The Sad Thing Is, He’s Right About One Thing.

The Sad Thing Is, He’s Right About One Thing.

Footnote: A Blood Djinn is exactly what it says it is — a Djinn who specializes in Blood, not to be confused with a Vampire (Life Djinn) in the slightest.

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  1. nikolai60

    wait…blood-djinn wutnow?

  2. e_voyager

    i’m not seeing how any of that was Daisy’s fault

  3. Le Blue Dude

    Wait… Daisy is Jason’s MOM?!

  4. e_voyager

    Oh Nikolai60 that’s a question i asked earlier.

  5. hariman

    Le Blue Dude: Given that Daisy is a human and decided NOT a Djinn, no. Daisy is not Jason’s mother.

    She just looks a bit similar.

    I think Daisy might have caused something tangentially related to Jason to happen with her antics as Scout Arael.

    Or maybe Jason’s just turning into a psycho bitch like his mother was.

  6. Shad

    very interesting to know more about he thinks daisy caused his mom’s issues….
    And for some reason, the “turning into my mother” thing made me imagine Jason turning into a djinn…

  7. Moonfire

    Looking at that little picture, I’d say Jason’s mom was the Scout Fenirel that Daisy got into the confrontation with.

  8. Josh.C

    Heart Attacks, Castrations and living hell. So he blames Daisy for his moms behavior.

    Ace’s mom was a real piece of work and possibly was a scout. That just boggles the mind, though considering how the old scouts were, that might not be all that surprising.

  9. Darkewulf


    So Scout Fenirel was Jason’s mum. BUT, she became a Djinn AFTER the events of the Year of Fear. It would seem that whatever Scout Arael/Daisy did to her eventually caused her shell to shatter, and she degenerated into a Blood Djinn after that, in the process growing quite psychotic. It would all make sense, then, why Jason’s been gunning for Daisy. “What [she] did to Fenirel”…. he wasn’t trying to avenge the Scout. He was going after Daisy as payback/revenge for turning her into the monster he grew up in hell with.

    But it all totally makes sense, now. Same hairstyle, same facial shape (obscured by a mask or not), all that jazz.

  10. Brunhidden

    when your mother wears a superhero/villain mask there’s likely not much positive you can say about their parenting ability other then ‘the trip through the birth canal went smoothly’

    now, the admission you are turning into the underpants avenger level of crazy immediately followed by seeking help from the creepy corset bots who seem to be in the middle of a pole dance. next step is to spread the crazy as much as possible to your genetic offspring, so try to repress the urge to eat children for a while, perhaps try brown liquor instead

  11. e_voyager

    i think Daisy is a light child in fact i’m pretty sure it was stated that she was a light child before the costumes for team Andromeda were made meaning that chances are she can’t become a Djinn at all. i must say all these comment are making me think even more about the comic and added an extra level to my own assumptions and beliefs

  12. nikolai60

    No, I don’t mean ‘what is a blood-djinn’, I mean, I can’t tell if he’s accusing DAISY of being a blood-djinn. From what we know that’s not possible (of course, with this comic what we know always stands on shaky ground), so now that I’m actually awake I’m going to assume (for the moment, again shaky ground) that he’s referring to his mother, not Daisy.

  13. Jigsaw Forte

    @Nikolai: He’s calling his mother the Blood Djinn, yes.

  14. Vulpis

    I’m wondering how many listening to this tirade would hear the part his mom trying to have him castrated at the vet and ask ‘Okay…so what was bad about her, then?’ 😉

  15. Vulpis

    Jig, is there a panel missing in this strip? Or is she asking ‘Do *we* live in hell?’ there? (there’s a silhouette in the next to last panel, but it seems to be a bit of a jump from there to being surrounded in the last one).

  16. nikolai60

    @Jigsaw thanks for clearing that up.

  17. Josh.C

    @Jigsaw: Considering that last panel in that page and what we’re learning here, one has to wonder who she was beating into a bloody pulp?

    Though considering Ace just mentioned a sister, I would believe Ace’s mom was a good reason for protective services to take Ace and his sister….That is if anything was left of her after his mom was done in that last panel.

    I’m getting the feeling that either her position as a scout gave her a lot of freedom to do as she pleased or that her home planet didn’t care about such behavior.

  18. The_Rippy_One

    @DarkenWulf: um, I don’t think you have the timeline quite right. In page, if she went Djinn after the year of Fear, the castration and heart attack would have occurred before she was a Djinn (which is, actually, a little more horrifying). But it would also mean that Jason wouldn’t have been born with his Djinn marks, since he got them from being born to a mother Djinn…

    Except…hey, Jig’ – would a Djinn have to cut back on their power usage (especially things like Bloodbending) to avoid endangering a baby on board? I could see someone going a little nuts having to mostly stick to “normal” for 9 months, if that’s not how they normally act. Certainly a semi-rational cause for anger towards the unborn…

    Blood powers: Pure awesome around the living.
    Surgeon General’s Warning: Do not use to alter your own physiology. Side effects include chemical imbalances, megalomania, an increased risk of cancer, and terribly mutating and/or destabilizing any unborn children present. Do not use Blood powers on the pregnant and those who wish to become pregnant. Or are interested in causing pregnancies.

    Turning single-gender people hermaphroditic is right out.

  19. Darkewulf


    Actually, I think I did get the timeline right. According to this page: , the Year of Fear happened twenty-five years before the events of the comic. Jason’s cast page lists his age as only twenty-two. SO, if his mother is indeed Scout Fenirel (which we all know now that she is), she would have degenerated into a Djinn some time in the two years and three months between the Year and when Jason was conceived.

    He also said that his heart attack happened when he was eight years old, meaning that his mother would have been a Djinn for at least eleven years.

  20. Josh.C

    @Darkewulf: Though if Daisy is responsible for making Scout Fenirel turn into a Djinn, it kind of makes me wonder if he means she’s responsible for the situation that lead to it or the one that actually turned her.

    The recording we get to hear of Daisy’s confession here, Hints that maybe Daisy was keeping the other scouts from her.

    And considering how Binary handled one of the scouts changing into a zombie, one could only imagine if another person got in like Daisy was worried about. Was she concerned for their safety or Scout Fenirel?

  21. The_Rippy_One

    Hm. You are correct. My memory failed on this one. I thought the year of fear was only a decade ago.

    This has led to me rediscovering that Daisy is 51…I’m pretty sure I find her more impressive now…
    Also, why did it take them that long to arrest her…I’m going to go re-read the entire comic again.

  22. nikolai60

    I’m with Rippy on this one, time to grab the book and re-read.

    BUT an interesting point has been brought up, who was the real victim(s) in the year of fear?

  23. Sulucamas


    Perhaps Daisy helped prevent something like this from happening to Fenirel and gave Jason a chance to exist in the first place. Those Scouts seem to have some pretty harsh rules.

    @Shad: I don’t think that’s out of the question. 🙂

  24. Vulpis

    @Josh Indeed–though perhaps more telling was Binary’s lament that she went zombie *in public*. Given characterizations and such we’ve seen, I’d speculate that Daisy saw Fenriel in the process of becoming a Djinn and tried to uphold the spirit of the Scouts by removing her as a danger to others (though whether she was planning to eliminate her or *just* keep her isolated because she’d be *more* dangerous to others until the process completed, I dunno), while the rest of the Scouts disagreed, and put the blame for the entire mess on Daisy in order to cover for Fenriel. It’d certainly jibe with the whole ‘confession by torture’ thing that cost Daisy her leg…

  25. Feral

    Wow… so many things fit together now…

  26. e_voyager

    good god that whole taking him to the vet to castrate him … it makes me wonder who the paladin retriever really is now.

  27. Sulucamas

    @Vulpis: Whatever happened back then is a wonderful mystery, and it gets even better when you start thinking about what “Crazy Old Fenirel” might have meant personally to Scout Ziligo. 😉

    @e_voyager: Holy smokes! Do you think “Jasunny” can turn himself into Sunny? That long black hair and those yellow eyes (and beard) look really familiar, not to mention out of place on a dog… 😮

  28. Josh.C

    @Sulucamas: It’s rather funny when Jigsaw asks about the leg.

    After all, it makes Veled blush. I’m wondering if Daisy losing the leg was just as much an awkward situation for Veled as it was for Daisy?

    Though for the shape changing dog thing. I was thinking e_voyager might be thinking it could be his sister he just mentioned. But if that were the case, could people get away with saying that Ace’s sister was a real dog?

  29. e_voyager

    @sulucamas Well Josh C managed to nail my thoughts in one guess. also that was his sister hiding behind his mom as his mom was beating him for some reason

  30. nikolai60

    Gah, too many possibilities, I’m so confused right now. If that dog’s a polymorph I think I’m just gonna call it quits trying to figure stuff out.

  31. Brunhidden

    nikki- im tempted to say jason or his brother angered veled, and her punishment was to turn one into a dog. actually when i saw it done in ‘villians by necessety’ it worked quite well with the punishment being ‘ill turn your brother into a horse, ride him and watch him die eventually’.

    although its possible that jason is just mildly crazy enough to seek out exotic pets which are dangerous. its possible his last pet was a cougar or a miniature bear. somehow this is ‘normal’ in comparison to what were thinking

  32. Sulucamas

    @Josh.C: I’d thought the blushing was just from frustration, but now I think you’re right. It was probably very awkward for all involved. 🙂

    Sunny certainly could be Jason’s sister, but I get the feeling that we’ll never see Jason and his dog together at the same time.

    @e_voyager: Definitely his sister there, with the Djinn Skin on her face. But isn’t his mom looking straight at Jason (mirroring Daisy) while beating someone to the right of the panel?

    @Brunhidden: Maybe he’s also vain enough to give his dog the same hairstyle as himself? 😛

  33. Vulpis

    Re: ‘Jasunny’…I was thinking that was just his little sister’s pet-name/nickname/mispronunciation of ‘Jason’, myself.

  34. Vulpis

    ….Gah. Now there’s a sudden mental image–someone mentioned a villain turning someone into a dog. I’m suddenly reminded of a character from the Red Shetland stories, and wonder if maybe ‘Jason’ originally *was* the dog…would explain the comments, *and* his tendency to go humping all over the place.. 😉

  35. e_voyager

    @vulps it seems you remember lady hawk then.
    @sulucamas heh all those are possible options
    @nikolai don’t forget daisy’s opinion of veleed

  36. nikolai60

    @e_voyager I DON’T WANT TO KNOW

  37. The_Rippy_One

    Thank you, Sulucamas, for reminding me of a fourth thing I need to go re-read. Jig,’ thou art prolific in the mantle of world builder!

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