You Can Feel What’s Coming, Can’t You?

You Can Feel What’s Coming, Can’t You?

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  1. xXZeddXx

    Rest well you two

  2. Josh.C

    Needing an alibi does not bode well for Xanado I think.

    After all, can’t Qinn read minds like Jigsaw?

    Me thinks that he know something that went unsaid.

  3. Jigsaw Forte

    @Josh: Qin can’t read minds, but the ability to rewind time does give him an almost-as-good peek into the next few minutes of the future…

  4. Sulucamas

    “Charity” as in saving Xanatos from himself, rather than from Qin? Don’t be so cheerful about it, Addy! D:

  5. Kingman

    Did I miss something? Why does White need an alibi and how does sleeping get him one?

  6. Maengun1256

    Hey Jig iam pretty sure I said this before, but if I didn’t, I LOVE THIS COMIC 🙂

  7. nikolai60

    Hehehe, this’ll be good….

  8. e_voyager

    So this is Quins special power? he can Undo one mistake with a few minuter time shift? Sweet. that may be sweeter then precognition or viewing Future probabilities.

    @jigsaw … i can’t see whats coming but i’m thinking that Team Gemini plans to take good care of Xanatos and by doing so eliminate themselves …. i’m hoping i’m wrong about the second part at least.

  9. Lycanthrope

    Jessi: “You smell that?”

    Kari: “What?”

    Jessi: “Baaad things.”

    Something baaad is about to happen. I sort of doubt to Team Gemini, but someone is about to be hurt.

  10. nightarix

    … did anyone else notice that team Gemini and xanatos don’t seem to have a camera following them?

  11. Shad

    alibi? curiouser and curiouser… c:

  12. Josh.C

    @Jigsaw: Now that I think about it, that power would be really helpful to a surgeon.

    @E_voyager: Heeeeyy, it isn’t like there are plenty of other ways to let her displeasure in Xanatos being known. Things like stringing him up like a pinata so they can beat on him could get that point across.

    Personally I think killing him would be letting him off to easy up before the assassination attempt. But with Addy’s strange position as a princess, that might give her plenty of wiggle room to do what she pleases. Considering how she has related to Slick and Jigsaw, she might have been wanting to do a lot to him since he abandoned the others back on the ship.

  13. hariman

    The leader of the Star Org is pulling a fast one on Team Equuleus and Team Gemini, so there’s going to be a massive shit storm within the next few minutes.

    Qin, as Jigsaw has indicated, knows this and he wants White Noise asleep so that he doesn’t get covered in proverbial shit too. Or maybe this gets worse than I’m thinking it will and blood will be spilled soon.

    Adharia might lose her “hasn’t directly killed anyone yet” status soon.

  14. nikolai60

    The more I think about it, the more I think Xan wasn’t QUITE acting on his own…

  15. The_Rippy_One

    He’s got a time reversal? That’s what those side boxes were? NIFTY! Except for the fact that she was literally seconds away from killing him…

    @Josh C: Short term, that would be useful in surgery…but I could see it being a problem on a long-haul operation. He’d have to be very careful about where he jumps back to (and keep track of exactly what he’s done/not done/undone). Imagine having to performing a set of steps four or five times because the last part kept going pair-shaped (and it was unsafe to “interrupt” yourself in the middle), while tired.

    It would get harder when working with others, too. You’d skip back to keep a co-worker from killing a patient, but who’d appreciate one of their colleagues suddenly telling them to stop in the middle of a delicate operation because they were about to screw up…

  16. e_voyager

    @josh C There are other ways to deal with a person like giving him to Sedja to do as she pleases as long as he’s taken out of the way. Exactly how long will a body live without a soul i don’t know but then i’m not in any hurry to find out either. Veleed’s demonstration was scary enough for me

  17. Josh.C

    @e_voyager Oh yes, so many options. *Slowly rubs hands together*

    It isn’t like he’s off the station yet. I have a feeling that until he’s off the show, the health waiver that he probably signed (Cypress’s legal advisor team seemed smart like that) is still in effect and Sedja might be hungry.

    Heh, there are worst things then death, aren’t there?

  18. Vulpis

    @Josh.C Indeed…and keep in mind who Addy seems to be good friends with on the station…

  19. LeQuack147

    … I have no idea what’s coming, actually.

    But now that you mention it, White Noise should probably keep that gun close by.

  20. Sulucamas

    @Josh.C: Whatever ends up happening, I don’t think it’ll wait until they’re off the station. After all, “Cypress” only told White not to kill Xanatos…

    @Vulpis: YES! Judge, jury, and/or executioner. 😀
    (I wonder if they’re still hanging around.)

  21. Vulpis

    @Sulucamas Not to mention we never did find out just what she had to say to White Noise a while back–and whether she got to ride side-saddle. 😉
    Though come to think of it, I wonder what her views on Qin are. given she *doesn’t* seem to share Star Org’s views on Dead Inside….

  22. Sulucamas

    @Vulpis: Her views of Qin are fascinatingly enigmatic. 😮
    The fact that he received only two (extremely violent) slaps on the wrists for his “attempted” murder –rather than being killed outright– makes me think he’s serving as her pawn in this game, willing or not.

    That whole situation also raises the question of how well Human Vampires can conceal themselves with Artificial Soul Shells. They must work pretty well if they could allegedly deceive the First Wing.

  23. FlashXX

    Wah ha aha hah hhahah!!XD Ooooohhhh noooo he did’nt!

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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