She Copied a Little TOO Well.

She Copied a Little TOO Well.

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  1. nikolai60


    I’d also like to say for the record my guess about Alice was right *returns to heart-attack* HNNGGG

  2. Darkewulf


    I had to reread the last page and this one, but now it makes sense. The title was a clue, but the third panel makes it all make sense.

    (cue me stating the now-obvious for future readers that may not get it initially)

    Alice was imfursonating (see what I did there? XD) Jigsaw, but her only flaw is that she can’t alter her Dead Eyes. Daisy, having known of Jiggy’s vampirism, didn’t think much of “Jigsaw”‘s eyes in her tired state.
    Alice was unaware of the real Jigsaw being a vampire, so the comment about her eyes confused her.

    Then she met face-to-face with the real Jigsaw (on the right, ladies and gentlenerds), who is, if I may say so, looking a bit on the side of extremely pissed off.

    Have fun, Alice dear.

  3. Darkewulf

    Also, somebody get out the defibrillator for Nik.


  4. Brunhidden

    ohmigawd- CATFIGHT!

  5. The_Rippy_One

    *gets a defibrillator out of the closet. checks for pulse*
    Gosh darn it Nic, it’s just two ‘Saws with their hands all over Dais- HNG-!

    *Paddles self* Clear…~ *eats a couple aspirin*
    Jig’…Dang…this is some good story telling! Edge of the seat, “what happens next” all up in this house 😉

  6. Shad

    If I were in Alice’s shoes, I would need new underwear right about now

  7. Josh.C

    I think a very interesting part to this is how quickly reacted to Jigsaw’s dead eyes.

    I wonder if Alice has run into a few vampires in her journalist career?

    I do notice the slight differences between Jigsaw and Alice’s there in the last page. Alice has a slightly shorter muzzle, shorter hair and generally looks like she masses more then Jigsaw. Still, it was obviously enough to allow her to get to the room.

    Nice work on on that face off Jigsaw.

  8. MadMann135

    @ Brunhidden
    There is no catfight, Jigsaw can dismember Alice in less than five seconds with her bare hands. Alice knows this and that is a perfect formula for Alice making a new pair of brown pants.

  9. Josh.C

    Today’s mysteries pop quiz.
    What exactly is having Jigsaw responding to Alice with such venom?
    Is it A)The fact that Alice is wearing her face? B)Someone from a team that the leader wants Daisy dead is in there bed? or C) The stool pigeon who possibly got Daisy in this much trouble from the beggening is asking for help?

    @MadMann135: I don’t know. Is Jigsaw more frightening then Veled even in this situation? ^^

    Though I do agree on Alice knowing how possibly short work Jigsaw would make of her.

  10. nikolai60

    @Josh.C NO ONE is more frightening than Veled.

  11. Brunhidden

    its that hot kind of frightening, she just has too much fun with it.

    also, im not so sure alice would be a one hit KO. keep in mind she is a djin, even if shes a total newb it does mean shes semi-immortal and partially inorganic

  12. e_voyager

    @nikolai Yeah you were right. Brunhidden and you guessed that it was Alice disguised as jigsaw before the rest of us did
    @shad not really they are all still in vector wear
    her head is also bigger more human shaped then jigsaw’s look at the jawline

  13. Vulpis

    @Josh.C You forgot D) Just woke Jigsaw out of a dead (pun intended) sleep. I know if I was in Jig’s place, that along would have me snarling. 🙂

  14. Sulucamas

    So droll! xD

    I guess this means Alice can’t change her skeleton too?

    Also, the way the coloration of the background shifts to highlight the characters is a really nice touch.

    @Josh.C: Really hoping Jigsaw keeps calm long enough to reveal if she even knows about C). :O

  15. MadMann135

    @ Josh.C
    You are forgetting one thing, Veled is not there and can not interfere (according to the understanding I have on her power). Jigsaw can eat Alice and Veled would not be the wiser until next they meet.
    In short Yes Jigsaw is more dangerous and frightening to Alice than Veled.

  16. The_Rippy_One

    @ Sulucamas: Alice can change her skeleton – she normally isn’t that short. The question is “can she change it quickly enough?” Enough, in this instance, means getting pieces of you out of the way of impending doom before said doom gets said pieces. I…sort of doubt it in Alice’s case…’Ware the furry ‘Saw!

    I find it interesting that an attack on Jason is assumed to be a trap, set by Gabe, against ‘Saw, according to Daisy.

  17. e_voyager

    @sulcumas A trap is a trap does it really matter who it’s set for? some set traps just to see who will stumble into them

  18. nikolai60

    I was wondering something….

    Alice isn’t in on ‘Saw’s secret, and I doubt she bought the vampire accusations. This means she probably thinks that Jigsaw is recently SHATTERED! IE: May go from ‘djinn’ to ‘zombie’ in the next few seconds.

  19. Sulucamas

    @The_Rippy_One: I dunno~… Those arms look pretty long to me. Or are you saying that she’s in the process of changing back in the last panel? 🙂

    @e_voyager: It’s true that the trap could be set for anyone, but Daisy’s comment’s interesting because it suggests that she and Jigsaw are more clued into Gabriel’s intentions than we’ve seen before. I feel like this goes beyond cautious skepticism.

    @nikolai60: Oh right! And even if Jigsaw weren’t to die and zombify shortly, whatever unpleasantness supposedly shattered her could be just around the corner. D:

  20. e_voyager

    ah but shattered don’t have Dead inside eyes. not until they start to develop their djinn powers. i submit the galaxy girl scout that zombified on stage Sally as evidence.

  21. nikolai60

    We never actually saw her in her ‘Shattered State’, so nothing is known for sure. (When is it ever with this comic?)

  22. Brunhidden

    virtually everyone on this cast is messed up enough to be a potential shatter when the right moment happens

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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