Not His First Rodeo.

Not His First Rodeo.

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  1. nikolai60

    IE: They hunt him badly and he sits and watches.

  2. hariman

    Hmm. Tone spam probably helps. Let the enemies come onto your ship and brainwash the bulk of them into submission. Then, all that remains is to mop up who ever is left.

    Also, interesting names on the different classes.

  3. Shad

    He makes it sound so easy….

    “That’s right kids, with a little ambition you too can ambush star org ships and reap the rewards!”

  4. Josh.C

    I’d hate to think Gabriel is making taking out star org as a spectator sport.

    Buuuuuut… that also might explain the damage outside of his ship. Take a few pop shots at the ship and then he stops and allows them on board.

    Like the friendliest Roach coach ever, ‘They check in. They don’t check out.’

  5. Josh.C

    Edit: Or was that a Roach Motel?

  6. Sulucamas

    Great looking page! That hair is fantastic, the ship designs are swanky, and I think that may be the most sinister look we’ve gotten out of Gabriel yet. 😮

    That is a tremendous number of ships and personnel to take on/over… Just what the heck is Gabriel planning to do with all of them? Does he hate the Org, or is he just jealous?

    ( I can see now why Peloton is so aptly named. 😉 )

  7. e_voyager

    the middle class is fairly standard. it’s a bird of prey name. the fist one sounds like a planet class or something like that and the piper class sound like a scout ship.

  8. Drakon

    @e_voyager Being the geek I am, I know that the first one, the big ships, are named after the scariest thing to walk the streets of D&D, so they’re probably about the size of a large capital ship (Think the star destroyers from Star Wars) if I had to throw a ballpark guess by naming.

  9. Lycanthrope

    He said “taken on” but did not say what he DID with those ships. Looted? Destroyed? Or “incorporated.” If Star Org does suspect, or know, Gabriel has been using Tone against the crews then there is probably an ulterior motive in sending Daisy and Jigsaw in there

    Speaking of Jigsaw: @Jigsaw, on the “Man’s Best Friend” comic advertised at the bottom of the page there was a redirect page that tried to scan my computer for “updated” drivers. May have been benign, but….

  10. The_Rippy_One

    Piper…as in Sand Piper? Little bitty skittish wader bird? if so, seems appropriate. Like the ship designs.

    I assume Hariman is right about how he engages Star Org.

    @Shad: From what we’ve seen, isn’t that the truth?

    I’m guessing he Tones the captured ships post looting so they remember something other than what actually happened – otherwise Star Org would have given their commandos earplugs or something. Either that or vents them and sells them for scrap…

  11. Vulpis

    Hmm. Piper Cubs come to the mind with the fighters. I wonder if those cruisers are VTOL-capable. 🙂

    One thing I am wondering–are ships facing to the right or the left? On the one hand, those look like engine nozzles which would make sense facing to the left–but would puzzle me about the Osprey having a ‘head’ structure like that on it’s tail. OTOH, if they’re facing to the right the ‘head’ and wing structures make more sense as being avian-like..but then makes those engine pods look wrong…unless of course those aren’t engine pods but *weapon* pods with rather large-bore muzzles…

  12. Josh.C

    Actually I find myself wondering about the shapes of the ships.

    With all those curves, I’m wondering if maintenance and repairs might be a little difficult for some of these ships?

    I wonder what a repair job would look like. Dipping it in a Glitter bath or a tank filled with Glitter clouds?

  13. Janus

    I am imagining the most gloriously smooth voice from Gabriel right now. A “villain” who knows exactly what he’s doing and how he can do it. Charming and confident in his power.

    Suave villains are the best villains :b

  14. Brunhidden

    i haz bullseye on my back, yays!

  15. waldosan

    well y’know it might be easy because he has a pure bread celeste onboard. it certainly can’t hurt matters and the tone spam might just be comming from her.

  16. LeQuack147

    Oh, you clever bastard… let them board you and take out the attacking crew.

    … They need to implement this in a game, like now.

  17. RyGuy

    He is more like those plant-like enchinoderms that stay in one place and let their prey wonder by, then catch them. No effort at all, just patience.

  18. RyGuy

    This is my second read through, and it is clear to me that Gabriel prefers to look human more then Kindral. This is probably more an aesthetic issue more then anything else. His human blood naturally favoured his lower jaw, then he had his redundant eyes sewn shut. He seems rather vainly proud of the result.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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