Even a Broken Clock Can Still Be Right.

Even a Broken Clock Can Still Be Right.

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  1. Josh.C

    I guess that pretty much says everything about their plan to invade his ship.

    That plan was certainly Half assed. ^_^

    Though I am a little suspicious of his use of the word “Subject”.

  2. xXZeddXx

    Why does that whistle seem familiar….

  3. MaveriKat

    That’s a good whistle. No one wants to blow Mr. Spades.

  4. e_voyager

    a whistle blower is not well received in most places. i wonder if that is part of the significance of the text on the whistle.

  5. The_Rippy_One

    I just assumed that the whistle was schmuck bait…

    Grief, it just occurred to me that vector underwear on men must feel very odd…

    What does being Jewish have to do with any of this? Does being in the Endless supersede your religion? I don’t see why the Endless would even care about religion as long as it didn’t interfere with the missions to smite Djinni and Vamps. Or does he think being Jewish means that she won’t seriously listen to a psychologist?

  6. Josh.C

    @The_Rippy_One: From what I understand thus far, The Endless are a religion themselves. An armed and very tempted to use the force on the dead inside (Even if that particular dead inside isn’t evil and is better then some of the Endless) when not really necesarry.

    I’m half tempted to think Veled often pull strings for dead inside that look like she’s being malicious. But its often giving them a chance to get out of the scope of the endless just because they rub the endless the wrong way. Heck, from what is said on Qin’s detailed cast page, I’m almost tempted to think that someone else in the Endless found out about Qin and Veled had to administer tough love to save Qin.

  7. Josh.C

    Heh, who could ever figure out what motivates Veled?

    I think the closest comparison to The Endless and star org is a version of the Catholic church in Rome and the Swiss guard. Though the Endless and star org are very bad and spread among the worlds.

  8. Sulucamas

    Ach, surprised ponybot is surprised! 😮

    Getting a closer look at Gabriel, I think he does have a second pair of eyes. Gnarly. Now I wonder if they were ever functional.

    @Josh.C: “Subject” does seem a bit more intense than patient. He’s also going to “make do” with all of them, so I guess they’re not entirely off the hook. Yikes!

    Also, that’s an awesome theory about Qin and Veled. A family physician could be considered part of, well, the family; “protecting” Qin would make sense. On the other hand, though, betraying that kind of trust would certainly warrant those snapped fore-arms.

  9. e_voyager

    @Sulucamas it said that an attempt on veled’s life reviled his as a vampire but it’s vague about how it reviled him as one. did he try to kill Veled or was he trying to protect her? did he revile himself to get out of a no win situation? we may never know.

  10. Sulucamas

    @e_voyager: I hope we get to know! I totally overlooked that ambiguity when I first read through Qin’s file. It could just be over-analysis, but if the ambiguity is intentional then it suggests at the least that Qin didn’t try to kill Veled (like you said). That in itself would be one hell of a twist. 😀

  11. Zarpaulus

    @Josh.C: I’m pretty sure the Endless are supposed to be like a certain church/cult that is notorious for lawsuits.

    Google “Sea Org” sometime.

  12. Le Blue Dude



  13. RyGuy

    So Abraham’s descendants outnumber even humans, as well as stars…

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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