“Needs Salt.”

“Needs Salt.”

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  1. e_voyager

    She’s less humanoid then i expect but i’m still impressed.

  2. nikolai60

    1. I’m thinking we found the source of the whimsy.
    3. That ‘eating other people’ comment has be a bit worried about exactly how purebred celeste normally see other species, considering we just got confirmation that there are OTHERS out there, if only in rumor.

  3. Josh.C

    Purebred Celeste are a little Sphinx like.

    She seems to be getting along with Jigsaw well. Though it makes you wonder what star org was doing with her?

  4. hariman

    Let’s see…

    Our friendly local purebred celeste was tied down, on her back, and angry enough to at least eat the captain of the ship she was on.

    They can’t have been doing anything kind and friendly. And my worst suspicion (and horrifyingly, my first thought), was that the Endless were using her as breeding stock.

    That WOULD explain all of the mixed breed children on Gabriel’s ship.

  5. Shad

    makes me wonder how many OTHER interesting people he’s found on captured star org ships…

  6. zarpaulus

    I notice that quite a few aliens in this series seem to be based on mythological beasts.
    Kendril are like gorgons, Vidians look like small Asian dragons, and I thought Celeste were supposed to be generic winged humanoids (though apparently the purebreds are sphinxes).

  7. Josh.C

    zarpaulus: It’s also rather interesting to think about the difference between this purebred and the Celeste we have come to know. This might mean the general rule about Celeste Whitenoise mentioned in the info pages might not even apply to her. Maybe Jigsaw might not have something to fear about being a vampire in her presence.

    nikolai60: On being the source of the whimsy. That’s a credible suggestion, considering all the things we’ve seem Veled be capable of, one can only imagine whats possible of being in the presence of a purebred Celeste.

  8. Brunhidden

    you skipped the ‘kitty people’ line and the pounce

    apparently jigsaw is fascinating, and the future has some damned strong barbed wire

  9. Jigsaw Forte

    @Hariman: All things considered, rape is a damned tired plot device.

  10. Metaldog007

    Aren’t most ships captains stringy and tough? I would think she may want some tenderiser as well.

  11. Sulucamas

    Man, I love Jigsaw’s enthralled expression. That conversation must be incredible! 😀

    @Josh.C and nikolai60: Seems like the individual source of the Whimsy will be insane, and while it can sometimes be hard to tell with that, I don’t get the impression that Rei here is crazy. 🙂

  12. MaveriKat

    Looking at her, I am reminded of Egypt’s Sphinx… and I have a feeling she’s genuinely a lot nicer than the Celestes we’ve already met in this comic.

  13. Hartree

    @Metaldog007: Revenge is a spice that can cover up a lot of undesirable flavors and textures.

    If I were tied up and captive in a ship (likely going somewhere I didn’t want to), I might be a little cranky too.

  14. Josh.C

    @MaveriKat: Actually I decided to look up the Sphinx to get a little acquainted with the mythology behind it.

    I was surprised to learn several old world cultures include a creature like the Sphinx. One could only imagine what culture Rei is based off of. But they have been depicted as anything from benevolent guardians, to evil devourers of men.

  15. The_Rippy_One

    So, yeah, nice character design Jigsaw. Hope you don’t regret the stripes, they’re pretty cool. I love Saw’s expression in the first panel.

    Now, it’s interesting that StarOrg, which seems to be run by, and is very subservient to, Celeste, chained up a purebreed version.

    Maybe it’s like Asari – being a purebred means that you haven’t added anything to the genome, so their society shames them? With criminal charges?!

  16. Anodyne

    @The_Rippy_One: Definitely like the Asari. Purebreds are Celeste/Celeste pairings – which, yes, means that they haven’t brought anything new into the genome. From what I recall, it is considered at least moderately shameful to be a purebred (roughly analogous to being a bastard child, I think). So either she’s old enough that she’s one of the original Celeste or…hm.

    No, being one of the species’ founders wouldn’t really explain “tied up, wrapped in barbed wired, on a Star Org ship”. Unless it’s got something to do with the whole “whimsy” aspect, anyways.

  17. Josh.C

    @Anodyne: Well besides Whimsy, there’s the points that Star Org might have been acting on there own or the fact of the appearance of a purebred if Rei’s form is what a Purebred looks like.

    If Celeste have such a close to savage and huge form when of purebred stock, would star org and the Endless find the purebred Celeste something to hide on the political theater?

    Though now that I think about it and look at Jigsaw and Rei sitting side by side. I wonder if it has less about being a purebred and more about the differences and similarities the the Talmi have with this purebred?

  18. hariman

    Jigsaw: Oh, good. (Also: PHEW!) I’m glad to hear that. I’d rather have my guess be wrong and only a product of my sometimes dark minded nature than be right in this case. 😀

    Also, given what little we’ve seen of Rei, she doesn’t seem like a bad person. Just a little prone to a “Those who are Alive and Those who are Dead” mentality towards her enemies.

  19. Novawolf7

    (My computer hiccuped when I tried to post so sorry if this shows up twice.)

    Rei is so friggin cute! As usual, Jig has taken great pains with the stripe pattern, and it shows. Love Jiggy sitting there so cute and innocent-like.

  20. zarpaulus

    @Anodyne No, Rachel said on Formspring that the offspring of two celeste isn’t a purebred. In fact Veled and Gabriel are the products of such unions.

    Rei is definitely a “founder”.

  21. Jigsaw Forte

    @zarpaulus: Technically, I said Celeste with the doubled-up sets of large wings (like Veled and Gabriel) are a usual result of those types of breedings, not that either of those two were from such a pair: http://www.formspring.me/lastres0rt/q/308624196970221021

    I’m pedantic because I care. :p

  22. RyGuy

    I just realized that his upper set of eyes are sewn shut. Does he feel this fits in better with the binocular majority?
    She must have visited ancient Persia at some point….

  23. RyGuy

    She looks like a manticore…

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