Tough Crowd.

Tough Crowd.

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  1. nikolai60


  2. e_voyager

    IF the voice faking gets tracked back her her? definitely.

  3. Shad

    soooo did team Gemini not notice the floaty glowy camera following them?

  4. Redlion

    Yeah. That’s a can of worms.

  5. Josh.C

    I bet either Murphy is happy a witness is taken care of or is rubbing her throat unconsciously from watching that.

    I wonder how Cypress and Veled will take it? If the full confession was shown, would it upset Cypress and Veled to know that they had star org machinations in the game or that the agent in place nearly got Cypress permanently crispy and taken as a hostage?

  6. Stupid N00bie

    To be honest, neither did we.

  7. hariman

    Well, that’s enough to traumatize a Jigsaw. I think it’s gotten to Alice Quinn as well.

    The catch? Jig, Daisy, Jason and Alice are likely going to have to go back on the show at some point. Maybe not immediately, but soon.

    Also, Xanatos has a special place in Last Resort history now. First Player Kill AND First Volunteer Kill too! It’s kind of morbid, it is!

  8. Shad

    @Stupid N00bie
    actually i just went back and checked every comic since they left WN and Qin’s room. we didn’t notice the camera because there’s no sign of a fluttery glowing orb in any comic between then and now.

  9. FTL

    Nothing to see folks….
    Moving right along…..

    Well at this point I am unsure what to think….. except that if Adharia was trying to prove her that her people were not backward savages then she has just set her PR campaign back to so far behind square one that it is out of sight……

  10. Noir The Sable

    Welp, looks like WN didn’t need that alibi after all!

  11. e_voyager

    well he may have needed proof that he didn’t order that execution on the sly

  12. Sulucamas

    At least Xanatos didn’t name-drop Murphy on his way out, so yeah, I can see her being OK with this. Assuming it was Murphy that ordered the hit… 😉

    And why is Jig so shocked?? It’s not like she herself hasn’t killed anyone yet. Did she think Adharia was too friendly a warrior-princess to do something so cold?

  13. AGaruna

    The look on the blue gal’s face is truly classic!

  14. xXZeddXx

    New meaning of splitting hairs

  15. Brunhidden

    well, im going to make the sun tsu level assumption that whoever designed the wisp cameras purposefully made them glowey and noticeable so that people paid attention to them instead of the 30% of cameras that are drab and attached to walls posing as cleaning drones.

    as fun as it is for everyone to realize princess pink is this maul-ey, they now get to figure out where convenient dead body disposal takes place, all kinds of excitement!

    also, it appears that someone on the comment board has been forced to read the comic against their will as clearly anyone who disliked something that much would have left had they the option. now who among us has access to shackles and motive to force people to read webcomics?

  16. AGaruna

    @Jerk Y’know,if you really did hate it,you wouldn’t be up at 3 AM making any comments at all.You’d forget about it and snooze your ass off.

  17. The_Rippy_One

    @Brunhidden, AGaruna: don’t feed the troll.

    Meanwhile, logically, this really shouldn’t do much – message being “Treachery’s bad, m’kay?” How many players were even considering treachery? Maybe Jason and Arikos have the predjudice to drive some level of that, but…

    I want the next comic to be Cypress, startled awake as every alarm and communications device goes off all at once…

  18. Vulpis

    Hmmm. ‘Meanwhile, back on the hospital ship’. (You know, I was cleaning out some old emails earlier–reading them as I went–and hit some LR ones. One thought I had was ‘hmm, you know we haven’t seen Jigsaw for a while…’

    Interesting that they’re watching the show from there. I do have to give points to Jason for the zinger, though.

  19. AmazingAdrian


    Always ‘knew’ he’d be one of the guys that bit it.

  20. Josh.C

    @Vulpis: Ace is becoming quite known for those Zingers, isn’t he?

    Certainly Nails home that at any minute, anyone of them can die.

  21. Novawolf7

    Yay! I was hoping we’d see Jiggy and the gang again soon. I like the Talmi in the back who is apparently holding his/her throat. Icing on the cake would be a commercial break advertising cough drops or something similar.

  22. Vulpis

    @Novawolf7 Heh–that would be a cute punchline. And speaking of that Talmi, notice that right behind Daisy is someone of Xanatos’ own species (with two ears)?

    @Josh.C At this point, Jason is missing shades and soemone in the background screaming ‘Yeaaaaaaaaaah!’ 😉

  23. LeQuack147

    Oh c’mon now Addy, if you’re going to execute someone, you shouldn’t half-ass it, regardless of how much of a jerk they’re being. I think you’re just mad you didn’t take the head clean off.

  24. Novawolf7

    @Vulpis I didn’t notice that. Good eyes!

  25. RyGuy

    Oh, yes, that’s the stuff royalty should be made from.

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