“A Healthy Glow” Has Been Added to Your Inventory!

“A Healthy Glow” Has Been Added to Your Inventory!

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  1. nikolai60

    I vote they pwn him while the camera isn’t looking.

  2. Darkewulf

    But the camera’s are always running. They see everything. Just like Gleeman Vox before him, “Vince has eyes everywhere.”

  3. Sabreur

    I vote the let him go, but make him *think* they’re going to pwn him. Bonus points if they get him to beg for mercy on the air. Again.

  4. Maengun1256

    I think the smear campain would be well worth it

  5. LeQuack147

    Some frags are worth the trouble…

  6. FTL

    Interesting line from the Princess…. considering the city is a space station (if I remember right) the “escort to the city limits” could be “throw him out an airlock”

    I see Xanatos as a pawn in others’ machinations. He desperately wants to be separated from the ‘criminals’ after he failed to become an executioner and maybe his reward would be to replace Silk as an executioner if he ‘did the deed’…..

  7. Redlion

    Hmmm… Tough choice…

  8. e_voyager

    heh i wouldn’t want to be on her bad side that’s for sure.

  9. The_Rippy_One

    Given who they think they’re talking to, I’d probably agree. Let the princess torment him.

  10. Vulpis

    And this does answer my question. I wonder how Cypress is going to feel about this impersonation…and when the gang is going to figure out it wasn’t her…

    Anyone think they can translate the mumble-speak in the first panel? 😉

  11. Maengun1256

    Its prob. Somthing like “ok white let the camera outa ur mouth before we brodcast the inside of ur nasty mouth”. Then again I could be wrong lmao 🙂

  12. Josh.C

    Well considering White Noise is the one commander that all of them can trust to any reasonable extent, I can understand Slick’s and Addy’s look right now.

    At least with White Noise, they new that they got a better deal as any leader amongst the ranks of player they could get.

    Taking out White Noise would probably be seen as dirty dealings for most of the players. Now if they want to kill or just simply maul Xanatos after they leave with him is something I wouldn’t be surprised about. They probably enjoy it as much as the rest of us watching it.

  13. Shad

    so qin thinks the one talking is Cypress?

    Also, Jigsaw, if you have any ads that run from google ads, thats where i got my infection from. it put something EXTRA nasty onto my system that included a rootkey infection and ended up screwing the bootstrap program for my laptop. i left it with Geek Squad at a local best buy to get it fixed. but yeah, be careful. Google ads are currently infected with malware.

  14. Jigsaw Forte

    @Shad: As I have explained for the third week now, I run Project Wonderful ads, which are image-only ads.

    Also, your “IT support expert” told me you visited a scanlation (read: pirated) manga site at the same time. I’m pretty sure your virus troubles will go away if you stop visiting those kinds of sites.

    In light of this information, and after spending an entire afternoon of my time looking for any possible culprits (and freaking out over wordpress plugins and upgrades), I am confident that there is nothing wrong with my website. Please stop accusing me of running a malware-infested site.

  15. Shad

    i do appologize for thinking it was you. though image only ads aren’t 100% safe either. my friend has managed to embed a zip file into an image, so what’s to stop someone else from hiding a virus in an image too?

  16. Josh.C

    Just out of curiosity Jigg’s, is this a certain skill that Murphy has or is it more of a refined trait of what all of her and White Noise have?

    She’s obviously is very good acting like someone else and it wouldn’t surprise me if this little deception didn’t only extends to saving Xanatos.

  17. Sabreur


    Image-only ads are 100% safe. Embedded zip files don’t auto-execute. The only ads you need to worry about are script-enabled adds, and you should be running NoScript anyways.

  18. Josh.C

    Has any one noticed that Addy appears to be wearing booties or shoes?

    I wonder how that effects her ability to walk and run?

    I find myself thinking of kitties that have to wear those cat booties for a while. Though not being able to use her retractable claws on those limbs them might be something that she might have more problems with.

  19. xXZeddXx

    I think Xan needs a tissue and a hug

  20. Sulucamas

    Well, “Cypress” only forbade killing him. Maybe Xanatos could…lend them an ear? 😛

    @Josh.C: Bet she’s used to wearing booties by now, with all the time she’s spent in her armor.

    @xXZeddXx: How about a blindfold and a cigarette?

  21. FlashXX

    -__-;…Seriously?? Is Mr.Black(furred) Ex-Mob boss SERIOUSLY wear these clothes now?!

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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