Ten Little Teenagers +1

Ten Little Teenagers +1

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  1. Darkewulf

    Woo! First one! (as of this writing)

    Also, I think it’s funny how she’d go to everyone else first BEFORE seeking help from Alice, and I love how she doesn’t even bother with the tentacle-haired one. Also, it seems that that lavender girl in panel 10 is not a native GET speaker, and has a rather strong accent.

  2. nikolai60

    Is there anyone else to ask, ya know, before turning to Alice?

  3. Josh.C

    Wow! Holy crackers Jigsaw!

    I at least think of of Rain Man when I read that last kids response. I’m not really sure what to think about some of these kids.

    Brought on board from star org ships? Why would they be on org ships?

  4. Brunhidden

    where did they find these vapid putzes? poking berries up their nose in the overhead compartment? i would say that i was five times as competent as they seem to be when i was a teenager, except i probably had more delusional crazy.

    ie- hasnt science found a cure for teenagers by this time?

  5. Vulpis

    @Brunhidden Heh. I don’t think ‘competent’ has anything to with it. Between some of the reactions, *especially* the ones refering to rehab as well as the last one before Alice, I’d say that Gabe rescued them from a situation that wasn’t sunshine and band camp…and there’s yet another reason Star Org needs to be removed from the universe, preferably in a highly energetic fashion..

  6. Josh.C

    Brunhidden: I’m not sure find is the appropriate term to use if all these kids were taken off star org ships.

    Some kids seem normal, if a little frightened, others seem to have possibly slight mental impairments and others seem to have greater mental impairments.

    I’m thinking more of kidnapping, lying to other authorities, promises of one kind or another and a whole lot of shady dealings that would paint the star org or the Endless in less then respectable colors.

  7. hariman

    Daisy might be a genius, but that doesn’t mean she’s savvy. Directly asking about someone who’s changing reality on a ship of freed prisoners and crazies is NOT going to go over well.

    Still, she’s found out a little about the residents and the Star Org.

  8. Vulpis

    @Josh.C I was getting the impression that the ‘impairments’ if that’s what they are were *because* of what Star Org did with them…

  9. Josh.C

    Vulpis@ That’s also possible Trauma from bad things can leave deep scars on one personality.

  10. Sulucamas

    This page is really neat! It’s nice to get to see a bunch of non-major characters every once in a while, and a good reminder of all the diversity out there. 🙂

    “Moron”? I wouldn’t think so in light of the bad history between those two.

    @Josh.C and Vulpis: I get the feeling the Org caused a lot of what wasn’t already the result of adolescence. Seems that there are all shades of nasty within the Star Org itself, so all bets are off for how badly they could mess you up.

  11. Anodyne

    @Darkewulf: Non-native GET speaker, really? I just figured that whatever “rehab” entails, it was traumatic enough that it made her go monosyllabic.

  12. Brunhidden

    i highly doubt that many star-org cadets bring their spawn along with them when they go to war. what other teenagers would be present on a military/law enforcement ship? im thinking either foodservice/temps or captured, which would beg why you would capture them

  13. Sulucamas

    @Brunhidden: Forced conscription/induction maybe?

  14. Brunhidden

    im sure there are plenty of people who see dressing up in spandex pants and looking menacing a good career choice when you have few marketable skills…. looking good in spandex pants probably is a marketable skill in itself for a man, as you have to present a proper package, i earn my money damnit. not everyone in the org is brainwashed, many see it as a job, others see it as an opportunity to be king of the short bus and abuse stupid amounts of power

    i was more thinking that this is in the law enforcement aspect of the org, its entirely likely their usual holding cell full of chuckleheads would not be something they would bother to dump at base before launching a raid. and if they did, i doubt they could stack them very high. although, look at the smeggeds up there and ponder what kind of petty crime they would be in space-juvie for

  15. Brunhidden

    wait, ‘time my hair’, time? is it racing hair?

  16. Josh.C

    Brunhidden and Sulucamas@ I wonder if the org’s treatment of those diagnosed as mentally ill could be more like those infamous asylums in the 18 and 19 century.

    If Gabriel has a hospital ship for the mentally ill, why can’t star org have their asylums in space?

  17. nikolai60

    @Josh.C space based hospitals are highly viable for safety/security reasons overall, which means they probably are in this comic as well. If there’s a medical emergency there’s no risk to outside population unless someone gets a ship, which can be stopped fairly easily since they’re likely to just have shuttles. Star Org hospitals probably have less…’practical’ means to have a contained hospital, and less ‘amiable’ means to deal with anyone attempting to leave a quarantine.

  18. Brunhidden

    airlock launch

    sir, they’ve fired a commanding officer.
    reply in kind, NOT ME you idiot

  19. FlashXX

    Good one, can’t have a child who’d hesitate if the deed needs to be done. :\ Is it me…or is every other one ignorant,slightly-retarded or still too twisted in rehab to help?

    p.s. *wheeeewww* “Someone” has “trust” issues!

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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