…with Daisy grumbling that they got her face wrong. And in the background Qin looks thoughfully at something hidden by one of the other cast’s head while White Noise stands there beet-red commenting ‘I’m not *quite* that big, you know…’ (possibly made worse by Qin replying ‘I wouldn’t say that…’ 😉

  25. Kermit

    It’s always trickier trying to decode tone messages that are hidden behind dialogue, so this is as far as I got:

    just hit[?] the
    four t_m[OBSCURED] in t[he?]
    same shot!

  26. Kermit

    Apparently I’m better at this after practicing for a day 😛

    “just hit the
    four t_m__ in the
    same shot!”

    Still not sure what that one word is, but I’m guessing that the guy’s talking about the four floating bars that hover around the players. The armor’s ablative ability relies on being able to distribute the force of a shot around the wearer’s body in a field, but if all the bars are lined up it creates a short window where the shot can go straight through.

  27. RyGuy

    Now, hold on a moment, White’s teeth are clearly that of a grazer, a plains herbivore. His kind are very similar to an extinct relative to the horse that actually had hand like hooflets. But teeth will tell. So he would be disgusted with sapient carnivores that won’t use substitutes, in any event, but I think the true horror here is SAPIENTS EATING SAPIENTS. With the Celeste having broken down the breeding barrier, it all is equivalent to cannibalism.

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