What’s the Point in Flipping Someone Off When They Can’t See It?

What’s the Point in Flipping Someone Off When They Can’t See It?

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  1. nikolai60

    I am now thoroughly confused, mostly because of how hard Daisy is fighting for this, I sense that we’re going to be in another ‘bad vs worse’ situation, with Gabriel pulling more strings than he is letting on…..

  2. nikolai60

    Actually, re-reading the pages, it seems that Daisy has more than just a few ‘off’ things about her, including the leg. The crazy in panel 3 has me the most worried though….

  3. MadMann135

    I like how Jigsaw can go from just about any emotional state to coy in .5 seconds flat.

  4. Josh.C

    Look, there’s Happy, Serious, Suspicious and Clueless. Quite a wide variety of emotion on all his faces.

    Daisy’s face is scary. Though I can guess some of her motives. A bit of distance from Veled and the people who will most likely get her and Jigsaw killed and learning a bit more about their host being chief among them.

  5. thebobmaster

    Hmm…looking at panel 2, I have to ask…is Jigsaw flirting with Gabriel to get him to agree to a lighter sentence? Don’t think we’ve seen that side of her yet.

  6. xXZeddXx

    I am sure this isn’t the final wording on her release..

    Quite love the snake heads with all their expressions

  7. Sulucamas

    Circle, Square, Triangle, and…Spiral?? There’s no spiral button on my PlayStation controller! (oh wait, I see what you did there…I think 😛 )

    They definitely give off coy and crazy vibes, but Jig and Daisy are probably just putting on a show to deceive Gabriel, but with opposite motives. Jig would want to get back to the station to keep suspicion down (and keep Veled happy), so she’s pretending to be an Endless and “reluctantly” acquiescing to Gabriel’s “tough” request. Daisy would want to keep Jig out of the deadly game to protect her, so she’s advocating (quite emphatically) for prolonged therapy.

  8. Jigsaw Forte

    @Sulucamas: You’ll note they’re also not in PlayStation colors… 😉

    @Sabreur: Daisy only knows what Jigsaw’s mentioned about the shell so far… though to be fair, the fact that Alice is still alive and (h)armless speaks volumes for Gabriel’s opinion on Djinn.

  9. Josh.C

    @Sulucamas: Or how I like to put it.

    “Their still in play.”

    “If they stay.”

    Personally, I think Ace could use a good anger management coarse. ^-^

  10. Sabreur


    The problem here is that the “Endless” soul shell is all that’s hiding her dead-inside nature. Which makes Daisy’s desire to stay here confusing as hell – I’d think they both would want to get out ASAP, before the good doctor can realize what’s *really* going on with Jigsaw. Maybe Daisy has a plan?

  11. Lycanthrope

    One would think if Daisy had a plan she would share it with Jigs mentally as she did earlier. Then again…Daisy….

  12. e_voyager

    Dasy is up to something. i wonder is Gabriel owes her a few favors and is in opposition to Veled in some way. from what i’ve seen in comic Daisy doesn’t know about Jigsaw’s little deal with Veled not that jigsaw had a chance to decline the arrangement in the first place.

  13. e_voyager

    @Jigsaw that is regular a regular Djinn like Alice who used to be human. how would he feel about a type of djinn that should only be human showing up in a none human body in his hospital?

  14. LeQuack147

    Gabriel does seem somewhat reasonable. It’s possible that he might ally with Jigsaw just on the basis of “the enemy of my enemy.” Daisy might be asking her to stay because she recognizes that.

    … Or it’s just a trap for ‘Saw and that’s not Daisy, who knows…

  15. Zai

    Agreeing with nikolai60 here. I’m at risk of sounding like a broken record here, but… DAISY HAS AN ARTIFICIAL LEG. If you go back about a month, to the page of August 21st, -this- ‘Daisy’ has two real, working legs. And didn’t we see a Daisy lookalike with two real, working legs on Last Resort station not long ago? I personally think that this is the lookalike, rather than the genuine article.

  16. Shad

    reading thru all these comments i have to wonder, why hasn’t jigsaw bothered to ask daisy about the lack of robo-leg yet!? she IS a freaking telepath so if she doesn’t want anyone to overhear that shouldn’t be the problem…

  17. Jigsaw Forte

    @Zai and others: Jigsaw already knows that’s the real Daisy, if only because Daisy has at least one critical piece of information nobody else would — i.e. that Daisy can direct her thoughts towards Jigsaw and vice versa, because she knows Jigsaw is a mind reader. The conversation they just had a page ago confirms that.

    (It’s not like this is an unforeseen event — they already know Alice can make herself look like Daisy, so guarding against imposters in general is just good sense. This is even a “safe” way to do so, since it’d be highly unlikely that an imposter would know about the mind-reading in the first place.)

  18. e_voyager

    @zai well they are at a hospital, and daisy does look a little shaky on that leg like she’s not used to it. also the look a like seemed to have been someone know to both daisy and jigsaw so i’m not to worried about who they are just yet.

  19. Novawolf

    Go Daisy! I think she has a plan to use Jig’s “mental health” to their advantage. All being said, I don’t think quite as badly of Gabe as I did before. Suppose he has his reasons. Little heads are atomically cute, as always.

  20. Josh.C

    Well as far as Gabe Celeste goes, during the question pages, White Noise did say their more common than not. Not that they’re all jerks.

    So it stands to reason that some celeste might be sympathetic to Jigsaw. Hey, Binary and Veled haven’t really hurt her yet (Even though it looks like Veled is having fun making Jigsaw jump through hoops for her) and Binary may warm up to her over time.

  21. nikolai60

    Yeah, the mind thing had me thinking it was the real Daisy to, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something wrong, I mean, tones, brainwashing, and who knows what else…

    I’m still sticking with the ‘trust no one’ strategy, considering everything that’s happened so far I’m getting real edgy about taking things as they first appear, or what they look like on the second glance, or the third…ect…yeah…

    Speaking of the leg, it’d still be nice to know what’s going on with that at some point…

  22. e_voyager

    heh remember the paranoia game where everyone received 6 clones and the computer would kill you for saying and knowing the wrong things?

  23. Le Blue Dude

    Wait… I was reading the character things… The Talmi (Slick, Forte) were once humans?!

    Well that explains how one of them could be made into a vampire even though nothing else could. If they were once humans, clearly there’s a great deal of genetic similarity between them and humans… something the other races would not have. Would, theoretically, be easy. Heck, I’m starting to suspect that Jigsaw isn’t our proficied Armageddon lady as, well, Talmi were/are human.

  24. nikolai60

    @Le Blue Dude not entirely correct. It says people THINK they were once human, not definitely. I’d say we wait and find out, since it’s only a possibility.

  25. Shad

    @ nikolai60
    You have a point with the tones/brainwash possibility. jigsaw did confirm above that its the real daisy but never said anything regarding our comments about “if that’s the real daisy where’s her fake leg”. either it would spoil too much to reveal whats up with the leg at this point (but then why not just SAY so to squash some of the rumors) or jigsaw is having too much fun messing with us or its something else i can’t even guess at right now

  26. Jigsaw Forte

    @Shad: I learned in the first 100 pages or so not to give away too much information because it would just ruin the suspense. Doubly so when the answers are already in a page in the buffer. :-p

  27. Josh.C

    @Shad: True, the toning should make Jigsaw very suspicious of some characters.

    But remember, certain characters can resist Toning (Daisy being one of them if you look at the detailed description of her on the cast page), though that doesn’t mean Daisy isn’t scheming herself.

    Either waiting out the game or looking around to find out more about Gabriel’s operations is a possibility. In fact, the Toning system and what we’ve scene the whimsy do makes sense for a hospital ship with some mentally disturbed and others with advanced injuries.

    I’m more suspicious of the glitter pool that had Daisy having Kittens over.

  28. Josh.C

    You know what the scary thing about the second to last panel is?

    That is practically the same smile she told off Ace when he was trying to decide who his lieutenant is.

    I wonder if that grin comes with being a scout?

  29. nikolai60

    @Josh.C remember, they’re not immune, just resistive. They might survive some attacks, but resistive doesn’t always mean you’ll get out scott free every time.

    You’re also right about the smile, that’s what worries me the most so far…

  30. Le Blue Dude

    Light children can resist toning.

    Also, you can tone IRL. It’s actually really simple and frighteningly effective. Ever run into a human who rabidly holds a political view/belives a certain (false) statement and refuses to relent? Repeats false stats like “You only use 30% of your brain”?

    That’s pretty much the side effect of IRL toning. it’s not that hard, you feed people information in a way that they can understand while they’re stressed or distracted by other stimuli. They will belive what you say to be true without running the fact checking routines that humans normally run. It’s not *quite* the same as hypnoses, you’ll see it most often in advertisements when flashy distracting stuff happens on screen while a calm careful voice makes grandeose but false statements.

    Also humans trust deeper voices, and are more likely to pay attention to female voices then male voices, so the voice is usually deep and male.

  31. FlashXX

    …o0;…those are some darn good hand cuffs…;)So what are they REALLY called?

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