Not Without Reason.

Not Without Reason.

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  1. e_voyager

    if all you want to hear is talk then you’ll mist the words in the message.

  2. e_voyager

    er i meant miss the words in the message.

  3. nikolai60

    Woah, I expected at least one of the kids to try to fight it at some point, didn’t expect such a snap-back though. Direct line huh? Man I love all this stuff. And Cracked Masters? Why am I both scared and intrigued at the same time?

  4. nikolai60

    Also: e-voyager, VERY nice response.

  5. Brunhidden

    dirrect line? to what?

    also, i bet that sparkly man is a great tourist destination

  6. nightarix

    i would assume a direct line of communication

  7. Josh.C

    @e_voyager: Excellent statement about what Jigsaw is telling this kid.

    Though going on about Rei not being able to use her voice because she can’t turn off her toning. It would probably be safer to not speak at all, then try to keep from making the mistake of changing someones mind by just making a simple statement.

  8. Shad

    it must suck to have to keep silent so much…

  9. Feral

    Does that mean that Jigsaw can now tune? I am confused…

  10. Brunhidden

    i doubt its tone, its probably more of a talmi hive mind. that or jigsaw is going to fake it by beaming a voice into their heads and claim its somone elses

  11. e_voyager

    @Feral some of us speculated that that is what jigsaw was trying to test on Jason a few comics back.

  12. Josh.C

    If I understand what is said and what is in the picture.

    It sounds like Rei Toned an Efreet and put him in an oversized lightning bulb. That’s something, though I can’t help but notice she didn’t kill the Talmi and that it looks like a Talmi.

    Actually now that I’ve thought about, a few Celeste’s we’ve seen haven’t refrained from using Toning if there was something they want. But Rei actively refrains from even speaking and seemingly using psychic powers to communicate instead. That certainly is a big difference.

  13. Sulucamas

    Was Mr. Cracked Masters related to the Talmi Liberation? Would that mean that Rei’s gift was only recently given?

    Something so powerful must be a very well-kept secret. 😐

  14. Vulpis

    ….why am I getting this feeling that Jig is going to run into this guy who looks like Mick Jagger and his trio of roller-skating minions (and their sister!) Cue Iggi Pop!

  15. The_Rippy_One

    Well then.


    But can it Blend? *sorry, Mind slightly blown*

    So, we were wondering about what part Rei played in the Talmi revolt. Answer: Just turned one of their Generals/Leaders into an Efreet…nothing major. And possibly rewrote the Talmi memetic/genetic structure to Tone. Which may be why Jigsaw could be Turned – the current Talmi now have a resonance for that sort of thing (seeing as it converted Masters to an Efreet, I’m assuming the keyed Tone has something to do with breaking a soulshell)…

    Or my mind is just sort of broke…

  16. e_voyager

    Someone may have put him there but we shouldn’t assume it was Rei that did it.

  17. Novawolf7

    Now I think I understand why Jigsaw was first a musician…

  18. Sulucamas

    I get the impression that Cracked Masters was Toned into containment as a punitive measure. I’m sure Rei can Shatter people, maybe even transform them into Efreet, but I don’t think that’s what she’s trying to teach to Jigsaw. 😕

  19. helios

    just wondering over the last few comics if it occured to Anybody that the war between the Celeste and the Dead Inside is Not the original Celeste like Rei. But infact is a creation of the hybrids in a struggle to seize total power and thus need to get rid of rivals with power of their own….
    I have seen in other comments Lots of people jumping to the conclusion that vampires were the ‘outsiders’ of that original war, but that makes no sence if the Djinn were allies of the Celeste.

  20. Sulucamas

    @Helios: It could totally be as you say. “We have always been at war with the Dead Inside” could refer to the Hybrids, with “always” being the last 4,000 years. Throw in the revisionist history they’re so fond of, and “always” can become “forever.”

    If the Otherworlders were both a threat to everyone else and happened to be a new kind of Djinn, I don’t see the rest of the Djinn necessarily being bound to ally with them. I guess since just about anyone can become a Djinn, there’s less of loyalty among them than with the Celeste. But really, who knows! 😛

  21. e_voyager

    @heliso the vampires being the other worlders is just speculation like most of our conversations here. that’s basically what this is for to let the artist know what we think of her comic and speculated at the tid bits that we get tossed in hints. that the vampires were known to the older Celeste suggest that they weren’t new but that they were thought to be all dead could be anything. a second thing is that who says that Vampire were considered Djinn in the first place? lumping the vampires in with the other Djinn could be the work of the hybrids as well to vilify all Djinn

  22. FlashXX

    …Hang on just let me my shock-suit…cuz that just suicide!
    ^ ^ Nah I’m good

  23. RyGuy

    I don’t see how simple yes/no statements could mess with one’s free will, tone or not, and surly she can write as well. She has hands. Also, a custom made touch pad for her large hands would also do wonders.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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